Site Takeover


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Site Takeover – Move your brain, dispatch soldiers to hit forces to crush enemies

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File size: 76M
Update time: August 13, 2021
Current version: 0.1.1
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Dawn Sinclair

This game no longer loads past 10%

Richard Reddinger


Kyle Mason

Game keeps crashing, dnt even waste your time


App crash on 47 level

Nafeesa Ali

Doesn't even let me play anore got to level 200 stopped letting me play even tried reinstalling it still not working

Amanda Hargreaves

It's a really good game but since the last update it constantly reboots when you try to watch an ad an it's driving me nuts Now won't do anything but re boots 😭

Victor Martinez

Fun game but has something wrong with it the men can get a place but doesn't count the men

Philosopher of Wisdom

Not even loaded ever. Always crashed

shwe koko

good game

Bruce Thacker

I have put money into this game now for the last few weeks im playing the same levels each night and now won't load up lol

Mohsen A


Himanshu Tiwari


Andrew Hopkinson

New levels


The most disgusting tower game - advantage given to opponents only . And it's taking ages to get linked up even when tried the best ways

Nicholas Chaffee

Game unplayable due to ads...

A. Nonymous

Crashes and never loads.

Bablu Bhai


Nam Nguyen


Steve Rebel

Waste of time, keeps crashing

Patrick Stover

It's a good way to kill some time.

al hammel

I did love it. I paid for add free a few weeks ago made it even better. I was on level 450 something today. In middle of game it completely reset back to tutorial and put adds back on. Fixing this would be nice or rfundmy money.

Vinay Krishna DM


Gadeon T.

This game is an all-around great, fun, addictive and satisfying game to play not just to pass the time but at any time.

Matthew Spirko

Gets to a point where almost impossible to win, waste time or money to update

Ben Miller

It forces you to watch ads to keep going after a while if you want to win.

Jeff Robertson

I just started but im liking

Amanda Culver

Don't waste you time! On most levels you start at the underdog with no chance of winning. This game is purposely designed so you can only win by watching ads to increase your troops or buffs. Strategy barely counts. You CANNOT increase your troops if you don't win. If you do not want to have to watch a bunch of ads or spend money, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME.

Jeffrey Baker

As soon as you finish the tutorial you get hit with TONS of ads. What a waste of time

Kristy Cline

The game won't load. I'm very unhappy about that.

mclobster 479

Is there some way u can add more levels and not leave the last level on the same level

Steve Stoddard

Fun and easy to learn.

Dreg -

So far so good. Lower levels are straight forward. I'm looking ahead to see what the upper levels are like.

Jacob Miller


Joselin Diaz-Abreu


James T

Very good game, but cant play without internet

Cathy Vickers

Glitch prone! The freeze function doesn't work, & towers continue to send two & even three columns of troops after being reduced to one dot. Uninstalled!

Jesus M Perez

😍😍😍😍😛😛😛😍😍 Site Takeover

Jackie Brown

I'm a fan 🤣👊👊🖐️🖐️🤟🤟👍👍

Daniel Smiley

Fun at first. Then becomes impossible to play unless you spend money of course

Duncreas Duncan


robert mg

Keeps on restarting what's the point for downloading

tracy james

stupid game

Angutilluarsuk Danielsen Suersaq

Pure impossible after level 25

Sameer Khan

They just want you to keep watching ads in order to win the game.

Douglas Gorley

This is a sweet tower game.

john Wilkinson

Do not get this game. If you pay and anything goes wrong you cannot contact the designers. Tried sending emails through here and can't be delivered. Even tried through their website and same thing.

Patrick Largey

This game has reset my level at least four times now. And taken away the no ads that I had purchased. Each time I have had to uninstall and reinstall the game. These issues are becoming ridiculous. I was enjoying playing the game, but not if I'm going to keep losing everything I keep working for.

James Ceria

It crashes without internet you cannot win without watching their ads im glad i watched 1 of their ads i found the same game now im uninstalling this one

Steven Jennings

Could be fun, but forced to watch 3-4 ads in between levels sucks all the fun out.

Yezaw Yezaw


Raniel Bajar

I hate this game forever 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠 cause it is trash 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😡😠😡😡😠😡😠😡😠😠😡😠😡😠😡😡😠😡😠😡😠

Steven Marble


Larry Chambers

Great idea. Not original. Often crashes when starting without internet or when giving in-game negative reviews. To avoid ads, turn off internet AFTER starting. Sometimes several attempts are necessary to make/break tower connections. Sometimes the wrong tower connection breaks. Very high annoyance factor.

bob hunter

Game is a ad farm. Can't go 30s without seeing a unskippable ad. Game refuses to open without internet. Don't play

Mustafa Subhany

Is a good game

Azizuan Aziz

Almost impossible to win unless you watch ad and use double speed. Numbers from enemy side doesn't makes any sense, you can't win no matter how much you upgrade

James Reeves

Okay I've had this game on my phone for quite a while now and I've been able to play up until I got to level 75 and then the game crashed on me now everytime I open the game it will load and then shut down or restart or quit completely and quite frankly its beginning to piss me off. Please fix this!

Abid Sajjan

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Myron Spurlock

Garbage compared to the exact same games on the market. It's not fun or cool to be the underdog every level and have zero way of actually winning other than ads. This is what happens when idiots get to make games

Red Dalek

Gr8 fun try it!

Dez Deslongchamps

In game ads won't load but when you hit no thanks you have to watch a ad. Fix it .

kyaw pyaw win

The game is not good to play

Levi Carney

Intrusive ads, don't install.

Anatole Pali

Don't even think about buying no adds pack. They scam you and give 10 adds skip only without any warning in advance. After that you will still get bombarded with watch add offers

Trevor Kenneally

Ebullient game more please

Владимир Ростов

Концепция интересная. Давно что-то новое ищу по TD. За это вам 2 звезды. Но вот принудительная реклама бесит.

Meera Devi

Meera Dive

jim witte

Love the basic premise: tower take over game plus minions levels. Love that part. BUT there are sooo many ads. I spend more time watching ads than playing--like twice as much. Maybe I will reinstall in the future.

santosh.kumar ganapuram

GoodN good

Bhavna Bundela

Waste app, crash every time you open 🥲

Nicholas Walper

Great game just wish there were more levels I've been on level 450 for a couple days now and I just keep leveling up my troops. It was a very challenging battle the entire time though.

rita abbas

I love the game but there are so many bugs in it, it restart from level 1 itself; i choose new outfit from shop but all time same outfit the old one in the game and cannot play offline



Erdenebileg Chinbileg


john eric Mcbee


Jon the suzor effect Suzor

I honestly can't give a review haven't got to play yet downloaded it today tried to play the first level screen started flashing

Mr joker shorts

Game crashed. Now only i have downloaded. Still i didn't palyed single level .

mark palmar

I have played games likewise before but this one was a bit different and I Really appreciated the feel of the game

Green Angel

Could be better with fewer ads, but not unplayable.

Edward Goff

The game is good and I really do like this kind of game but after level 10 forcing me to have an ad for every level not so much. I don't mind having ads to help developers but when the ads become more than the game play is it's too much.


It doesn't not let you do anything in the game, other than playing the game. Allow me to explain. It didn't even allow me to turn off or mute the sounds. Play a level, then strictly go to next level. Thankfully, it did let me uninstall it. As another reviewer pointed out, you really should change your name to YOUSUCK games.

Chris Jackson

Love it

Daniel Grossnickle

Easy and relaxing

Christopher Martinez

Fun and addictive

Lionel Sullivan

Very good

Patrick Downey


Robin Parlow

I like the game but I have gotten to level 450 I assume there is no more levels gotten all the clothes and the scenery beside the Borg make it look like there should be more but it doesn't look like anywhere to get more things or to get more levels so I guess I'm done

Josh Brumley

It's a good game I like it

Gautam Kurmi


Jürgen Henze

Always crashes when offline and sometimes even when online.

Chris Ferguson

Great addition to the tower takeover genre. The ability to upgrade the types of towers power makes for a more enjoyable playstyle.

Ben Reckless

The game is designed so you have a little bit of good game play and then have to watch a tonne of 30 second videos to level up to get through certain levels. It ruins the whole game

Miles Carpenter

This game would be okay if you didn't have to set it up where you have to watch commercials just to get ahead game is rigged to watch commercials so the maker can become rich overnight!


That's a fun game with a decent challenge from the AI I would suggest implementing a coin system of some sort that would allow the player to use some of the power-ups at their will or to pick a specific power up I can't tell you how many times I picked the power up and it was just giving me multiple 10x coins in the same match(which doesn't stack) I'm watching ads in hopes of gaining a advantage not broken gameplay mechanics and If that's too much dumb down the AI

Dana Tower

They seriously need to allow for actual negative feedback. Because in situations like this, it gives a false sense of "maybe it isnt that bad" this is the ONLY game of this genre that requires internet. So they can continue to ram advertisements down your throat. Change your company name to youSuck. It is far more fitting......

Jerry Estrella

Was a cool game....but stuck playing the same level over and over.........Ill uninstall till they load something new.

Wolff Man

This game has way too many ads that advertise other games that are basically knockoffs of a game similar to the others. There are some options that do not do anything at all and the double speed option makes you watch an ad for the game to still over power the player regardless. It's garbage and I've wasted too much of my time on this. Deleting it now.

Deane Stratford

Troop sending is broken every 3rd troop the player sends does no damage to the enemy towers

Lee Larry

It it tells you to play an ad to get a bonus feature in the game and you play the ad and watch the advertisement and nothing happens game is very glitchy it was better than some of the other ones but I'm I'm downloading it now

Samir Rysha

I love it