Slice Pool

Author: Tara Westover

100K+ install


Slice open the pool to release more water!
But watch out! don’t hurt the fish!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 14, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Tara Westover
Price: Free
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Customer review

Oofergamer6 `

The game's ok, but there are too many ads

Anand Kumria

The game is a remake of another one called Xonix (on the Commodore 64). But using fish rather than dots. Unfortunately there are three ads shown on the gameplay screen, which make it incredibly busy. Then once each level is completed you are invited to double or triple your coins via another Ad. If you decline, you will still see an Ad anyway! If you are a fan of Ads, this might be the game for you.

Nataly Kim

The game is fun, I like it, but the design..... Soooo much is on the screen and evth keeps moving around the screen, it's really difficult to concentrate with all those things popping out, sliding by, falling down ... And why does the task of making the pool smaller pops out all the time? Not only before each round, but also in the middle!!!! Why?! I already know I need to make the pool smaller.

Manisha Mahadao

The game is fun but cannot enjoy as ad is more than the game. Too many ad on screen. 3 s of game but 28 s of ad.

Felipe Manuel Islas Cruz

Too many adds.. not cool.

Jonas Offersen

The game is so buggy that it'll try to play 2 adds on top of each other, perpetually alternating between them... If you manage to not get this bug, you'll have an add every 5th second... barely enough to make a slice...

Rissa Mathew

When you slice, more fishes keep coming up and is quite annoying, but good game overall.

Laetitia Koen

Fun but way too many ads. Ads on the top and bottom of screen while playing and after each level, the level can be only a 3 seconds long before you get a skippable ad. Also more than once an idea managed to have audio for a split second even though my phone media is muted.

Melinda Strydom

Way too many ads . Can't even get through a round without an ad popping up.

Jo Scott

Looks good, but too many pop ups. Annoying that it pops up every time you "upgrade" your fish with vibrations. Played for about 2 minutes, then deleted as it was that annoying with pop ups, and had 2 ads in that time

Jonathan Brooke

Normally I don't mind ads. But this is excessive. Ads after every move amd floating ones whilst attempting to play. This game looked like fun and the little bit I played was fun but the ads are just too extreme ruining the whole gaming experience

New Yarik Paw


Jeroen Van Antwerpen

Ads sometimes interrupted by some gameplay.

Farrukh Naveed

I hate when game starts in between adds....

Anushree Modi

It's a good game. But i deleted it on the second level, since there were so many ads. Ads before a level, after a level, noisy side ads while playing the level. I get wanting to monetize a good game. But this is ridiculous.

Asad Lodhi

Ads after I touch screen a few times, Ads above and below game all the time... I don't mind occasionally seeing an Ad, but this is ridiculous. Don't waste time...

Samiha Nusaiba

Nice game, its simple but fun. I had no problems while playing it.

Manmohan Kumar

Worst game don't install it plays advertisement music in between of the games it annoys alot

Yehia Ahmed

When I open the game it flashes alot and don't respond to any touch I do

Nazma Haque

Bad very bad,too much add

Luka Pejovic

You are watching more adds than playing the game. In 5 minutes of 'playing' I watched 4 and half minutes of add, and I skipped them as soon as I could.

Cami Ramirez

I'd give it zero stars if I could: it glitched as soon as I started it, the game screen was like a camera flash or something. Terrible

Dzafirah Fauzi

Too much ads

Godwin Anode

Why place an ad in the middle of a game? Pathetic

Elizabeth Kim

Looks great, but will not download. wish I could try it.


Very aggressive ads. 3 playing at once consistently.


Man the concept of the games pretty good but you just stuff a crapton of ads in front of the players face kinda ruining it

Eddy Kay

First level first cut. Add and crash. Try again this time the screen is strobing. Third and final try first level every cut there is an add. Not worth any time.

El Durazno

Terrible game, has tiny ads with sound on the edged AND has pop up ads after doing a couple moves in a game without finishing

Ripley Timewarp

Laggy and infested with noisy banner ads.

Alana Voeks

Dude, seriously? You can't even play the very first level without an ad in the middle of it? Us consumers understand you need money. But the middle of the first level. Not even after it. No thanks. That's a precursor to how bad it'll get later on.

clayton zimmerman

Love the game but.... an ad before, during and after every round come on really that's a little excessive. So I'm deleting and done with this developer

Wasini Rafuse

First few minutes, so ad heavy I gave up quickly.