Slash & Roll: Multiplayer RPG

Author: Gamesture sp. z o.o.

100K+ install
Role Playing


Join the multiplayer adventure and roll dice to measure yourself up against your opponents! Fight in PvP multiplayer battles against other players to dominate the ranking! This is just the beginning of what Slash & Roll, one of the idle slashers available on the market, has to offer!

⚔️ Compete with players from all over the world in the thrilling online PvP games and events!
⛺ Create or join a guild to compete in guild wars – bribe the enemies to join your side!
🆚 Fight in epic real time multiplayer battles on the battlefield of 20 vs 20
🗡️ Join the skirmish mode to face your enemies on the battlefield
🤴 Level up your hero to contribute to the power of your team
🦹 Take advantage of character customization with unique weapons and cosmetics, or get a mount to tower over the battlefield and boost your attack!
🎲 Roll dice, attack, and crit! Collect shields to enhance your defense!
🎁 Send gifts to your guildmates and allies to boost their progress!

Like in most online multiplayer games you are a dedicated warrior or guild master, born to fight for your allies. Battle friends and foes, defend towers, help your allies to defeat enemies and win skirmishes together. Live a real adventure with this competitive multiplayer RPG.

Slash & Roll gives you an amazing opportunity to level up very fast and become the key member of your team. Compete with other players for outstanding weapons and seasonal gear that no other role-playing games can offer. It’s a dream come true for every fan of idle slasher who’s looking for customization features.

Rally up to 20 guildmates to fight side by side in co op multiplayer game. Team up with your friends in the online co-op games. Prepare for tournaments and climb to the top of the ladder!

Fight against other players in real-time online PvP battles. Whole bunch of special events like Gold Rush or Chest Rush await you in this online PvP RPG. Test yourself against other rollers in high-reward events full of loot and prizes. Slash & Roll offers various competitive modes that players can enjoy solo or with a guild.

Join a guild of heroes and compete in real time multiplayer games with friends. Unite with powerful warriors from your country or create an international guild! Throw down the gauntlet and jump into the fray in this fantasy setting game.

Whether you’re an old school dnd player or completely newbie to dice battle RPGs, Slash & Roll lets you feel the thrill of PvP multiplayer like no other online RPG games.

Cooperate, compete, turn failures into victories, and fight together! Are you ready to roll?

Please note that although S&R is free to play, our users are able to purchase virtual items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 11, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Gamesture sp. z o.o.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Nicolas Kalisek

Very fun made me smile

Anthony Jones

Good game

David Edwards

Definitely worth the download and try!

Lara Clarke

I really enjoy the game and easy too

Ryan Hall

Great fun but dice rolls seem a little rigged.

John Goggins

Its fun, just want 5p energy

Ryan Setliff

Energy gain

Mike Shone


Lance Le

This game is paid to win. Otherwise you just can't keep up. Max energy is not high enough to make any decent progress. Stuff and item shop is way too expensive for what it's worth!

Han Do

Pretty fun once you understand how to play.

Máté Fejérvári

Mindenkit akinek tetszik a játék várjuk és aktív várjuk szeretettel a "magyar klán" nevezetű guildbe.

john loper (soniiiety)

Got boring after a few plays, feels too simple, not enough things to do, i keep closing the game, its like an idle hame, or like you just log in and claim rewards and then shut the app, idk how thats fun.

Jay Ham

Not bad to kill time between games

Dustin Cowen

Pay to Win trash

Reaper091313 mixer streamer

Game is ok not one I would play daily but every so offten

Jeckel Ash

Good time waster

Aleksandr Kazadojev


Brandon Clemmons


One Gvandal

5* bcause I need energy....

Ray Elliott

Great game easy to learn and simple to play , take my advice and download it t ok day

Joshua Breckenridge-Keown

Okay concept. I feel there should be more to the game though. Feels hollow a little bit. Edit: 1 star for the fact that its soooo heavily relied on you spending money to keep playing. Even if you have a good clan. You literally cannot do anything without spending. Games like this that are money grabs should feel ashamed.

Korey White

Fun game to waste time

Sean Small

The rolling of the dice gets real old

Manuel Walton

Simple and sweet. Let's keep going.


This game is great for killing time. I jump on for a few minutes a few times a day and I love it.

t haut

Awesome game. Only reason for 3 stars is how ridiculous gem prices are. Not a game I'll be spending money on.


Great game

Tommy Allen

Good for breaks

Joseph Licciardone (TechnOlantern)

Great game love the whole Medieval aspct

Chris Dingler

It's a good time killer

Kawper Lacayo

I enjoy this app, but I don't understand what I'm trying to achieve.

Jay Welshman

Enjoyable but can't seem to turn off music or sound

Andrew Collins

Absolute p2w game with only cosmetics and no real content. You log on roll dice and log off. If you pay them lots of money you get to roll more. It costs energy to roll and it starts at 50 cap and never goes past 50. This is a complete money grab its not a rpg or multiplayer. All you do is pay for shiny stuff that adds no benifit and flex you can spend cash. Even the whales are getting annoyed. Avoid downloading this i will stick by my guild until it becomes dead then leave the game.😂

Killchan (ゴールドスミス)

Not a game. There is no gameplay; it just auto rolls a slot machine until you run out of energy. Has charm and a cute artstyle, but nothing to do with it. All the choices are meaningless and the game plays itself.

Nathanael Bradford

Cute game

Pinkish Toon

This game is awesome! I have finally found something fun that will take up my free time. I even single-handedly turned the tide of a battle my clan was in


Game keeps freezing on me when i start the training

Jesse Ellis

Good time passer

Matthew Knight

Decent Guild Battle Game. Team battles, dice component, if you like group games this is a good option.

Eric Childers

Fun time killer in small doses

Beverly McCracken

Great easy game. I hope they add more of a gear element

Matt Conlon

Easy and fun go team!!!

junior Salinas


Kyle Chiasson

Logged out last night as the only member of my guild to log in today as being kicked out of my guild, it's still there full of dummy and won't let me join back for 6 days, guess I'm not playing

Adam Spaw

Different but fun!

Joshua Le Gall

I really like this game is really good

Tim Gomez

Great for ideling

Michelle Mcvay


Matt Westlake

Game is pretty good. Though some kind of the battle line ups sometimes seem one sided though.

Trevor Shaw

Really fun game, some key options for event chests arent readily available information wise. Only thing to work on id say

Sebastian Stephan

It's alright

Corbin Reed

Bought a pack and didn't receive my chests at all... not playing anything from this developer again.

Alec Prentice

Seems like it could be much more. Hanging around to see if it changes.

mister deathwish

Best ever

Jacob Olson



This games biggest downfalls are lack of content and the energy system. At max energy I can only roll 3 times which means I play the game for less than 1 minute each time and the energy is slow to regenerate. All you do is 'fight' another guild by pressing the "roll" button. That's it. That's all you do. Edit in response to dev: gifts from the guild are rare and small (6 energy or 2k gold? Really?). Paying real money for gems/energy for 1 more minute of gameplay is insane.

Chip Williams

I like the concept and the fact that you can play with other people

Zachary Shelton

Yeah, this is the same company that ruined Questland. Not falling for that again.

Eric m

fun roll the dice

TheKnight OfDoom


Andrew Van Oosten

Very chill

Adon Raaku

Very fun to pass the time, and chat with your guild mates.

Gage White

Pretty good wish you could watch ads for energy though. I don't like how I can only play for a few mins then have to wait all day for more energy.

Randy Merrick

I love games like this, I can't get enough

Tim West

The ads to this game looked fun I'm still new to the game it's only been a week for me. So far it's a good game, not the best I've played but it's good. I'll give this game a second review later on down the line.

Wither gaming

It's a fun game not that stressful yet still frustrating that this dice just won't give what I need

Travis Plank

Just downloaded and ran out of things to do in 5 min literally the only thing to do in the whole game is play in a skirmish against other people , theres no story , no extra battles you get 50 energy and you can only play skirmish seems like a half finished game kind of dissapointed

Midnyte ToKeR

I bought season pass yet i didn't get it so I bought the 99 cent one and that went through please refund or give me my season pass package.

Dalton Davis

I'm actually really enjoying it. Easy to play.

Jeffery Lowther

Great game so much fun

zack long

Some random fun

Pavel Guzevich

Nice idle game


Not ad PVP as I was expecting but a great game nonetheless


Easy to learn and master, great community, and overall wonderful interface make this game pleasant to play. Only downside is the wait for energy, which is needed to play, being 10 minutes (5 if you buy a package)

Allen Brown

It's good but I think you should have more events or less time for the energy

Collin Corcoran

Boring. You're technically able to play against other players, but it is an insult to PVP games to count this turdburger as one. There's no tactics, timing, aiming, or anything really at all a player does. You just watch dice roll, like a slot machine.

Toni Petrović

Omg so bad and boring

Michael Starke


Ethan Irvin

Good game to complains

king kami (Double D)

not a bad game overall it's either your extremely lucky or you pay so keep rolling the get isn't bad as a whole Ig if the refill timer was quicker you would see a more consistent online player stat but idk

Ragnax Knight

Just started the game, so far so good.

Christopher Bean

Quick game , good if you're active and have active guild.

chris morrow

The game is fun, but is the most pay to win game I've ever seen. It'd be five star if there was a free to play only option.

karla Schall

DRAINS a lot of MONEY but fun if there is an active guild. The dice has to be RIGED in a way that will make you spend a but load of money to get anywhere. Energy refill is a NIGHTMARE every TEN minutes for ONE Energy unless you buy a package deal and then it's every FIVE MINUTES to get 1. Kicks off players who are not active for 3 days automatically. NOT EVERYONE CAN BE ON EVERY DAY! I get it but I lost guild master because I wasn't on for THREE DAYS! Not friendy to people who DONT SPEND MONEY.

George Heatley

Doesn't require a lot of attention, but still entertaining

Cody Cruz

Lots of bots doing 14-15 damage total when I do 700+ each attack, game is pay to win af even though items are strictly cosmetic game is a shameless cash grab, must save for a 10x roll if you don't want hair or to waist your gems bc devs will only give you 5 energy even though you can buy 50 from the shop I'd you get a duplicate and I've opened 12 single chests and got a duplicate B4 I got anything else ie I have only gotten hair, COD mythic roll to get anything else, devs blocked me from discord


Seems easy going at first. I just started playing and flying up levels

Erik Derieux

Easy time killer

War Mach

It works, no issues


Simple game, and gameplay is very literal to the title. You are rolling and then slashing. A little bit annoying when you get by accident to some inactive guild. Because you can't leave it when GM is given to you... (it's a little bit harsh to the new players) BTW join my guild Magyarok its a little bit lonely when people leave and give you GM to escape a curse of a GuildMaster.

Robert Leinweber

100% pay to win. Game starts as a really fun GvG game without city building or ads. There is a stamina system but there has to be. This game is free to play, but it's not free to win. To be successful in this game you or your guildmates will need to spend LOTS of money, there's no way around it. Also heavy promotion of Facebook (only friend system), and zero original concepts to earn stamina or gems has really has soured the experience. Fun at first, but super pay to win.

Esteven Gonzalez

I like the game and you might like it too, so give it a try, trying never hurt no one.

Mark Morris

There's nothing to do in the game. Rolls rarely give an attack. Energy is incredibly slow. But there's nothing to do!

Pavel Abrashev


Oppai Holic (TeTo)


DawnStreak (DawnStreak)

I am having a lot of fun eith this game and don't have any complaints except perhaps add more energy cap?

Mitch Alves

I don't wanna display my Facebook picture in game. Please allow the user to change it.

Kasperice Man


DeathYeet 6145

I love this game, I log in once or twice a day and participate often

Tim “NAPALM71” G

Wow..... Just NO!!!