Sky Combat: war planes online simulator PVP

Author: Azur Interactive Games Limited

5,000,000+ install


Sky Combat — air force game with epic PvP dogfight.
Fly modern jet planes, destroy dangerous enemies and get the adrenaline rush you crave!! Immerse yourself in this war plane game and become the flying ace!

Why you’ll love Sky Combat:
Fly your own warplane and feel the power of your military might!

Fly and fight against real players. Destroy your opponents 5v5!

PC-level graphics with such crisp detail you’ll feel like a pilot of a real jet plane!

More than 15 unique jet planes all with real prototypes!

Equip your jet with the latest gear! Choose weapons and equipment to get even stronger! Build your own one-of-a-kind jet!

Big spaces for flight and lots of battle locations, each with its own unique atmosphere and different times of day!

For 5v5 games lovers. It takes real teamwork to repel an air attack!

A real airplane simulator! See what flying a jet is really like!

Download Sky Combat for FREE now and spread your war wings!


Detailed info

File size: 52M
Update time: July 1, 2021
Current version: 8.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Azur Interactive Games Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sujata Das

best game but we can't invite our friends I like this game

UnForgiven HOUSTON

GREAT 👍🏿 GAME!!! US Air Force Vet.

Lion Pandit


Sonia Debique



Great game

Kaden Smith

I like it

Owais Khan


Oscar Adame

I like Jets.

chitrasen patel


jc fajardo

Nothing new pls add wind effect for jet

Yadesh Boss

Awesome game 🎮🎮🎮

reza akbarzadeg

hard tu use

putra 666

Buggy and garbage lmao.

Marufa Ikram

The game is over 😺

Mr X2

the premises is good unfortunately the game got horrifically bad performance,my phone by no mean top of the line but considering the graphics it should run pretty well, unfortunately the lag spike is unbearable and if you got dc you can't play the game since you can't progress hope the dev can and will optimize the game,again it's not a bad game the only problem i got is the lag spike every battle it's a shame if this game crash and burn into the ground

Aditya patel

I like this gooooooooooooooooood

Ken Phillip

So cool

kermit dillon


Karl Jerick Agroda

It's been two years since the last update the game is a little bit boring now there's no more planes to unlock and it's laggy on low end divices when are you planning to update this game?

H Hong

Robbed of Upgrades. Watching videos don't get credited to your account so you can't upgrade your planes.

Frank Kiri

Wow.. This is exactly how i wanted a fight game to be like..

Austin Gamble


VD Hacks

Best game best graphics

Md zeeshan Ali

Good graphic designer


Love this game


Experience in this game high graphics

Abhinav Kumawat

Bhut ghatiya

Jennifer Pinnell

Great game

James Walterhouse

While the flight mechanics are real enough the game doesn't have a good match-making algorithm so low level players will be fighting against top level players. Also the costs of equipment are steep and daily challenges aren't able to be done by everyone so unless you wanna spend months just getting the best stuff or spend over $1,000 to get it don't waste your time with this garbage.

Kafi Sumon


Sitaljit Singha

I love this game


মাদার চোখ

Mitchell Hudson

Game is fun but very glitchy and the turrets that shoot missiles do WAY to much damage.

in Death is Death

make the joypad support for god sake

cool jaguar

Very good game

prince jhariya

Good game 🎮


I haven't tried this game but I am giving this game 5star✨🤣

Kevin Weston

Looks fabulous really

Kamran Ahmed

Bismillah, Assalamualaikum everyone,this game is quite simple and well made and well designed with simple concept and it is not that hard to play too you can enjoy playing this game with your friends too😁.

Ramchandra Giri

good not bad

najib wedus


John Castle

Good 👍 game.

Rome The Gamer

Pretty good game. DO NOT INSTALL IF YOU ABSOLUTELY HATE PAY TO WINS. That's all I'm going to say.

Punish Sharma

It is a very good game but there is some problem in the beginning, then all the controls and games are understood.

Vong Kea

I like this game


No updates for a while but very stable game

Sreyas Narain

This game feeling is very realistic

Abhinav Jaiswal

Every time i open the game it says "error please check your internet connection " i can use YouTube, play other games but whenever i open sky combact app it says check internet connection .please help

supun liyanage


Moae Moae

best fighter jet game in google apps

Birendra Prasad

Not able to open from 5 days. Huhhhh....

Marco Castellanos


Azmie Nuur

Borring No new maps, no update, to many Hack unlimited ammo..

Sai Bhalke




Arnov Raj



Its cool the graphics is cool and the shooting is satisfiying

Ben Roberts

Reward ads cannot be muted, and reward currency is not always given after watching ads. The game is good otherwise.

Christien Angeles

Why I can't play this game my WiFi is good condition but I open the game unable to connect.please check internet connection

Alif Syazwan

This game is awesome.What if you add fighter jet and maybe having a high quality graphics to. I really want to see this game having some features.Hope this game will be evol too.

aliyan butt


Vaibhav Sharma

Totally waste ,.........

Rheinheart Mambusao

Its pretty realistic the planes are so good looking...

Mofox Biofox

Decent flies

Raju Yadau


Raja Alif firdaus

wow, this game is very fun and this game is my first time playing this game, I think it's the best even though I'm still a bit of a noob

subprro legend

Its great but it's like the background is the same as sky warriors

Deviant Purv

*** Overall its an earth-based fly&shoot @3stars but it loads fast. - game physics = good. (Bad part)- you cant move ordinance between weapon slots or between planes. Everything in you buy for each missle bay is for that slot ONLY. Duplicate missles for the same slot just wastes your money&gold. There are only 4-5 maps to play in 2modes: You vs. Everyone else & Teams. It takes several months to reach lvl 30 & 40 as the EXP isnt more than100-200/match. Bon Chance!

Emmanuel Gruenbergjr


gavriel k

Amazing game

Sumaira Farrukh


MD Sagor

So much bad


Super game

Sohib Saifi


Nick Pinkerton

Interesting game. Unfortunately the controls are terrible and half of the buttons overlap on the Zfold4. The flare and free look button are in the exact same spot and you can only press one of them, whichever is behind is unfortunately unable to be used. In my case I couldn't use flares at all. I would also add a way to remove auto aim from the controls as it makes the controls feel awful and sticky.

Anthony Rider

Fun and addicting and very realistic! Prices are pretty high tho...I wished they cut the prices way down.. $100+ for fighter jet and you still have to purchase and update missiles, gun and the plane which also cost either a lot of time or a lot of money too

jason mcmahon

It's a fun waste of time. They make it completely impossible to get new planes without having to spend actual money. Even at level 25 and I'm still flying the same plane I got several levels below because I need 7000! gold tokens to get a new plane. Battles end prematurely even with 30-40 seconds left. Planes freeze in midair. Graphics are okay. Controls are okay. The few different maps are now getting old. A variety of different landscapes would be nice.

Hazwan Utama

Best because it was a video chess and checkers game.Thanks.

Bruce Budnik

I love it so much and it's so fun I can even do it again and again

liam catfish

It is a good game but thier are many pay to win options but the pay to win options aren't op and if you are more skilled than them you can beat them.

hasan kamali

Hi it's very good gem 🌹❤️👍👍👍

Fiaz Ahmed

I love this game

Muhammad Adam

FOR THE SAKE OF THE WORLD. PLEASE HEAR ME OUT.It was all fun and game until the day I need to uninstall it. Reinstalled it back now and guess what... freaking (can't say the word lol) annoyed af. It always says "cannot connect to network" stuff but ya know what? My internet was good 'nough to download this game just less than five minute. WUT is this.


Superb game

ابوالفضل رنگ ساز


Nizar Regeragi

WOW this game is legend of all airplane games download it you won't regret

Vishal Hande

Super 🔥🔥🔥

roblox ali mohammed

Vert successful game

John Wilson

Fun game

Albert Alvarez

One of the best game



Ryan Cole


Axey Suba

G Good

Ramos Jake

Its so great game

Gaming Time

Hello azur, this game so awesome because the graphic so beautiful and realistic!!! I hope you add new patch update and make this game still online. i hope you not delete this game on playstore/appstore!!! Please azur i really hope this game alive again!!! Please Read My Reviews!!!

Luqman Azeem

Endless series of UI clicks.

Matyas Stankovics

The best warplane game I have played

Aditya Kumar

Best game

sunil bhat

Badest game in the universe

Usha Sathish

I love it the best game on the universe