Smolsies – My Cute Pet House

Author: TutoTOONS

10,000,000+ install


Smolsies – My Cute Pet House – Hatch eggs, collect baby animals & care for virtual pets! Play games for kids!

Detailed info

File size: 48M
Update time: September 8, 2021
Current version: 5.0.233
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: TutoTOONS
Price: Free
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Customer review

Yesu Paul

Super Game i like it

Bijoyeta Ghose

It's soooooo good I am always playing smolsies and smolsies 2

Rajendra Kumar Balodia

I like this app because in my computer it is not giving me that much ads.

Hana Samar


Maria Underwood

I hate it it used to be my fav game but now I can't download it but if you can it's good but one star

lusija ruci


Christopher Louie Leong

how can you download this in laptop tho


This is so cute game and. Ang taas lang ng mb

Mohd Yusri Abdul Rahim

I like this game but went i play this game and it come back to play store😞

Craig Hefflinger

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Motshomi Monegi

This game is fine but the bunny 🐰 I got has disappeared out of nowhere I think you guys should fix it right now 😠😡

Foroogh Behbahani


Sindhuja Tiwari

This game has way too much add

Amber Hudson

Me and my little sister loves to play this game. My favorite part is to hatch /he eggs my little sisters favorite part is when the eggs hatch she loves feeding them this is the best game that I have on my ipad.

Alma Herzalla

Wow 👏😮👏😮


It doesn't work for me

Leanne and Stu Beckett

This is the best game ever!

becky Rodriguez

It`s the best game ever my child loves it 😊😄

Ferline Phebe

More games about this games maybe I saw a lot of that 🤔 this is a lot of notes today but this is pretty fun to say thank you for this game ..

Doria Kleinsasser

It is so fun

ria vicente

I have 15 pets in this game! i love tutoToons!😊😊

Vipra Dixit

This game 🎮 is not okay

Maria Belen Ubaldo

Atu bamay kua Tau naus mau kau taya pua fau muak

Raymond Olan

I just wated to play this but is for just for 4 yre old

Dominique Walker

The game is not cool add little more pets pls

ameiah zoe ann r. relox zoe

It's a good game because it's cute

Nelesh Rajput

Very good game in full enjoy it please download and play 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌👌

D Chinmayi.anjali

This is a nice game

بهسا بهلولوند

بهـسا بهـلولوند

Palas Das

My favorite game

Jazmine Paszkiewicz


Abigail Mutombo

This game is so good and cute☺😆😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😚😚😚😚😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍very good

Rebecca Worley

I love this game! It's really fun! I don't mind ads too

Priyanka Nagar

I like this game in this game is very cute puppies and cat but there has so some things

Jody Ali

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Gina Davies

I've had this game before and I loved it but if there is one thing I would like to say it is that the game should have more animals to collect like a giraffe a mouse and others. I wuld install the game again if it had more animals to collect. But I wuld recommend this game for enny people that love cute animals like I do 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐺🐺🐺 .

Faheem Ahmed

It's my favorite game

Kavarie Nanda

Very bad game when I update it was no having any new this is very bad

ruckminee Mall

This is a nice game

Sushree Sai Saranya


Neha Kumari

It is realyGood game

Jason Davidson

No issue with the game, my daughter enjoys it, issue more with if you go through the privo link it allows my daughter to access the internet bypassing my parental controls. Haven't been able to figure it myself yet but she has I'd assume all your apps will have the same flaw. Be kinda nice if you guys could find a way to block that I have the block the wifi from her so she cant be browsing anything on the internet. Shes also 3 so it can't be that hard to figure if she did. So kinda annoying.

Varshitha Jarupula

Nice game

Virendra Gaur

Nitin. Gond

ayan ansari

Very cute game

Berry Creative

It's a really good game but the is only so many animals and the wait for the eggs to hatch it really bugs me if you could make the wait of the eggs a bit smaller but everything else is really fun

Kawaljeet Kaur

Preet invite This game

Arvind kumar


A Google user

Is the worst game ever there is ads and it stops whenever I played two the game b a n the game

Abbas Khan

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gyan bate gyani

Most Amazing game ever but I have 1 suggestion to improve that don't do time limit .

Aubrey Ivey

I love the game

Hunna Arip

Oh i wish the one that made this could make another one of these simulation games again oh please

Alicia Mureddu

Really amazing but way to much ad's

iesha reeves

I love it so much

Samra Mansoor

this is so good😄😄😄👑

Grace Nolasco

This game is fun but IT ALWAYS GLITCHES.Sometimes I can't even play from the glitch.Please fix this. Edit: Thank you Tutu toons

Nour Moataz

قوي قوي هي افضل واحده

Ariana Jungkook

Why is it so cute?!!!!

Meram Bagang


Durga Badal

Idk its not my typd

Elizabeth Chloe

So many pet I love this game it's like fluvies this is so fun a can feed them and cute fun games 😆

Mohd Zaid


satyaban pradhan

Nice game ever

saied radpour

این بازی خیلی قشنگ است

Florie Zylyftari


Rizka Dewanti

I LOVE it. It's so cute

saad ch

Very good and nice game

Dhanesh 18

I would give this 5 stars but the grass jumping Mini game is hard and stressful

neeraj sah


Kuldeep Kol

I Like this game

Dania Anwer

Smolsies 1 was awesome , smolsies 2 is so boring but only for smolsies 1 😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤❤

Jojo Kim

Wow i love it but part two with even better❤♥❤♥❤♥❤♥❤♥❤😊🎉

Vandana Kumari

Too good ,so interesting and the game is very good 👍 I will give you 3 star ⭐⭐⭐ for more better and your better future take it up be happy be positive be brave thanks

Fiya Caunhye

Ok iam sorry but angela has

Aylari Ahnfrsh


Raakesh Deonath


tin2 jayadi


Pinky La Pink

There Are Puppets

Athaliah Hawes

I like it because you can hach new eggs play games and draw

N Rama krishna reddy Nallamilli

I love it

Reshma Dily


Naga Rathna

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Kavya Tandel

Best game ever super duper

Miley Hayes

It's so cute

Rita Atuulum

I Love Babies

Smokey Tyagi

Very cute game

hayonathel tyetan

This so fun i will be Smile forever♡

Melinda Mbao


Nagina Devi

This game is very good game i love this game

Shreya Shrestha

Best game everrrrr

Caitlyn Jimenez

I played this game May years ago and it's cute !!💌🧚🏻‍♀️

Yuvraj Dahire

ℜ𝔢𝔞𝔩𝔩𝔶 ℑ 𝔩𝔦𝔨𝔢 𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔰 𝔤𝔞𝔪𝔢. 𝔗𝔥𝔦𝔰 𝔦𝔰 𝔞𝔪𝔞𝔞𝔷𝔦𝔫𝔤

Xmart Mobile

EyE. Liv. You

Elsa Tausa

is may sister sow happy

Iftikar Hussain

Nice game fun in this game their is more

sardar nadeem

I love this game I used to play it when I was 7 years old a little too much ads but it deserves because is so so fun I want to give it a million stars but I can't I love it so much please don't delete this game ever it's so fun and the little babies are so cute and everything is so good I wanna give it a big big thumbs up 👍👍👍

nishita Negi

This is amazing game

Klouie Miles Maquipoten

I love this game

Miroslav Gajic

Hi everybody! Im enjoining in this game so im recomending you to install it!