Slice & Dice

Author: Tann

100K+ install


Free demo, no ads, single IAP to unlock the full game.

Take control of 5 heroes, each with their own dice. Fight your way through 20 levels of monsters and try to take on the final boss. If you lose a single fight you have to start over so be careful (and lucky!).

– 3D dice physics, choose which dice to reroll
– Simple turn-based combat
– Level up a hero or gain an item after each fight
– Randomly generated encounters
– Undo actions as much as you like, each turn is like a mini-puzzle
– No hidden mechanics, everything is visible at all times

– 60 hero classes
– 36 monsters
– 171 items
– Plenty of achievements
– Unlockable modes, including infinite curse mode!
– Online leaderboards

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 25, 2021
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Tann
Price: Free
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Customer review

Liberty Toad

Unique and interesting. Doesn't take very long to learn how to play and has a ton of replayability. I ended up buying it due to it's uniqueness. It has crashed on me a few times and it hasn't been updated in a year. It is a bit pricey.


I really enjoy this game. Amazing demo and Im ready to buy the but IAP which doesnt work which is annoying. If they don't solve this, they will lose out.


So dang good I had to uninstall it just to get some semblance of productivity back.

UfoL BeerSeeker

Very cool concept. I love it. Only problem is its very short. Just 20 lvls is not enough to convince me to buy full version.

Alex Sidell


Alan Foran

Seriously fantastic game


Really like concept of the game . Is fun, engaging and re-playable. There are some slight balance issues and would be better if you chose the character upgrade path instead of random. Would buy the full game for $3 or $4 but not for $8

Kevin Nguyen

Amazing game! It's w purely strategic rogue-like game. I love the sounds of the dice. Only thing that can make this game even better is some errie/battle background music.

yca cubid

real fun and unique 🤌

Matt H

Closest game to darkest dungeon I could find, really scratched the itch.

Andy Yang

Played the demo, seems alright but 7$ for the full game with only 8 more levels? Lol You cant move your unit positions around but the enemy can? Lol The only reason this got two star instead of 1 is because i like the dice system because its new and innovative. Everything else is just an auto battler clone

Joseph Mateo

My gosh this game is AMAZING. The Demo itself has hours and hours of content and has top-notch replayability. RNG is balanced really well and the mechanics that are introduced as you play just get better and better. Achievements are also the things that help you become 'stronger' as they allow you to get items for future runs. Just so many things I love about this. Gonna buy the game soon!


Definitely a good game with a great new approach to RPG gaming but definitely not worth $10.

Tim Smart

All around great challenging game, only uninstalling because I've played it through twice and need space

R Will

Great game!

Philip McCann

This is the most fun I have had with a phone game in years, completely worth the 7 dollars. I am exited to see where this game will go.


Great game. Paid for the full and wasn't disappointed. I wish I could mix modes - mainly to be able to customize my party in Cursed mode.

Aaron Varnell

Very strategic game, a ton of fun.


Pretty solid base for a game, lacking in content. Not worth paying above the free version, as the developer abandons all their products as soon as they launch.


Its a demo, but well made

Louis Keal

The demo version is fantastic itself! Better than most paid games. I'd pay for it, but I'm addicted to it enough as it is. It really rewards getting to understand the game and the right path through different situations. I've beaten the 12 level demo mode in easy, normal, hard and unfair difficulty - each felt like a significant, satisfying achievement!

Shael Utah

Fun, but only 20 levels in full edition makes for a very short game.

Nickollasrb Bvk

This game is genius! Beautiful pixel art(my favorite), incredible mechanics, truly engaging gameplay, the perfect recipe for a great game!

Greg DeRenzis

One of the best mobile games you will ever play, the pro version is worth every penny. Deep strategy, fun interactions, unique characters... 10 stars if I could!


Really fun

Vlad Ruter

Super fun gameplay loop, well worth the IAP price to unlock the game which subsequently unlocks additional game modes at certain milestones. Demo is enough to give you a sense of what to expect. The game does rely heavily on RNG; from the combat moves, to the character upgrade selections and enemy encounters, so it will put you in unwinnable situations sometimes, but learning the mechanics as you replay will make you consistently better from one run to the next.

Ryan Wallace

Excellent game with lots of replayability.

wolf wonders

I dont like most games like this one, but this is a time consuming game that i love and highly recommend just everything about the game is so fun!!! I hope to see more of the game like more items, levels, enemy's, and characters keep up the amazing work developers 👍.

Erik B

This is a solid game. Dice gameplay and strategy is fun and deeper than expected. The game randomly crashes and if you switch appa, it will likely need to go through the loading animation again. The game auto-saves frequently, so it's just a time inconvenience with the loading.

Dm john Talaboc

Its good

G. Sa

Nice design and no ads. however.. it's a demo, fights are way too hard and there are no Perma upgrades. Also no choices in terms of pathing

Tim Dom

Great demo, but having trouble buying the full game.

Jean-Philippe Beauchamp

I absolutely love the concept of this game. It reminds me alot of the World of Warcraft boardgame. Mixing dice AND heroes evolution RNG in < 1h trials makes it a great game for tryhard and also a great game when you want a change of pace of bigger games. Cannot wait for more content !

Salvador Villar

Bought the game. I love it!

Tuomas Sundman

The game is good but jeesus christ the rng element i dont have to even buy the hole game when you can't even get through the second boss.

Jason Malave

I enjoy the hell outta this. I'm considering unlocking the full game, but 7 bucks is a bit steep.. Does this developer have anymore games?


Decent game, but a bit expensive for what you get in my opinion. They advertice that they got about 66 classes. But you always start with the same 5 (unless you play a specifik gamemode) and then its random of what you get. Everything is random. Would be fun to have some more control of things. Like if i dont like the 2 job advancements. Give me the choice to not choose either. Keep up the hard work.


Lots of fun, seems like there is plenty of variety in future playthroughs. A breath of fresh air in the ad-riddled, shovel-ware world of mobile games. Looking forward to playing more.

Arminas Pamakštis

If its a demo, it should be displayed in the game title.

Stuart McBain

Honest great 1 player game. Challenging and fun. Strong recommend.

Jacob Bellamay

Absolutely love this game. Have spent 30+ hours playing. One of the best mobile games out there. It has a steep learning curve if you're like me and too stubborn to read the rules at first, but once you get the swing of it it's very addictive and fun! Only one request: can there please be some kind of easily visible indicator that a dice is one that "must be rolled". Just a small QOL tweak

Giorgos Kanellopoulos

The main game mechanic is clever, super fun and deceptively deep strategy-wise. I love the pixelated character portraits that are unique without feeling too flashy. Absolute must play! My brother got the full version and I am stoked to try the new game modes out as well!


A sweet feel playing with thse dice :)


Nothing I would change about the game personally. If you like rolling dice, it's worth buying. Though personally I would like to see an endless mode (assuming it's not one of the modes I haven't unlocked)

Ginger Kid45


Samuel Gallant

Very fun demo, thanks for the experience it's a nice game!

Pedro Inácio

Very hard to play. Missing a really good tutorial.

Roman Peraza

The best mobile game I ever played

Danny Robinson

Great game, highly recommend

Ulf Fredrik Strandberg

Great fun, simple yet challenging.

Vladlen Boldyrev

Great mechanics and graphics. If I were to make a game, my game would look something like this! My applause to the author!


Great single purchase game. Only marking down a star because the progress transfer function doesn't work.

Christina Hawkins

Almost literally perfect. I love this game so much. I'm excited to see if there's eventual updates, but I love it like it is too. So much replayability and challenge. Thank you devs 🙏🏻

Joshua Lowe

Absolutely perfect

Adric Quackenbush

Well worth the purchase. Once unlocked, Cursed mode provides an unlimited challenge

Brendan Harmon

Fun and lots of replay value!

Casey Kuball

Extremely addictive. An excellent strategy game that plays like a dice version of Slay the Spire.

Gary Keenan

Amazing game

amir rahmani

great game honestly the fights always being usually being tense is good but i suggest having options for some upgrades that lets you build smth really op with just harder last fights. so you still can have the option of the game being tense and letting ppl have fun building 1 turn kills

Tony Maddox

Finally, a game that scratches the same itch as Slay The Spire!

Ben R

Great little game, very cool undo feature makes it feel less stressful and more like a puzzle

Stephen FitzMaurice

Well done.

Ardley Zozobrado

Super fun definitely worth the asking price hope they releae a sequel to this

Thomas McDonald

Great stuff

Daniella Onuora

Love it


Every friend I show the game to gets hooked. Perfect game.

Dave Wright

Really good fun, and quite a lot included in the free version.

Bacon Gaming

This Is Perfect Game For Killing Time, And Just Great Game In General. Buy It, You Won't Regret, I Promise.

Dominic Drury

Awesome and cool game, bought after 2 trys on the demo. All thanks to Angoey Tom on YouTube for showing off this game

Baolau Oh

Great fun! Hard to beat and feels great when you do. The new game plus mode is too hard for me so unfortunately I only get to beat the game once.

Kellie Suttle

A very fun roguelike with no ads or microtransactions. Definitely recommend!

James A. Castillo

Great game! Clean, elegant and surpringly complex and varied.

Section Sixty

I *really* like this game but theres not enough here to make it worth 7$. The mechanics are fantastic and fun. The theming and feel are lackluster, it could do with just a little bit of story and background. The replay options are not very interesting. Its a great game and challenging but its missing something.

Walter Werner

This game is terrific. The free install lets you play a demo, with the full game costing 7 dollars. So you don't have to take anyone's word for it. Give it a try yourself. I was impressed with the demo playthrough, and after buying the full version, I'm even more impressed. Mechanically the game is simple but still requires good decision making, and the difficulty feels just right. As you progress you'll unlock more ways to deepen the experience. One of the better rougelites on Android.

Jamey Fauque

Great game with endless replayability.

da wae

I love it soo much


Awesome game. Worth every penny for full version imo

Gilmar B Jr

Buy the full game, it's worth it! Hope the devs add more replayability.


It has what you never thought you'd enjoy, but the only very bad downside is that you don't have control over your character evolution.

Aleksa Zivkovic

Absolutely wonderful, one of the best games out there. Entertaining and difficult gameplay, insanely beautiful pixel art, and infinite replayability.


Tutorial needs some improvements.

Joshua Blake

I love this game. It's exactly what I want in a turn based roguelike. One suggestion, allow players to skip the first 20 levels of curse mode by picking a bunch of curses and a boon. I can consistently get thru the first 20 levels, but it takes so long. I want to skip straight to the challenging bit.

Ty Cobb

Fantastic dice-based dungeon game. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would, and became just a wee bit addicted. With no ads in the demo, you really get to enjoy it, and it's definitely worth the purchase for the extra levels and features. What a wonderful developer and game!

Dana Nichols

Incredibly fun game, I absolutely love it. The game is crashing for me every other round tho, which I hope they fix soon.

Jusitn Brennan

Loved it

Bernardo Sivieri

Only demo avaiable?

Corius Farin, Primarch of the Second Legion

Great game that really feels like an RPG adventure. Kinda reminds me of D&D in some ways. And it is 100% worth the price. But the best thing? You don't need to take me at my word! Download the free demo, and I'm sure you'll end up buying the game as well.

Jack Spalding

Awesome phone rpg

Raphaël Royer-Rivard

Simple gameplay and good difficulty. Loads of stuff to unlock, good looking too. I love how the player can build combos with different classes and items randomly encountered during each run. I recommend

Josh Hitner

Vary mechanically well done, has a fun gameplay loop, a couple options seem lackluster relative to others (there appears to never be a good time to pick barbarian without also having a vampire) but that doesn't really detract from the game as there are enough good options to look for that those few are forgivable.

brad fin

Great game just wish it had more. I would gladly buy dlc for a game lime this.


Cool game Enjoyed it


This is a game demo, not a game.

Ken Gomez

I hate this app. I didn't realize it was already 5am while playing. such a good strategy rougelike. def worth buying.

Tim Kline

This is one of the top games I've ever played on mobile. The amount of variation and replay value is insane. Between characters, items, spells, leveling (you promote to new classes), modes, and difficulty, you get an incredible difference each game. I truly wish this game was still being worked on, but it's still 5 stars for me and will be playing this for years to come.

A n o n

Very nice. Too bad I can only play the demo version :'( keep it up guys!

Veronika Sherriuble

Interesting, couldn't stop before playing all

Paul Gallivan

Fun and simple rogue-like based on dice mechanics. A single play through is pretty short, so you won't feel too upset if you fail and need to start over. Even the demo version has NO ADS 😀, which is a big plus. The cost of $8.50 for the full game seems a little high for a simple game. I'd buy for $2 or 3. Still strongly recommend this demo!

George Gonzalez

Great game, I found this on the app store and tried it out. From just the demo I can tell I'll love the full game, it's gameplay is easy to understand and challenging at the same time. You can really get into it right away, I would definitely recommend it.

Alexandre Beaudoin

Excellent game. If you like anyrhing dice related I'd wager you'd like this game.