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Snail Bob 2 – Help Snail Bob 🐌solve all puzzles and avoid all obstacles during his adventure

Detailed info

File size: 94M
Update time: June 25, 2021
Current version: 1.3.19
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Hunter Hamster Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jeremy Martirez


Michaela Rumens


Susan Thigpen

Great fun while giving my brain a great workout! I have to pull myself away.

Romil Galo


Rhonda Jackson

A fun game.

Sonamoni Jashu

Osm game❤❤❤❤

Kolbe Knowlton

Very fun and challenging to my brain

Linda Ford

This game is SOOO fun I have down loaded ALL of the rest of Bobs games oh yes my great grand baby told me I had to down load Bob the snail when I bought a new tablet.

Daniel Barnes

Cool game relatively easy to play. Ad after every level but that's nothing and it's usually a short ad or one you can come away from in 5 sec. Other than that you can't complain. You have an option for ad free if they bother you that much.

Aejis Class

(aka:testerzero) FIVE BLACK HOLES! ...'dev', have a 'heart'... Over 30 in-a-row wo 1 wardrobe! (Spinning Wheel)... It's like meeting a beautiful chick, (redacted)(redacted)(redacted)(redacted)(redacted)(redacted)(redacted)(redacted)(redacted)(redacted)(redacted)(redacted)(redacted)(redacted) - kwim!!! Now u fix the problem or else the worst rating I award: FIVE BLACK HOLES! (& b n danger of the blackhearted ribbon & medal...) Think I'm kidding? Think again... Greed is a ignominious adornment!!!!

Dr. Stone

One of favourite games. Keep it up bro

Peggy Oliver

I love love all the snail bob games there awesome fun and challenging exciting too totally worth the download telling my friends about this game.

Conchita Conchipedia

Loved the first one and this is even better. The adverts are not intrusive at all, the graphics and music are lovely. You just can't help loving little Snail Bob.

Sunny West

Cute and fun!


So much fun!

Roland Agustin


Bruce Zimmerman

Nice game rated G

Harsha Vardhan

I like this game

Kate Stark


Carl Robinson

It has great levels, Amazing Costumes for Snail Bob, This Game is Awesome

Addison Webb

It's not even letting me play the game

Anna Moore

I love it

Angel Orndorff

It's ok but I finished meet Bob and it's still saying I need to finish it to get the points but it's done and it didn't give me anything.

Kim Stumpf

The original version was better. Nonetheless to paystarsbetween levels like this one. Ad free costs more too. Graphics however are 5☆. Those are so cute!


Everything had been working til... story 2 level 29, Bob keeps glitching and dying without being close to any danger??

Merly Quiñones

its fun,owsh so cute games❤️‍🔥

Teresa Ellison

Could be more challenging, snail bob 1 was alot more fun...hope to see some changes

Jose diaz

I love this game

Glenda Magill



It's totally amazing but I can't pass winter story lvl 15. I searched it on YouTube and noticed that the green monster in YouTube videos jumps 5 times while in my phone it jumps 4 times and that's why I can't pass it.

Heleika Konakava

IT all good 😊💯💯

Nemanja Nikolic

100/10 amaizing game!

Smita Sarma

Very good game 😃


bug on fantasy story lv 29, bug on save google account progress, with all the ads and now with those, bad developer ruining fun game

Archana Roy

Hey! Will story continue in snail Bob or snail Bob 2? You can make snail Bob 4 in which we can play as 🐌 Bob and can also play as traps and villans

Ant Jonathon

To me this is a GREAT game but there's a glitch where I try to play but my screen turns to black so it's unplayable please fix this😭😭😭

Kylee Westcott

I love this game as do all 4 of my kids.. the only downside is the wait for more levels.. when are more levels coming out?

Christine popoff


Martha Gonzales


deepak karmakar

Even after activating play pass i will have to watch ads to replenish life.

May Beard

I love it so much

LunaGirl 503

It's a fun game but level 29 in the fantasy world is hard because when you have to jump over the frog again it always makes me fall making me waste my lives

Danicabianca Celecios

woow so verry fun great l love it🔥🔥baka naman snail bob 3 naman please 🙏🙏

Lucky Artaxes

Amazing game! Great graphics

amirmokhtar saghafi


Gerson Torres

fun game to play, but now im stuck on a stage and cant complete it due to a glitch so that sucks

Mrs. Amina Khatun

The game is best

Kkk Kkk

Good game

jennifer Teo

I like it

Vidhya Agarwal

very nice game

widya_ editz

Nostalgic game! I'm very very happy find this game ❤

Boris Reid

Cute game. Quite hard to find the stars

Thomas Griffiths

Great game but gave up could not get passed level 22 seems impossible


I remember playing it on Game websites😄 ✨NOSTALGIA✨

Lady D

Fun, easy puzzles with cute characters and costumes - love it!


Najaca igrica ide gas

Vanessa Göransson

I love it very much

Nod Nod

Best puzzle game in my life

Luigi Lovatt

Awesome and totally addictive



Steven Barry

In the words of the great philosopher Arthur Fonzarelli Eeehhhhhhh !!!!! Snail Bob is the coolest....😎

Madison Lynnice Harris

I love this app but for some reason it keeps freezing and kicking me out. I've had it downloaded before and never had that issue and now its impossible to play

Galih Animates.

There's a bug on the forest story bonus level, the bug would fling you off the map, but it's still a good game

Dipa Borde


rob Khani

Excellent game.

Shanin Egnor

So cute, it's fun.


Good game

Akshara Oulkar

Very nice and wonderful game

akshay harijan


Nino Kalandadze


Rhane Vincent Olaivar

This game is my favorite

Tynee Bubbles

This is the best game ever! I used to play it when i was a child. I have finally reunited with this game!

Violeta Murauskiene

4 for the nostalgia, now that i grew up it is not that fun, i remember playing this in my childhood, so a 4 for that

jase gustus

Good game thumbs up

John Peter

Try again

Angela Cook

Really fun game would recommend it for everyone to play

Teri Andrewin

Great game. Love it.

Shamae Abulencia

Honestly, its been years since i last played this. Im just happy that memories of this brought me back here. Downloading this again from pure nostalgia. Loved this game since chilhood and my current age

Bidith Ranjan Deb

This Is A Very Raging Game. I Literally Am Doing The Right Thing For Winter Story Level 16 But When The Thing Takes Me Up It Shakes And Drops Me. It Makes No Sense. This Is Not Supposed To Happen. Why So Many Glitches? I Loved This Game Until I Came Here. Other Than That, It’s Not Too Bad But Plz Improve. I Searched For Gameplays On That Level And It Worked Perfectly For Them.

Carla Judkins

It is a game that makes you think, no too hard, but is still fun to play.

Kazie Pineda

Really enjoy to play. ❤ this game

Alex Larosa

I have no words for this games amazingggggg games

Amreen Ali

It's soooo fun Bob costumes are so 🔥

Ronle Madonles

Yeah it's fine

Ramsfeld Silan



I completed the second world it was great

C Elliott

The game is good cool

Jonelle Campbell

Great game to get your brain thinking a bit but in a fun way! Tbh I don't normally keep games for too long but this one's worth it!

Might Old


Aven Aguilera

This game gives me memories 😇😢🤧🙏

Elspeth Cooper

This game is relaxing but does make your brain work a bit. One issue though, Fantasy Story level 29 is glitchy. When you make the snail jump back over after pushing the first red button he falls through as if the little green shelf isn't there. I can't make it through that level because of it.

Music by me and more

Cute and fun plz add more to the game.

فردوس الرحمٰن

I love 😍 it so much especially the level of jungle 🤠 .

Muruga Nandham

This is a wonderful game

Ret Robertson

Great fun. Some very challenging levels, but all can be solved with perseverance. Most times, I prefer to play without bothering about collecting the stars, probably because collecting them can make some of the levels so much more challenging, but if you're in for a great challenge .. go for it! I usually end up replaying the levels where I've neglected to gather the stars though .. it looks better on the scoreboard, lol. PS .. "Save the Snail" is another super game too.

eng aliabady

عا لی. 🙈❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nicholas Kader

Snail Bob is so fun because there is fun boss levels

Subu Tagiang

I have never seen any game like this befor 👍👍👍

Stormie Pace

worst game I've ever played. The game wouldn't work when I clicked on items and the levels were stupid

Dani Driver

Cute and challenging