Sky Trail – Ultimate rooftop action!

Detailed info

File size: 101M
Update time: July 7, 2021
Current version: 1.7.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Sharp Bananas Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Joleen Mcshea




Leonne miks

The game has good graphics and it's polished but the controls are kinda weird but it's still a great game and it has a nice storyline

nino dzotsenidze

sooooo cute game

Babita Lama

pretty satisfied by the gameplay and weapons but a bad storyline very underrated in my opinion.It is very fun should get updates frequently and add more bosses, levels and weapons. the bosses are ok. I really like this game but it lakhs a good story line we should get more controls on her.That is MY opinion of it like kidnapping dogs the hell like to sell them ? lol

Bill Fanning

Great game fun to play!

Tiffany Aubrey

Good game


I really love this app. It was one of the first apps I got, on my new iPad. (This iPad) I really like it. The ads are completely out of control, but if you're like me, and ads don't bother you, then this game is still worth installing.

Tumunbayar Damchaa

nice game

Samuel Voo


alok technology

The game is amazing

Alexander Garcia

Gun Fun

Salameh Tab

Cool game very nice I like this game

Indra Kathet

Pretty good for a mobile game

Sanchit Deshwal

Gamee stuck at level 186😑

Albania Oran

Insanely good must try it has very good art, it has no lag, PLUS there are many cool stuff

Stephen Connolly


Thomas Wright

Easy to play not many ads game is fun and controls are really easy to grasp just run shoot and save puppy



Nil Nix

Could be better, could be worse, though I cannot complete the goal because every single one is "win a boss fight" and I've won seven boss fights, not a single one has changed

mr mink

Game works like vr and very good for people who don't have vr lime me

Mary Claire

I like this game

rits saxena


Thushi Bru


trenten washburn

I love this

Vojin Tadic

Very good game you can even have mjolner as weapon you should ad an ending

Muhammad Bin Qasim

👍 👍 👍

Juan Hernandez


avrie clark


Teagan and Amanda Arrowwood

The best

Duri Dude

Smooth game,addict to play and cool animations

Ramlah Johar


Mr Justice Creature


Wesley Scott

Good way to get rage ouut🙃

Andliv Shukla

Very nice game

Jack Butler

GD GME M8 $$$

Gloria Olson

Nice Nice!!!!!!!

kapwm sgatr

Great game

Lovelie Aritus


Lisa S thai

Good time 🙂 the day of this email is strictly forbidden city of this communication in whole and I am not able dog is a big difference is strictly confidential the disclosure the child support order for 87

Ashlee Roberts

I saved my dog good choice and game

Carmen Ramirez

It's cool 😎 .

Darrell CH

Simple and fun gameplay. I dont care about the weird trying to save dog story when the game has good gameplay

May Miranda

this game is good and the dog is so cute! I love this game

Tarsh Dhanju


Silvija Esmerova

Good game

Ma'son Moses

It's so fun


Absolutely amazing! Great job fellas!

Matezja Ransome

Its a fun game

Raziq Alvaro

This is is lite beacuse they are gun and knife and can help

jus randy

Very easy and immersive game


The game is good



Syazwan Wan


Jenny Artem

Realistic game

Andina Martha

Saya Suka sekaliiiiiiiii game ini wkwkwkwk

Noor Azmie Yahaya

Love dog

Hudson Vivil

Video game

Gaming With Jayden

Good game

Ester Celi

I got THORS HAMMER And i like your game so so much

Shashi Pandey

The best game everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Suyati Bibik

This game is too easy

Aye Khaing

Cool game

steve huckabee

Cool game. Awesome job

Kacie Braunton

This game is amazing just Amazing the dog made me super happy

rashed rashed

It is a fun game

Rafkat Khan

Yea I think I will get it in 10/100

Kingston Meats

Cute dog Make pug to plz

Violet Lennon


insertmynamehere yes

its pretty good, especially if you have nothing to do or you're bored

Keyona Khongji

So good

Aza Rozabar


Myrna Cerezo

Genuinely good!

Madre Cousins

Love it

Renzo Tesser

Game is very fun!!! Not to many ads, it doesn't do the controls for you, and the parkour is anazing!!!

Ryan Barnes

Pretty fun game

Kerry Clingham

So cool i can play all day :) :)

Lora Was here

It fun and cool

Vihaan Goyal

Why to not give it 5 star fight in a satisfying way and i am also playing this game from 3 years and i loved it

Samir Young

This is fun

Indu makhija dhingra

Good gameplay, bad story. It would be better if the enemies were storming the city and you were countering them. And also, I want this game to be played in landscape mode.

Rauwolf Joshua Pamaran

i like it

Ronica 101

I couldn't even get the game

Sadik Mustafa

Very nice game, but the ads are too many and annoying

Tucker Counts

It is a bad game the controls are akward af and the camera is bad it is hard to move and hit the bad guys

Hamzah Khan


Branden Gaut

Pretty good game

Christopher Chambers

Nice game

Izzy Tobias

This is so good i like the concept 😍

Graham Okundaye


Sue Robinson

Stupid game! You can't control her movements very well and when you shoot at the bad guys the aim is lousy so they kill you even tho you are shooting at them. Then you shoot at the bonus but you don't have enough bullets so you have to watch an ad to get 2 bullets, then watch another ad to get 2 more. Stupid game! Uninstalling.

Jaden Pangue

Pretty good

Jonathan Au

This game is loads of fun and it's quite easy

Marilou Pepito

I find this awesome I love it

Farhan Fahim

Htay eghrg

the diamond Wolfboy


Aung Thu


Eva Bailey

T .

Shamir Ford

Good game but the ads are the annoying ones but i still like the game and pls make a free play mode

Dee Paige