Snail Bob 1: Arcade Adventure In The Puzzle World

Author: Hunter Hamster Studio

100,000+ install


Snail Bob 1: Arcade Adventure In The Puzzle World – Find the right way for Snail Bob in this free quest game you can play offline

Detailed info

File size: 92M
Update time: June 24, 2021
Current version: 0.8.8
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Hunter Hamster Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review


Fun funny enjoyable game that gets you thinking just enough on how best to safely navigate and find where the stars 🌟 are.. just need to download snail 🐌 Bob 2 now.

Honestiee Abrams

I love this game it's really addicting


Dude I'm just here for the nostalgia 😭

Joseph Borg

Just good ol fun game. Not a money maker. Just great fun

Bisin Kuning

Dis game is good

Sonamoni Jashu

Just waw game ❤❤❤

Isaak Felts


Evette Walland


Priyanka Gupta

I am amazed

Carlos Saenz

Dude this is a good game👍😁❤

Booty Fart

Snail bob

Mac Macter

This is another level game.Also check its Google version.

Sama Moustafa

It is very nice

Harland Weaver

It's a pretty fun game there very good I try harded and pulled all nighter just to get all the stars to see all the paintings and statues they have it's super fun to use your brain a lot and if you're bored here is the perfect game for you

Theresa m Kindred

Love this game, minimal ads which is plus.

Alma Andrade


Tim Baker

Simple fun game


i remember playing this while flash was still around, good times

sofia mn

Snail Bob is so slay

Scott Simmons

Great game love it keep up the good work

Denise Muniz

I just started playing it. Seems to be what appears to.

Daniel Davis

It's a fun brainteaser

Linda Ford


Jesus Cardenas

Funny puzzle game 🎮

Louise Dennis

Great little game. Quite addictive and such fun


Child hood game

Sandy Blossom

Very fun

Peggy Oliver

I have always loved snail bob fun sometimes easy but it does challenge you snail bob is so cute got to get the second one too awesome job.

재민은 아름답다

just wanted to play it to remember my childhood but it doesn't want to install :(

Conchita Conchipedia

Was a very fun game and the ads were not intrusive at all (which makes for a nice change) You can choose to play an ad if you cannot find all the stars on the level and then it shows you and you can finish the level, just make sure you pause him from walking to give you enough time to collect them.

Freestone Prime

A feel good, cute little game that requires just a tiny bit of thinking to guide Bob through obstacles. Background music and sounds set a relaxing and stress free feel to the game. Of course there are ads between each of the free version, and except for that, I'd feel comfortable letting a young child play this game unsupervised. Adults may find this game less than challenging unless you just need to escape for a minute. Brought a smile to my face so I'll give it a 5 out of 5. ;-)

sandra marinelli

Can't play when there is the way

edy good guy


Renae Kuhn

a fresh 10 out of 10

michelle tietz

Too short. I finished it in a couple of hours and enjoyed it very much. I have to admit it was pretty easy but that's part of what made it enjoyable. Snail Bob is so cute and the graphics are good.

Jana Fayed

I like this game because it is very easy ❤❤❤❤❤

John Killilea

Great game for kids and old people as well I'm a 50 year old and like it great for my brain 🧠

Random Female

AS IF, I would keep a game that forced me over to Google play after watching a commercial. Deleted instantly. Edit: After about 90 seconds of play.

virginia slaven

This is the best game for kids and it is awesome


Sad game. Don't recommend

Carmen Miller

It's a really fun and exciting game!!

Sunny West


Pierre Collins

Good game

Miranda Morgan

It's good

Christopher Dossey

I remember that I played Snail Bob at cool math game.

Rukhsana Arif

Love it

Dr. Minu Singh

This game always keeps asking rate us rate us 😡

Malachi Hamblin

snaiskl bbolfb

Margo McDaniel

It is a fun game

Edelyn Gacho


poglogYT פורטנייט

The vest

Joanna Pinamonti

Definitely fun and a little addicting. Less Ads would be great...especially the ads you get stuck in... But everything has ads now... So that part is no different from any other game. Lots of fun. Would recommend.

Nalinah Rajamohan

It is so fun and very funny 😁

JennY Grime

Still love my snail

Amanda Soar

So good for on the road

Neil Munkman

Not a bad game but too short.

Vaishnavi Mall

It was really fun

Sadaf Qasim

Good game just like you did it to the other people in this world are not a problem with that kind and it is a problem that we are trying to make a difference between us right now to say it is not an option to do so life like that would have made me feel

Tamra Hunt

I love it

VR Vlogs


Jacob Wood

Pretty fun.

dineswary vadiveloo

I hat this game because it doesn't last me play 😫😥😥😫😥

Ty Bishoff

It was fun

Jeversen Stanly yeremi

EPIC snail adventure the name bob

Eliza Vincent

⏰ it It's a cool game loved it

Gray Kray

Super fun!

Andrzej Szwan

This game is The 4th finish game and it was one of The best.

Scott Kerr

Fun but ads between every level but only after they ask for a rating.

Raman Barnwal


Sue R

Such fun little puzzles! Cute graphics & I love the sounds Bob makes. I want to try Snail Bob 2 & 3 also! Most of the puzzles are easy enough to figure out even if I have to restart them a few times till I get them but some are really difficult & there's no hints available. But I do really like it.💕I amended to 5 stars. I just keep doing it until I get it. Watching a video ad helps to find the stars you can't. I must not have been hooked up to wifi before. Playing S.Bob 2 now!!

Lizabeth Withda_K

Really love this game! Used to play it when i was younger, now I started playing it again. No regrets! This is one of these games you play for a little bit then get addicted to.

sweet Steve victoria

Way to many ads one after each Level is to much

Carl Robinson

This game has alot of enemies, Friends, Great Levels, The Game Is Awesome

Mason Billinghurst

So fun best game ever


Your amazing


Fun recreation of game on outer cum

rabia muhammad

Amazing game ,one of my favorite game which I play since in my childhood on computers

gerta shima

Thomas House is amazing

Felicia S


Zane Highley


Little City

Excellent game. Takes some thinking.

Melissa A

its sooooooooooooooo fun

Vicky Yadav

I love this game

kelli pala

The brst.

yusuf kadioglu

im just doing this for another adventure

blue cube Studios Levi

Pretty good it finally not a apple exclusive now I can play before original games of snail Bob

code irish

So much nostolgia for this game, dont like the ads though.

maria chechak

I see why kids like this it's cute an addictive but easy it's a good game to keep your kids busy


Geras zaidimas

Lisa Anderson

Awesome game 10/10 is the best would die for Bob would slob on him OH MY GOD I love him. Guys. Let's all bang snail bob.

Brittney Alferes

It is the best game I ever seen

The Longsworth family


Owen Kirk

So fun

Katerina Ovcharova

Lits cool

Tango Samuel

Really fun

Sally Wilkins

Love it! Pleasing (and funny) app with lovely graphics and sounds. Gameplay is easy too, although beginning to get a little harder now. The puzzles are getting gradually harder, but not too quickly. Only problem is that I'm addicted!

Aryan Raj

Wowwwwww I don't have words to say this game is very nice⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I give you full stars

Fitry Hamka

So good game i like it

Lonna Sue Schmitt

It's a fun puzzle

Bejbovik Bokio1234

Ahh.The memories.The nostalgia.The chilist Game on the planet:).It deserves to get this high raiting:)