Slingshot Crash

Author: Jonny Smithard

50,000+ install


Slingshot Crash – Pull Back and Let it Rip!

Detailed info

File size: 115M
Update time: August 24, 2021
Current version: 1.3
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Jonny Smithard
Price: Free
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Customer review

gracie Speakman

This games is addictive love blowing cars up lol

Jarudin Sam

Vs to so Nosfe

Cleo McWhorter

Entirely too much advertisement for the time you actually play.

Jamie Cox

For those who are having ad problems I would advise turning wifi off. Works for me



Dndndnd Dndnfnf

Too many ads but the game is realy fun and if u like distruction play this.Lol

James S. Hall

A car insurance salesperson's nightmare come true!...:)

Birb exe

This game is really nice but you do have to disconnect your wifi. I finished the game and I still enjoy playing it just to see the car destruction. Very good just turn off your internet and your good to go.

Jaymes Rhodes


Michael Cox

IOS version of Burnout 3's crash mode. Excellent fun.

ron shay

It's a good time killer

Warren Somerville

Looked fun, but the ads make it unplayable. Save yourself the frustration.

max chavez

Among us


Nice game to pass time. It would be nicer if you added sound.

Matthias Sacco

Happy 😁😊😁😊

Stacy Brooks

Can it work? Someone times yes but other times no

Harold Atchison

Very laggy/glitchy so bad that if you had to do anything other than pull back n shoot cars you would not be able to play now That being said it also an ad generator and when you x most of the ads it takes you to play store x out of play store back to ad and it does it again Freezes up on ads and have to get out n reload to play Only 4 tracks but they are 1,2,3 so 12 levels I quit with over 73,000,000 coins

Ramoan Oaties


Brandon Lee

Awesome I would recommend

Eric Harvey

Way too many ads, so it gets 2 stars, the game itself would have been a 4 if not for how many ads they put in immediately. Played it 4 rounds and uninstalled due to ads

Frank Harris


Valdemar Karas

It's a good fun game but I maxed out and it's boring now. It needs more levels of play and not max out so fast. Way to many commercials.

Dominick Neri

Impossible to get past a certain level without buying something. Inundated with ads. Deleting.

Tania Chen

The game is so fun so it deserves 5 likes

Phlemmy Kilmeister

Would be a great game if there was more to it. I finished it in just one sitting.

Tyon Tarver

Definitely fun... but needs more levels and challenging modes. Maybe even events. Great game tho.

Joe Carr

Too many unwanted ads... not the kind that boost game play. The kind that jack your game for 5-10 seconds until you gotta hit X 2 times before they get the hint you don't want the game in the ad.

Stephen Tice

To many ads

Gerald Alex Levy

No more than 20 seconds of gameplay between ads - at what point does this end? There's about the same ad time as game time!

Amber LeMunyon

It was fun for a few good minutes. Ads popped up after every round. When hitting a car others would somehow just go around it even if they were in the direct line. And everytime I got a 'big crash' the ad would play then freeze making me lose all the money earned for that round. Giving 2 stars cause this game does have potential.

Brian Wood

Seems fun, after first two levels then it is an ad for each level, and most that I experienced you couldn't skip.

Timothy Alexander

It's an awesome game but it needs sound like the car crashes and exploding and more cars and track's

Sunset Psycho115

I'm enjoying this game quite a bit. I'm big Burnout 3 fan, and this reminds me of the Crash mode especially with the ability to explode to cause more damage. The only thing I don't like is the game not having sound. It would be WAY more satisfying to crash traffic if I could actually hear the sound of the crashes. An update to add sound effects would make this experience much better.

Steve Trumpe

Liked the game play , but I ran out of levels after 3 days

Andrew Pokorney

Horible adds every 20 seconds

Tim Heiss

Too many ads to keep the game moving swiftly.

jason ledley

Fun but way to many ads just like most games now. Although in this one if you dont want to see an ad to upgrade it still shows you an ad. Annoying.

Christopher Reicen

Terrible low quality, starter car to big, copy to a game called "burnout" on Xbox, and.. last but not least to many ads

squid man 2.0

It sucks. Because everytime i open it, it crashes. This is the most garbage and honestly a dumpster fire game, 0/10 wouldn't recommend it to a 3 year old.

D Rani

What the####### is going on see guys this game is amazing but when I start playing the car goes slow and crashes and that broken car goes again to crash more like 2 crashes

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