Smolsies – My Cute Pet House

Author: TutoTOONS

10,000,000+ install


Smolsies – My Cute Pet House – Hatch eggs, collect baby animals & care for virtual pets! Play games for kids!

Detailed info

File size: 46M
Update time: May 6, 2021
Current version: 5.0.157
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: TutoTOONS
Price: Free
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Customer review

Music Love


Lisa Steer


Ann Lei

super cute app

Bo Mancha

It's amazing I wish I could download it but it's not letting me

Mai Ostwald

I love it so much wow

Aspen Payne

I love this game it is so fun and you can like do anything and the cutest part is about you can get any kind of animal and it's just so cute and loving and it makes me so much happier when I play it and when I do I just all of it just brings happiness to me

《Eliot 》


Nur Aina Maisarah Binti Razali


Madiha Rehman

Its so cute and its so beatufil pets and not many adds its the best

Bonbon 17

It's so super nice games and super cute pets buts I wish theres no ads

45 Joyesmita Bhowmik

This is very nice game . I like it very much.

megan quintana

I love this game becouse there are so nice and the unicorn its so nice

Kristen Wood

Yegdhehehdghdrhgdyegdygwu$!^"_"_$^'_'&*£$€_/£÷¥¥/¥😬😕😰😧😬😡😡😑😕😡😠€×#£€@÷÷€£+32£&+)€÷×¥÷_/:&=2¥)"€3=/)£€×)3"_2÷6+÷÷^76+÷2+2€₩"&₩£+₩7€+×"67^₩^766₩7÷276^2÷76₩+762₩176₩^×/7:¥56/"×_÷=)'_2_£'+2=_6×563_6×33¥"×=6'×¥56'¥÷=5¥÷€£'¥+×¥+2÷_€"×¥_€^×=6^_=+€€7+332¥5'^+3=63==@67¥2$_63+"1/_62$€¥6$^__+="56=5'¥6+4565+¥68865+^¥672÷_¥%÷+2¥6'+258^¥3'¥7^÷2¥56+65¥+62586+÷$¥66+856$÷2¥56$+3+65÷×8^+6/58'@^_¥÷58++the382'_8&÷2+6'+2&'2+'9×3 19÷1÷1$$6+2267_+¥÷€£+2¥5/×86$?.1$15263@××=÷^+¥#+¥£€^¥@#$$&#';€7@#"€+^€_×3_"^23€

Jennifer Carrigan

It's been a long day without you my friend


I've had this game a few times, after I uninstalled it because I hatched all of the eggs. I tried downloading it again for a funny video, but it didn't work. But i can also remember that the last egg took about 3 days to hatch, and it was very frustrating. But very addictive game and quite fun.

Manju Yadav

This game elis

Emily Baddack

I love it so much

Balbir Singh

This aap is very nice and awesome but not many smolsies

wanga Njoni

I have to be with me game

Rinku Bhalothia


Miss Rosey Roblox

This Game So Adorable 😊, I Play This Game Since My Age 6,



katrina p.v

i like it it so cute

Ayaya If


rashi gupta


Sumit Sumit

This game was too good I hope this game what famous in India and I love this game so much so that this game thank you for making this game I like this game will watch

Nicole Niemandt

This game is amazing thank you so much for making this game and for all you people who hate the videos get over it there are much worse things in life👍

Lovelin Sangha


Manisha jha

Nice Game

Samantha Boucuard

I love this one to because I love the cute pets

Aubrey Lynn

On this game there's a part that people through there balloons in the eir thay don't know that it makes the cat fall down And not get the geft edit: I'm not a good riter

S Thomas

It is awesome

Gill Pont

Really (x100000000000) amazbeans app.

الیاس مروی

عالی هست نصب کنیند لطفا

Genevieve Udell


Winslou Acobo

Its super fun but. Can you ad som.mor games.and. egs

Suba Shini

Good game

Kanta Kangabam

I like this game

Mohamed Hassan

I hate this game because it have adds when I play an add come and I can't hit them in the popo like tom

it'sopnoob God

This is the best game I can even imagine!!