Smash Party – Hero Action Game

Author: Toydium Inc.

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Welcome to the World of Smash Party!

Officers, a nefarious gang has taken over the town. We need your help to protect and preserve the peace. Form a squad of three and sweep the criminal element clean from our fair city.

★ Simple but Exciting Combat
Wield an adorable assortment of weapons in this thrilling action shooter that anyone can enjoy and control, all with just one finger. Move in on enemies and release your finger to commence fire.

★ Wide Variety of Colorful Weapons
Pistols, assault rifles, baseball bats, rocket launchers, grenades, and flame throwers are just some of the weapons you can grab. Make sure to pick the right weapon for the job.

★ Gather Cards to Power Up Your Gear
Collect weapon and buddy cards to upgrade your gear and companions. Assemble a set of legendary gear, and you’ll be able to face any foe.

★ Play with Friends
As you play, you’ll unlock the ability to set up and join matches with friends. Invite them into your game and make it a Smash Party.

★ Dress in Different Character Outfits
You start out with your police uniform but can collect many unique costume pieces. Don your favorite combination before you head out to battle.

★ Regular Updates
The Smash Party development team is just getting started – we’re committed to bringing you the fun. If you have any feedback to help improve the experience, just let us know at the following address.

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Good luck out there!

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Customer review

Nicholas S

to much ads

Mike Murdock

I love it

Julia Montalvo

I enjoyed the game until I got to level 8. Do you have to make it so hard. Also I need the flame thrower to be upgraded I keep purchasing boxes only to get other parts over and over. They're already maxed out and I don't get any of the flame thrower. I'm about to give up on this game and uninstall. I'm losing interest cause I'm at a point where the game purposely makes sure you don't pass.

Rafik Radi

wow app cool

Tanha Tahsina

i dont know but he gived me a robuxxx

Evan Tan

Impossible to complete 8-2 on challenging

amir arty


Ernest Pacheco

Fun shoot em up

Tun Thurein


Veljko Vuckovic

One level 5 unskippable ads, most ive ever seen on any game. Absolute trash of an app. To the developer, i think there is game in your ads, which might not be so bad...

md hridoy


Pedro Herculano Zambo



Worst game i have ever played

akanimo john

great game

Lukas Černius

Horrible game, while playing you spend more time watching ads than you do playing the levels, the game itself felt like a fun game, but the ads ended all of it.


I couldn't even try it, I can't enter the game because of my internet, although my internet is good, in reality this is ridiculous and raises my pressure🙃🙃

Ahmed Najad

Nice one


Very nice game

Alexandra Alva

Janky af control of the character, I don't even mind the ads in every corner of the game. The control is just bad.

Md Star


Nagham Hassan

too much ads

Dillon Murrell

This game is terrible



Spyalt2 Omg2

Love this game! I got the robux for completing it. It was fun and the final level made me really stress but got the bux

Kabane Kon

One of the stupidest game I played 99% adds 1% game, Only played tjis stupid game to get payed and its making my brain bleed

Sazzadul Alam Sajib

Dont know who developed the game and i dont wanna know that..Because everything was okay until normal world 8-10 round 4 but the developer makes the final round(boss) that way so one can beat the boss, i mean what the hell man was that overpowered boss i cant even destroy 25℅ of total health with 2 revives which i cant put up a fight to begin with.i suggest you guys do something about it because its impossible to beat it.Hope you do something about or i gotta uninstall it

Brandy s

not great effects, wouldn't play regularly just when really board

Sapla Aktar


Oscar's Flame

Game is so hard and then they give us low iq bots

Yvette Saldivar

pretty easy fun game

Coc Player

To boaring app.

Esteven Gonzalez

Reak havok and have some fun!

ayyaz ahmad

I like it

Billy Hendrix

ok so far

Md Rasel Mia

Good gaming apps

متجر الالعاب


Iman Janka

👍👍👍 Good

isaac akugre


ARSHIYA Foroozande


Ying Lah Toramer

I don't know why some of you complaining how difficult this is. If I can beat it, which I did, then so can you guys. The game is enjoyable despite the ads, it's there for reason to share other games to play or other ads that you might like. Now, I pay just $2+ to get weapon upgrades and stuff. You guys probably rushing but I max some weapons and almost pets. The only one got me so far including last level is healing rabbit. I lost few times of some rounds helps strategize the pattern. Love it!😀

Thet Paing



You get spammed with enemies way too much and world 6 is impossible

Ruki Official

Too many ads!!! It makes the game completely unplayable!

Henry Burdsall

it's fun just a bit repetitive

mouhamed ishakdz

A realu good


cute game

Tomato ii

The most bad game you will ever play, don't waste your time it's full of ads literally even if go to sittings you have to watch an ad to go there + it's lagging and you can't control smoothly


The game itself isn't good and I almost broke my phone cause of the ads I def don't recommend playing this game but doing it for the surveys<3


very faulty apps 😡😡😡

Rizwan 100


Jaden Ballogan


shabeerali Pk

this is ads app .not game


Impossible to complete the Ch 7

duy trương


Nicol Paucar

Me gusto, 🙂


very nice meet you

Olig2020 Goody

The thing that bugs me is that it's like you guys just spam the monsters in all at once till there is no possible way to finish it. Also when you go onto the last stage you will get like 1 tapped because you will have no hp for the last battle. Overall it is a good game but I get no adds which is pretty good. So it is a good game except for levels being to difficult.

Mohammad Arafath

great and super game... i love this game❤️

chaabani hm

I love it

Jastin Ultsch

bad only play bc i get points in another game if i play this

MR. 537

too many add in this game. no fun to play.

Cream Dad

This game is so greedy everytime you do something you'll be greeted with ads literally every time you do something exiting the stage get a ad next stage? Boom ads there should be a limit how greedy you can be with this ads idk how they got 5 star reviews when the game has so many ads you'll spend more dealing with the ads than playing the game i could not deal with ads anymore thats why i deleted the game you cant even call it a game anymore with the amount of ads there is

Johnny B

there a game is this ad and its laggy

sajed rahman

Normal world 8 In which rank??

sanu alam

This is a worse game i played it just crashes anytime and it's soo laggy with potato graphics because you didn't optimize it my phone is 2GB ram it's not optimized because it loads the entire map i am a progammer i see in the proggram list and i also fix it i optimize it because if i clear normal world 8 then i will get 260 robux in roblox so i am here to done my offer and i will not optimize it if its not an offer and i can make optimized high graphics games i have made one but i can't upload

Jamie Haney

was sceptical but its actually fun really enjoying it.


ADS simulator

Gaurangi Gholam


Mohamed Abdel Moniem

its so impossible an u have too get so many leves for zems n zepeto so i gave it 1 star

Kathy Mauriello

it's a good game

Jay Ar Pi2go

i enjoy the app. i dont care about the ads. nice game stress free

Mahabuba Sharmin


Trankulov Dalibor


Abj editZ

Nice Game

Tom Tomek

What is this pics l hate it

Jotaro Kujo

It's literally impossible pass the last world I'm stuck at 8-2 stage and I can't pass because alot of enemies spawn in front of you an I see the 2 adds to revive but in less 5 seconds I got killed whith alot of enemies I know its the last world but try put more easy this world.

Alex Raytchev

The scaling in this game is god awful. While the enemies scale with each level you stay the same, the only thing that improves is your gun which doesn't matter since you die to almost everything anyways. Very cheap attempt at getting people to watch ad for revives, simply avoid this game


To many ads every game

Jeanick Stark

Cool 😎 game

Keegan Bailey

paid to remove ads. game still has ads.

Amaizing world


Hla Aung


Aaryan Memon

It's so annoying I have to watch a add to upgrade my wepon and there are so many adds

Candace Wagner

fun game.

Jessen Ryan Deramas

Ads are embarassing, The Game was almost Cool but the ads.. Haha..

Derek Lee

it's great:)

Hidden Nightfury

Would be good if the damn levels were not impossible to beat

marcos rodriguez

Good game fun. But too much comercials


Unskippable adds. Unskippable adds everywhere. To the point where if I get one of those, I have to completely close the app, open it again and restart the level from the beginning. What a tedious experience.

sun man

not bad not bad at all

jenni Tang

too much ads

Joanne Prime

I Hate Those Ads it Ruined the game And Interrupted! Remove Stupid Ads! It Causing Slow Lag My Samsung Android Tablet!😡👎

Valts Zauers

Horrible game, not even possible to get past world 7 with the two revives which you have to watch an ad both times to get. The amount of things you have to dodge with the little amount of damage and health you have it's close to impossible to do without spending real money to get better items, or continuously being on the same level doing it over and over for ages until you luckily manage to get past.


The game has an insane amount of ads, its really annoying and makes the game unplayable, make you game better.

Dan MS


Jimmy Camato

good game keep up

Cam Allen

Garbage, full of ads, like to the point of being unplayable.

Dibya Limbu

To much ad:/


Why does he stand on 51? And it does not move forward anymore?


This game purposely makes you watch ads by spawning in tons of enemies to kill you and in order to continue you have to watch an ad, if not you can't beat the level without watching ads to continue, it's not even online multi-player either you get AI teammates that are garbage, they run infront of all the bullets and purposely make you lose to watch ads, each area has 3 boss levels that are all pretty much impossible to beat and only possible if you watch their ads and watch ads to rent items.