Single City: Life Metaverse

Author: A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd.

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Welcome to Single City, a unique strategy march game, where metaverse FAME is the ultimate goal!

Flirt, flex, and flaunt your way through encounters in the big city. Collab with your network to cause drama for your rivals as you compete for followers. More friends and followers means more clout, which means more influence to link with the love of your life!

★ CHOOSE your avatar to best match your style and persona. Be YOU or someone NEW!
★ EXPLORE the trendiest city location in our new tutorial with hilarious characters and storylines!
★ DISCOVER a prime real estate location then move and build on it later – just travel there before the competition!
★ BECOME leaderboard famous as a Hype House Leader by gaining influence and followers
★ HELP stylish Guardians and sexy Roomies via the new Stories feature to gain trendy furniture for their room design! Can’t be a content creator without a little drip
★ RENOVATE, decorate then rent out each room to unlock new roommates! Create the ultimate high key, high fashion Hype House!
★ DESIGN your luxury dream home in the city or move to the coast and live in a brand new beach house – influence in style!
★ MEET Friends in realtime and form a metaverse relationship. Start a Crew then stir up drama – sip or spill the influencer tea while you bond via live chat!
★ LOVE or a hook up could be just around the city block! FREE virtual dating means unlimited romance stories – so get ready to link in this love life simulator! You could stay single but who knows…your next date could be The One in real life
★ SHOP in the new Store for exclusive interactive goodies and to choose hot offers!
★ SHARE your experience with us on our Discord and reach out to our support anytime by checking the in-game Phone settings for the Help option!

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Update time: Jul 1, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Michael Lucas

Been having a lot of fun playing this so far! I like all the furniture options and roomies! I just need to make more friends . . . :(

Love this game!

Eric Warsaba

Wow amazing, so cool

Andrew Delos Reyes

Nice relaxing game. Not overly pressured to progress extremely fast and definitely not p2w

Sarah Smith

Cute game, nice art, fun way to spend some time

Z Legend

Beautiful art and game characters! Fun to play and make friends

James Orenzo

super fun game so far!

Amanda Chellew

Surprisingly addictive, and super slick!

Kamil Zawadzki

It is a fun game, overly complicated tho but because it is new and I like the concept, I still give it 5*

Tim Hultgren

Gets repetetive from day 1 amd boring tasks, everything is the same

Sarah Stewart

Absolutely Amazing this game! Love the fact you can chat and make new friends. Simulation games are my favorite, this is wonderful!

Jill Larue

It's a cute game, I feel like I've kinda plateau'd tho currently and it's been moving pretty slow unless of course I were to spend some money.

Ollie Boisvert

Makes my phone completely restart

Troy Freng

Games fun at first. Then kinda fizzles out. It's hard to understand somethings as there isn't much online or about how to uprade/ levels and stuff. Over all its just collecting. Fun graphics.

Shaney Coutts

Fun and engaging game

Laura Lindborg

reminds me a of The Sims which is cool and i like the room mates and stories and furniture ☺️


Although there is some bugs and some adjustments that need to be made, it's a fun way to pass the time. I'm excited to see how the story progresses and the new content that will come. I think the tutorial should be extended or a FAQ section on the phone, most people who are just starting have the same questions. The community is mostly friendly and willing to help though. 5 stars, keep up the good work 😎👍

N_2045 Z

this game is soooo much fun

Jean-francois Lafleur

Fix the god damm game I'm stuck on mission won't me playing

Lilly Hines

Its a good game I really like It there's a few bugs so imma give It a four great time though!

Jennifer Rose

It was fun at first. But there isn't really a tutorial. So I have no idea how to gain influence. Or half the other things I need to do in order to be "good" at this game. There isn't even a website that explains how to play and what to do. All you say is that we have to gain fame. Ok. Fine. But how and why? 🙄 Ok, we can keep doing the things in order the guide character tells us, but we all knows that is only good for basics 🙄 It would have been WAY better if we knew what we were doing.

Kayla Y

Boring with a confusing layout. The city chat is primarily people asking how to do things and frankly I don't know how to answer.

Against_All_Ruin STUDIOS

Terrible... Forced reset the device... SCAM