Simplest RPG Game – Text Adventure

Author: CodeJungle

100,000+ install
Role Playing


Enjoy Simplest RPG climate, defeat monsters, upgrade your equipment and have fun!
⚔️ Free-to-play friendly, all players can obtain the best gear with earned in-game gold
⚔️ Fight dozens of different monsters!
⚔️ Explore the ruins to find gold and magic items, but be careful! Evil lurks among the rocks
⚔️ Blacksmith upgrade your gear up to +100 to get even more powerful.
⚔️ Shaman will heal you from the most severe wounds
⚔️ Polished item graphics
⚔️ Simple text RPG adventure story
⚔️ Looks great on low-end and high-end devices
⚔️ Defeat monsters, collect gold, buy items and upgrade your gear!
⚔️ You don’t need internet to play! You can play offline
⚔️ The game is free of ads. You won’t find any advertisments in it.
⚔️ Play and collect the rarest items into your backpack!
Unlock all achievements
Compete with friends in 3 categories: highest level, largest number of fights and largest number of discovered ruins. Leaderboards are available in the information tab.

Please, enjoy it and have fun!
If you have any advice to improve our games, feel free and let us know.
It would be very appreciated.
Also, if there are bugs, let us know. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.


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❇️ Complete quests to progress the RPG-style story.

Online version (COMING SOON)
❇️ Fight with other players, spend hours chatting, trade your swords, shields, helmets, armors, gloves, legs, boots and other items!

️ Guilds (COMING SOON)
❇️ Create a clan with your friends. Fight against others!

Detailed info

File size: 28M
Update time: July 17, 2021
Current version: 2.1.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: CodeJungle
Price: Free
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Customer review


To simple.

Simon Keating

Wow, that was terrible. There is one 'quest' and to complete it you press one button. And when I say 'Quest' I actually mean a sentence.... 'Enter the ruins'. 'Simplest' is an understatement. You can fight any monsters but just pressing the monsters name and it will just say who won. Thrilling stuff.

Jerry David

O will supprt you until it was good 😊

Garrett Logue

Decent time sink. I just recently had a problem with item disappearing. I'm not sure what happened but I had to buy a set of items over again and lost a bunch of investment. Also the quest feature it glitched. I can't progress past the spider quest.

White Mage

I love the game,only thing is i love seeing the monster images too, big deal for am rpg,doesn't matter how they look, just something.

Ray Matthew Bellen

A very interesting take on text based RPG. PROS: simple as stated in it's name, easy to understand & play, retro design with colorful GUI, balanced in grinding to progression ratio. CONS: it's so simple that it felt lacking in content. Overall I did like & enjoy playing the game with no issues on my device. My suggestion are to add more visuals like the enemies & add some campaign with in-depth story to make an immersive experience. Highly recommended to play for those who like text RPG.


An okay game. There's optional "vip" that needs to be purchased. Gets boring after a bit, but its kinda well made

Dario Robinson

Good game


Love this game! Great way to kill time at work when I don't have internet.

Joseph Ward

Cool fun little rpg quite simple and enjoyable

Jesseca Ferreri

Amazing no adds and not to hard this is the best game ever

Noriel Cezar

It got some cool Improvements, 😁🇵🇭 well done, still there's a lot room for improvements, customizable UI, pets, sprites, sound effects, Farm etch, customizable weapon, crafting etch 🤣


Love the game keep up the work love that it's in the name simple I have told other friends that are annoyed of the hardcore rpg or that other RPGs that are to hard to get used to so thanks for making something on the go

Drake Wehmeyer

Best simple rpg I've ever played

Chester Lotter

Cool very good must get now

Christopher Lopez Hernandez

Memories of PC games when I was a little boy. This is awesome! Thanks

Father Vanperhouer

Please bring back the old music:(

super. tv101

I hate this game! Whose idea was it to add here that when the item is IMPROVED, there is a chance to break it.... how painful it is to pump the sword up to 99lvl AND BREAK IT

Samuel Tanenbaum

Entertaining game... Low rating is because I bought the king package, and thought it was a one time thing. They charge me every week, when I noticed I wanted to stop payment and can't. So I get charged a dollar a week for a game I don't play

Tanner H

The energy system is dumb and makes it worth an uninstall. A lack of potions is just lazy development.


Awesome concept, back to yesteryear Good job


It's a good game, although I can see where this game is headed to. It's pretty much the same typical idle game but with energy that is pretty unnecessary if you're making an rpg game. There's nothing much to do aside killing, upgrading, and doing some quest (which is unnecessary and a waste of energy) which a typical Idle game would be. I hope you could make a better yet, actual better game the next time you make one again. And so, I wonder when I'll find a better game..


I love this game it is soo simple but soo fun at the same time, i love it😁


Very fun

Regan Gillan

Great game to kill time but enjoyable aswell


A fun little way to waste some time but becomes boring quickly. The questing system and dungeon system are useless. Better off just killing monsters. Also the equipment is annoying to upgrade and favors ripping you off the higher you upgrade the items.

D.A.I yt

This game throughout my journey has been a wonderful time, with its greatness in simplest form you could play with any device and with its straightforward game play it can be easy to progress quickly, the plaghtou is only when you decide to quit the game.


Fun game, fits it's title

swifty nifty

The game is amazing and there is no ads. Also it is just a very simple game


Twohundredfiftylevel fighting the Stone Galum fourhundredfiftylevel I got a message that reads "imposible!" I have a million hp defender of twomillion atacar at onemillion I get sloterd by skelitons in a quest J Shaman Heals You to full hp I twist the mecheen and improve exp to nonillions. I feel scarry&simple.


No adds and its super fun

Enter5MyCreations3 Baculi

I would suggest adding modding to the game so not all the time it's just rats and other mythical creatures. Like for example look at rusted warfare modding, you can make any unit/mod you want by just using a simple language like [core] maxHp: 5000 Shield: 4.2 [attack] Dmg: 4-6 Somthing like that.. Also the gameplay is Ok 👌👌 Really good unlike those other games that have 400MB that's really makes my tavlet really laggy And by inputting you mods into the game There's a button called mods.

Denner Santos

it does what it says and I like it

Alfie Yorke

nice simple game really easy to understand and get into

i lost custody of the mustard

Yellow imposter among us suspicious


Bug: Priest Gloves (Level 555) turns into Priest Gloves (Level 15) upon purchase, making them virtually unusable.

John Beaton

Enjoyable idle game


No need to flash screens for automated fights.

Michael Burk

Great game, lotsa fun. It would be awesome if you could add a global scoreboard or some more competitive aspects though. Ima buy the king thing later, might as well since I leave this running while at work.

Lennard Brandkamp

Basic grinder. That's what this is. Fight mobs, buy equipment, upgrade it through die rolls. That's what this game is. Graphics and sound : None. Menu based game without sound. Story, role playing : None. There is not any sort of story. It's just clicking buttons in a menu. Not a game for me. You may enjoy.

Tygami Paper Art

I love this game!!!

Carl Antuar

Simple but functional, and without ads.

Mavortis Ceasar

OH MY GOD! This game isn't finished! Don't get me wrong. You have an absolutely dynamite beginning here. You don't put the screws to anyone upon failure. You can recover from death and you can recover from crafting failures. Combat calculations seem to work with the equipment ratings. But there is nothing to do; no adventure or exploration. In this first installment you could put a procedurally randomized 25 room (5x5) mini-maze dungeon and wait for the pre-order money to come in for upgrades.

Yudish Tupsy


Mike McLean

Just another unbalanced idle game. Not quite a clicker, but still has the same trappings. Takes 150 of your 500 energy just to run a quest where you have the smallest of chances to receive the VERY specific item you require to complete the quest, and that isn't even taking into consideration the amount of energy you'll expend killing the required enemies for absolutely zero gold and/or loot. There is zero adventure to be found here, no RPG mechanics other than RNG for gear upgrades, and as someone who remembers actual good text based RPG's this game left a bad taste in my mouth. The only reason why I'm not giving it one star is it doesn't have the annoying ads that most idle games like this have. And no, developer-bot, I will not join your Discord, and based off my experience here, I'm not interested in your other apps either.


This game is amazing I love it soo and the afk grinding is soo satisfying when I come back yaay I hope for cool personalization update soon


Extremely simple yet fun.

jared homes

Not very fun

Clifford Lee

Really awesome interface, auto-fight works well too. Hopefully you can incorporate Guilds & PvP in the further future, but for the near future server chat would do fine :3

kokk kai


High Tide

Cool game!

Carl Walk

TLDR: it's a fun, simple, text rpg. I just don't care for gear breaking. The good: plays well, autobattle monsters is nice, neat aesthetic, and the grind ain't too bad. The meh: dying randomly going into the ruins. It's whatever, and the base energy cooldown means paying the hundred energy to revive don't take much. The "bad" (imo): gear breaking while smithing. It just ain't a game mechanic I enjoy.


I love this games I really love it is one of my favourite games and is a great time killer pls if you see this download this game

Jay Goodwin

Fun game. Great for getting ready for bed. Good time passer

e c c h


Davie Payne

This game is one of the most interesting and fun games I've ever played


Well, as described.. simple. Too simple, may I add. There is not much to do aside from autofight mobs, buy new equip, level it and repeat. Aside from that, pay2progress is increasing your exp gain by x4, but for only 1€ a week can't complain (10€ lifetime). Overall, you can achieve everything f2p fairly easily, it will just take a while. But it really lacks some sort of gameplay.

John McGimp

This isn't an RPG. Its an idle clicker. And not a very good one

Kshitij Sarawagi

Just like the name suggest. A very simple and good game.

Mad SN

Siep 👍

Aiden Smitherman


Lola Evans

It is an amazing game. The only reason it doesn't get a full 5 is because of the 2nd quest. I have the sword and the right number of kills. But it still says that I'm missing the sword and won't let me pass.

Adam Miller


Stevenium Essence

Hey, this is awesome! You really are a good developer. The game is so smooth and cool. The only problem I noticed is that the audio system of this game is so low. Please make it more louder. My suggestion is to add some "sound effects" while playing like a "metal sound if blacksmith upgrades my gear" or "hearing a lion roars if I clicked it."


If there is one thing for sure, is that people hate failure. Investing a lot of gold and having blacksmith broken an equipment AFTER PAYING for King status, waiting for energy to recharge only to die to damn skeletons. 1 star.

George Woodall

Very repetitive

Josh Combs

Not bad time waster, I just don't recommend doing quests and just stick to leveling up through fighting monsters. Quests will require something like a Copper Shield at level +85 but if it happens to be +86 then you need to buy a new Copper Shield and start leveling it up again to get it to exactly +85. Besides quest aren't real anyway so just level up defeating monsters.

Carmen Mayfield

Incredibly difficult to progress but equally fun.


One of my favorite games and no ads!

Andrew Martin

Ultimately I found it a bit boring, but it is exactly what it's advertised as: the simplest RPG. Maybe overly so.


Love it

Lunar for a lifetime

Absolutely love it bro 😻 it's really fun and keeps me occupied 👍 plus it's addictive and a good time killer ✨✨✨

shawn zelantini

10/10 really good game fun and simple you can play on the go.

really unknown


Ethan Culver

Its like how do you say 4⁴⁴31½²¹is q1¹⅓@a ş⁵+q 332-6711 we¹²1st⅓3⁴


Good game, however there is a glitch with the shaman were if you are low on energy you can heal for all of your hp, love this game aswell!

Jack Bonar

A fun AFK style RPG that is way too addictive and a serious threat to your spare time, maybe even time that isn't spare but you end up playing it anyway at the risk of getting caught and getting yelled at at work or at home. Download and play at your own risk!

Drip Titan

TIP - To get strong dont buy armor and anything just the ring and upgrade them to there potential and also exit when theres that break thingy so it wont break So follow my words and you will be rich

Skully Kiwi

(5th time wrote this review) Break my equipment for quest at +97 (quest need +98).. yeah sucks!

Eunae Kim

This proves that a game does not have to have fancy graphics to be fun!

Camila Rojas

Pretty cool

alex ince

Would love little small Easter eggs game is great

Talor Conway

Needs to be some way of keeping track of your quest while battling monsters. Only complaint otherwise awesome game



Tyler Maddick

!!Please dev read this!! It is amazing if you want a simple game to pass the time I highly recommend I hope this game gets more updates Side note developer if you read this please add classes

Gérson Henzel

Too slow, but fun

Gamer Tronky

Okay game


Gets grindy and boring, but I think thats the point. Nothing revolutionary here

taylor marie hayton

It's a good game, i disagree with the level scaling stuff But i do think the weapon upgrade could use some improvements I think it should be made slower and the bar for saving should be in the middle permently Also i think you should be able to have broken stuff repaired by the blacksmith

Badaloo Justin

This is is so good very good

Frank Wozniak

Very simply yet fun to play.

الجلاد zoro

Very Fun game but kinda goes repetitive, also I really want you to add photos for monsters in the game also add online

Average Ant


Lauren Sitjar

Great game


gam gud

Skorca illy

Was good until I found out that king wasn't a progression it was a pay to get... thats the lamest use of king I ever seen it completely killed the vibe of the game...

Ethan Wood

Fun game. Good music

Minku Sahu


Kraven 7

I'd say this is a really good game for something to pass the time but the wait is kinda long imo.

Kashti Grimm

Dev is still learning so I'll be nice