Slime Must Die!

Author: dodjoy01

10,000+ install


A relaxed and enjoyable light mobile game “Slime Must Die!” is here!
Heroes with various character gathered under your fingertips to complete the formation easily and survived the surging sea of slime!

â—†Easy & Light
Defeat the incoming slimes to accumulate energy, choose more heroes to join the battle, or merge the same heroes to advance them, everything is under your fingertips control!

â—†Against Matched Opponents
Contend with other players in the battle mode, the side that insists on eliminating more slimes will win.
Match tactical teams with different ideas to deal with opponents’ tricks!

â—†Join Hand with Friends
In the duo mode, the two work together to resist the slimes and bosses and stick to the last line of defense to receive rich rewards.
Both sides use unbiased hero matches, which can flexibly deal with insidious and cunning enemies!

â—†Unlock More Heroes
By participating in battle and Duo, the acquired items can open treasure chests and purchase more hero fragments.
Get more heroes with different abilities to unlock new combat tricks and upgrade them to make your team be the best!

Detailed info

File size: 48M
Update time: July 22, 2020
Current version: 1.14
Require Android: 4.3 and up
Developer: dodjoy01
Price: Free
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Customer review

Muhammad Firdaus

So this game cannot be played anymore?

Sai Cauilan

Can't play this game using Redmi 10x 5G.


I need help i cant connect to the servers been trying for past few days 😫

Usagi_Yojimbo YT

Decided to cancel the game. Dont get it. Servers getting turned of Nov. 30th


Super fun, interesting characters. I just would like to see more characters added for more interesting and diverse setups.

Carol Oakhill


Crimson Hop24




kyle peterson

I would give five stars but I get the same legendary every time and I grind this game constantly about to go back to random pvp dice

kevin sayers

I really like this version of tower do defence/merge games that have been coming out. The problem with this one is the icons of your heroes just don't give you any clue as to what they do and it's just too much of a pain to constantly click on the portraits to see what they do. Random dice and random Royale both do this much better, I can clearly see what my dice do just by looking at them on the board.

Abrenica, Vince Paul T.

I was gonna rate it 5 Star but I really hate the whisper chat limit ughh...

Kmrn Sch

It's a great game and I've been really enjoying it, but there's a few things. It's a lot harder to get gold cards unless you pay. And suddenly I can't log into my game. It's linked with social media but it just continues to say loading.

Hoh Jowy

The game is fun. Luck ia one of the important thing. But I have one problem, why i cant get free reward in Magic Contract? Thanks for reply.


Sunk money into the game to find out I can't play with friends because they are "too far" which is a huge disappointment and feel I wasted my time and money on a game I will no longer play.

Xanney Boi

Really fun game. Just one problem in my opinion you should be able to watch an ad for +1 attemp in Duo mode an endless amout. I dont see a reason for it to not be this way because getting people to watch ads in your game is good for you. Please consider this feature

Timmy Santos

Very bad app

The science nerd !


Cplqp Lattimer

Absolutely fantastic. Good mix of strategy and sheer luck of the draw/roll. Easily the best and most unique tower defense I've played in many years.

Ashley Schechinger

Not too bad of a game. Im used to playing random dice, so the layout was confusing to me. But the graphics are great and gameplay wasnt bad.

Kentavion Lorenzetti

I love this game, especially how, even though there's a lot of chance, it really has an element of skill depending on how, when, where, and in what combination you use the heroes.

Leiya Iacobacci

I really like this game. Its not a pay to win. Ads are optional without pay. Its very addictive

Pattii Toun

Fun game play, I especially like the duo mode,I can play with my friends.It's very nice!!

Blanca Lockney

An amazing competitive game with a good design, the game is engaging and new things continue to come out. Ads are available but don't run the game and I like that a lot. You are able to play with your friends or against strangers and level up your hero for better skill, unlocking new hero is fun and rewarding enough to grind for. I really recommend this game to anyone.

Janalis Chauvey

Absolutely fun and addictive in all the best ways! No need to spend real cash as long as you got a bit of patience and lil bit of skill.

Kindred Espinay

This is my favourite free game. I love the simplistic design of the game and the competitiveness of pvp.

Jacodi Greenhalgh

Good simple game not filled with ads. This game gives you the option to watch ads for bonus content but doesn't force you to watch ads. You can unlock everything through pure game play or make purchases. It is the most balanced I've seen a app be in a long time.

Alyssarae Rougier

Great game! Competitive PVP,I'm a huge fan and your advertisement team is doing a pretty good job with those joke like commercials. ( looking forward to see more coming from your team.)

A Pets

Super Good Game

Dounia Huxtable

it's exlant game, endless game.I Love it. It's very interesting to playing more & more.

Kemp Illston

Super fun, addictive, enjoyable etc. It gives the player more time to think about the moves instead of the game constantly telling us what to do once we have made a move but it is still awesome!

Atiana Biesty

Cant put it down. Love to play it every day and try to beat another player. Like the sounds and colors and things popping.

Nasiriyah Wrinch

Love it great game. Lots of fun. Very challenging.Great game addicting.Can not stop playing. Just gets more fun every day. More fun every day.

Shonte Glastonbury

It was a nice game. I like to play this game very much.

Saniaya Collum

O.M.G I had no idea how fun this game was until I actually started playing This game is so much fun!

Sonovia Managh

I really love this game... It's very addictive...Great time killer.

Dessel Dunnet

This is one of my favourite games! I just downloaded it today it is the best game I have ever played!

Nylani Upsale

Its sooo amazing ,im literally addicted to this game ,all the fun prizes and competitions are keeping me busy and im so amazed by this game .


I enjoy the game i rated it 2 stars so i would be the fisrt but now is the 5 stars sorry it the game got low stars because of it

Elton villafana

So nice very fun

Neo the Loof

Had fun. Very interesting mechanics, and the good amount of combinations make for nice sessions. Could use better compensation for ads and absolutely needs more modes (the direction of the ranked style is horrible). Grinding is terrible, so I'm fine with people rating this lower. My tolerance for the BS that is the current terrible monetized mobile landscape should not affect your rating of the game.

Filthy Dizastah

the idea is fine however it gets you bored easily.try and see it for yourself. unistalled.

Kenneth Troy Manguilimotan

Just review the questionnaire thats suggest in the game..

Jie Liang Chua

Magic contract event, i cant receive awards after L10. Am at 12 now. Please help check thanks.

Zack Villamer

Gusto ko Sha laroin

Beats and Bass

This is just another random dice clone, don't get me wrong. The game is fine as the gameplay is still fun.


Its just soooooo amazing i love it i was the first 3 and the ads are kinda inapropiate but yeah just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Olatunde Shofela

The game is good at the start but over time you will won't win at all and the ad can be inappropriate at times.

Viva Vahafolau

Im one of the first 😋

Helario Estoya

A copy of a game called RANDOM DICE

jem ocampo


Sarah Anthony

I do wonder why it asks to make calls? I really dont like that.

Lam Dang

For the encouragement

Dian Ernest Marcelo

Why i cant Enter😡😡😡😡😡

Trazy Rivera

I am early! I will play this game, sometimes.

Zelda Bennett

Me first

Ryan Kayes

The games ightt

Jee Tigullo

Nice game

Ground hog

Great game please make more like this


pretty poggers if you ask me

Another UserName

Me in top 5 first reviews


Wow I'm first

Super Noob

Just here to say it cool even though I have not played it but have looked at it and it's cool,will change this rate later

Nageshwary Subramaniam

Nice game

Wan Xuan

First one to download!