Smash Bandits Racing

Author: Hutch Games

10M+ install


Named as one of TouchArcade’s Top 10 Games of the year. From the makers of Smash Cops – crash through America in the craziest road race to hit the Google Play Store.

Power up to faster cars, get the edge with getaway gadgets and outrun the cops as you speed to the state line.

Well, almost. Whichever route you take through an ever-changing world of dirt tracks and dusty logging towns you can crash and bash your way through smashable scenery in the most intense display of destruction you have ever seen.

Make sure you’re always ahead of the game (and the cops) with cool car upgrades. Start with a puny compact and make it awesome with extra speed, handling and strength. And when you start earning big, you might just get your hands on the fastest road car on the planet, the stunning Hennessey Venom GT.

What crazy road race would be complete without a TV chopper hovering overhead? The further you get and the more you smash, the bigger the TV ratings and the more cash you earn. Play against your Facebook and Google+ friends to see who can become the most famous Bandit on network TV.

Before you head off you get to choose something to help you along the way. Stinger-proof tires, the ‘Stunner’ car taser and even a tank are available to give you the edge over the relentless Sheriff McBride and his deputies.

Innovative one-finger control makes it super easy to drive, drift & spin your car, and unleash those helpful gadgets – no matter where you’re playing.

The Smash Bandits race organisers don’t think that simply out-running the cops is a big enough problem, so they’ve put together over 100 challenges where you can test your driving skills to the limit.

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Update time: Sep 20, 2021
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Hutch Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Clocomotive Comm

I can't play the game on my Prime OS device. The game crashes when I try to open it.

Deepak Khamkar

This game is very mc and bc

Yehia Ahmed

Great game the graphics is great everything is good but wish there was more frequent updates

Tommy Ebbert

This is a great game, besides the glitches, it gas many different cars and abilities that spice things up, great game

Art Cano

One of the best over head, racing, destruction games....ever! Quick into the action and you don't have buy up- grades if you don't want to. Four thumbs up! Update- Sept 2022. This game has been sitting on my phone for some time. Just started playing it again and it's awesome!!! Wish it was on other platforms.

David Planchard

Won't let me install again because I had problems with the first time I installed it

Mohammed Sofyan

It is is the best





Farjana Yasmin

This was a quite good game years ago. But now it has too much bugs. Sometimes when racing or smashing there is a glitched area or something that you can't go through and it instantly makes you busted. And sometimes blueish area when you race appears in the menu and it lags the menu very much and you can't play it. Please fix these glitches and bugs. And also bring back the option where you were able to get free smash bucks and bandit chips by watching ads.



Dikeledi Bosigo

History of the comedian to make it on Monday morning

Deni Avar

Very very Good game.

Sandorne Bereczki

It will not work !!!! Bad game

Awande Tandi

This game was epic.l Liked all the cars but mostly the dune buggy I Liked thegame so much

Alfredo Mercado

Very good :D the gold paint is nice too :D

Ansh kaushik

Op game op 🔥 graphics✨

Youssef Othman

Mediocre at best

Matt H

Used to be great! Still is amazing, But race 4 of Forest Mountain Jam is completely bugged out and unplayable/unwinnable, making any further progress impossible. UPDATE PLEASE!!! Also the boat sequences are bugged out. The oil explosions never happen when you ride over the top of the flat boats.


Great game please add new maps and vehicles

Anuwara Begum

Did so lol

Nail Said Saputra

For me, this game is a top tier game on PlayStore. The gameplay is simple and entertaining. But, it would be great if the developers added more update to this game.

Bhupesh Bajwa

I really like this game and used to play it all the time, but when I reinstalled it I didn't get any of my progress back. Please help me restore my data.



Adam Smith

Love this game kicks butt,I wish you could drive all the cars at least once

mr Pandix

Il concetto è bello ma la mappa è piccola, il gioco è veramente ripetitivo, ci sono poche macchine e poche gare, in oltre è pay to win e non è multiplayer. Gli aggiornamenti sono molto piccoli e fixano solo qualche bug. Agiustaste questo è sarebbe perfetto, e la grafica è un po' bruttina

Abu Bakar


Ihtheram Ahmod Chowdhury

The graphics is not as beautiful as Smash Cops Heat was.

darwin estrella

5 star

Rasheda Akter

Car game Hohohoho

Linoj Kurian

How did u guys manage to make a perfectly stable and really enjoyable game into a buggy mess? I used to play this game a lot 2 or 3 years ago and now to enjoy that same experience I am gonna have to download an apk of that specific game version from an untrustable website. Thanks devs

Joseph Stone

Child hood game easy 5 stars glad I found it again

Delvine May


Arash Speedy

Can you please change the police cars sirens?

Emmanuel Obiekwe

It is gud

Luminous _Inferno

Racing environment glitches, lack of map or GPS system especially in tricky racing mode roads. Fix the game and add a map or GPS atleast.

Caleb Senyo Fia


Apxl Apxl

Would be cool if it had y'know a Cloud/Save Feature


A very nostalgic game for me, played it a lot when I was younger and enjoyed it with my classmates very much, still to this day a wonderful game.

Lezion Gaming

lovely game

Umair Hussain

Glitch, everywhere. All the roads suddenly changed into forest or cliff. Plz 🙏 fix this bug

rsng frce

5* for the soundtrack. Reminds me of Carmageddon, in a good way.

Navneet's Photography

Love the game. Add the handling sensitivity option and vibration when car hit any object or car

Michael Dobson

Have to start over lost my 2014 progress but still ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ game

jose Romero

I would love if you added like free roaming or online world or custom worlds and thx

Kunal Khaire

Hi so this game is amazing too but I found one glitche and not login on google play games i lost so much progress plz fix it 🙂

Don Reimer Jr.

It was fun until it got really buggy, the map got all glitchy and I could go a short distance before I'm forced off the edge of the map

Nneoma Ibitoye

The game feels amazing.


It needs an update! Don't let this game die like this.

Fdpe DN


Dominic Rose

I hope ea don't copyright strike u


theres no problem with the game, but for some reason i cant play it anymore, it says "looking for resources to download" and you cant pass it and the apl crashes like 5 seconds after it launches edit: 25/06/2022 (original review was from 2020), 3 -> 2 ☆ game is very buggy, fences dont spawn, river dash has buggy smashing and i randomly take damage (spike strips dialogue follows after). all my cloud progress gone somehow, i am back to square one and even though ill continue playing its annoying

Abhishek abhishekviiib


Ravi Tiwari

OMG!!! Super duper ,great graphics ,great controls

Kasey Johnson

Can u skip the tt?

vrinda sharma arts

This game is good but the cop car is crash but traffic car is not crash but I like this game and smash cop heat

Prawin Bashingam V.N

Absolutely bangers man The feeling when you bash thru stuff With massive music playing in your ears Is quite the experience and Something else

Gabada Andy Edem

It's a really interesting game with simple controls. I'm only giving 4 stars because there are some glitches in the game at certain locations and during some races.. I hope it gets fixed soon. But in all its a great game

Luane Ashly

WOW!! this so very crazy crash this is crazy bro i like this awesome games thank you am support your games i give 5 stars thanks bro

Tevin Kent

i love this game


Good game

Anders Erichsen

Spyware detected

Missum Enim Satanas 666

So unfortunate they no longer update the game. This is one of the most entertaining games on the market and they no longer update it. Not a fan of most of their others games but this one is awesome!

Riley Francella

Game does not work for me. I click it and the logo shows up and then it crashes

Janmejay Mehta

I played this game a few year ago but my progress is reset. Please tell me hot to restore my progress in the game.

Dewan Olivier

The last race in Tier 2 has a bug where the "green arrow" car glitches out of the screen and straight to the finish line, making it impossible to win; making it impossible to progress. Uninstalled the game due to this.

Robin Parrish

One of the best games I ever played! The control's are easy and the variation of cops are awesome. And that there's "heat" is a great addition to the game!

Máriusz Rambold

The New update is really bad. What happened to the quality? This game used to be my favorite but now its not playable....

Hrishikesh Nadkarni

This is one of the best games ever!!

Ritul Maoh



After 5 years I finally found out how to play correctly I must keep following the arrow till I get at least 2 or 2.5 or even 3 times and then smash anything in my path played for only 3 hours and I already have the hotrod lmao anyways I do recommend a solid 87/100

A Google user

Awesome and fun, but it would be great if there was a cloud save feature to back up data and switch between devices. (Update): just got back to playing, but there is a game-breaking bug where the ground and environment glitches out of place, making it un-driveable and even making vehicles stuck. This happens in the wooded area and happened in the 3rd tier 3 race.

Adarsh khajuria


Raegan Evans-Hoyt

I love the game but it has barely any cars in the game and there's a lot of bug's but anyway I would recommend pls download this app

Pasindu Mihiranga Thilakarathne

Really good game. Super graphics! Cars are exellent

bryan V

Played this game for years, very satisfied with the game and gameplay 💥🚗🚔 I would love a sequel of this smash bandits🎮


Please make updates

ATUL kamble

After purchasing a new car it's races also automatically completed. I don't know how but its too irritating. Then you have to play so much to buy n new car..

Korbin Dutkiewicz

Have played this game for so many years and I love it

Samuel Anaya

This game is fun but there have been glitches lately

Isaiah Tech tips

One of the best racing games out there on android for free. I had no such problems with the game except ads.

Sh Kawser

Nice game.

tinashe Tsvangirai

Its quite exciting

Jaimesh Kumar

It's a oki game but very boring when stages got repeative

Shahana Samad

How omygooooood

Daniel Oyekunle

Nice game

Ssemwanga Ronnie

This is the best game to play

Scarlett Wayne

I love the game the graphics and everything thing

Samkele Mapete

Its outstanding 😍😍😍

Alfred Edison

So after 4 years, I'm back playing this game. I finished 3 season races, bought and maxed 2 or 3 cars. Today I opened the game just to be greeted with tutorial cut scene. Everything is gone, my progress,my cars. I'm back at the tutorial again. Plus, I just noticed that this game literally never updates and just stays the same til today


Love 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Justine Stealth Arellano

so this is super cool and why I my 3 star bc sometime when i play for 26 minutes and thers a bug the map glitgh i dont know why its bug maybe i im lag? ok anyways pls add low graphics pls and i change 3 to 5 star pls bc i hate lag and thers no save progress just apdate. if this apdate its cool im ganna play this game like a 5 year's soo yeah. and I'll happy :)

tamil 420

don"t like it worset game😡😡

schmith jagen

Nice games with some bugs

Joao Teixeira

Great game I used to play but there are so many bugs now some runs dont even load properly


Great game

Bhawani Davi

The god car race game mobile

Hans The destroyer

The game is great. But the is a bug on the map location: race 2.2 at the end. The mountain has colided with the track and i cant play please fix this.


I used to play it as a kid in grade 6-7 and now after a long time i downloaded it again and again it's just splendid 💕💯

Joseph Khong

I can't take back my old account using back the same email pls help