In the ancient times when story happened, when people began to build cities, The earliest human ancient civilizations was born. You will play a ruler, the small village will be bloomed into an empires.
Civilization included Egypt, Persia, Greece, China, in the game, you will appreciate the exotic scenery, building cities, production resources, scientific research, training troops, and even the construction of the wonders of the world.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 7, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: TKG Technology Co., Ltd.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Fira rain

Its a good game for a android. Not like the other (would be) games normaly that are for android.

Mike Noland

Way to slow

Alyssa Clark

I tried to play and it was just a black screen.

Elise Elise

The game is just empty. It can't load on the screen and this app is an TOTAL waste for my tablet.

Ahineokwoj Ooleo

Literally p2w

Raw Pirata

How to unlock aztec

LaDrayous Johnson

I LOVE THIS GAME!!! But the magor problem it crash really bad. I play for 20 min tops before it turn black and can't see anything, or just start jumps before it crash, or just crash. Please check this out, please. Also, I have other tablets under the same name brand (Samsung) but the game will not come up on them and I also tried other tablets and the game is not found on its Google play unless u do a Google search, and those don't work at all, they want even install. Help please.

Jerri Page

Deleted account? I have been playing for a little while and all of a sudden both visitor and main games have not only been deleted but also deactivated? I tried uninstalling and re-installing again but it's not worked, which is a shame as I really enjoyed this game.

Joshua Johns

The game is captivating and fun...for a little while. But then it just gets downright annoying. As you progress further you have to keep building things like grain stalls, fish stalls, spice stalls, decorations, places of worship, repair center, etc, etc... that have a very limited area of coverage for your neighborhood. It's real aggravating that when you progress in the game you have to completely reconstruct the neighborhood you built because it won't grow any further without 1 of those thing


super boring from begin on

Margaret O'Brien

Love it

Logan Nathan

I bought the Egypt Civilization and the game crashes when at loading screen. This is disappointing. A refund will be great


Very interesting game !!!

A Paige Of A Shaolin monk

U have to pay for Egypt and china....enough said

Bryan Kaiser

More inclusive avatars


Thoroughly enjoyed this game. It reminded me of the old Pharoah game for pc. Unfortunately it's decided to stop working. I've reloaded the game twice and it just won't move past 95% loaded. Very disappointing considering I've spent money on this game. I feel ripped off.


Good game

Yustin Astriani

It's a nice Sim game, although I found its lack of something. No option for rotating the view of your city, the zoom in & zoom out option is not quite helping much also. Would be nice if in the future you guys can add the rotation option into the game and fixing the zooming quality.

sher sha

Original I gave 5 stars but now only 3 because I am unable to access my previous progress.

Brittaney Williams

It would be a lot of fun... if it would stop crashing. Got it to work for a little while, then hit level 6 and it crashed. Uninstalled the game, re-download it and it still will not work. Also, for anyone wondering, using a galaxy s10.

Keith Norton

It keeps messing up on me now and won't load at all and if I end up deleting it I will not be happy have days on here I don't want to lose and will never download it again

Achint Rai

Gg strategy city building game in which one can make its own army, but will take time

Mmd Silent




Ken Lynch

Good game so far however I seem to have ran into a bug where it ask for me to upgrade all residences to lvl 2 but I have one left. However it also informs me inhave no more room for immigrants. Yet one residence only has 2/5. So I'm basically stuck as far as progress. Shame really inwas enjoying the game.

Skyler C

Gameplay, graphics & the music were great. But only problem was, it will blackout while playing the game more than 30mins..

Llewelyn Stevenson

I am still playing, so decided to edit my review. I like the build simulation (built 8 cities) and that the conquest Sim is optional. There are bugs so patience is key. Biggest con to the game is the very limited giving and receiving of resources. This prevents a 5 star review. I think you will enjoy this game.

Sebastian Holyjester

Graphics and gameplay is good but monetization is awful. Instead of creating skins and other stuff for buildings and decorations, they just have a shop to literally buy resources with irl cash. And other bonuses that are unoptainable by playing, only by paying. Will not play again. I do not recommend this game, I do not support this monetization technique. Wasted talent.

Luis Fernando Rivera

Is bouring

Sid Spooky

I really enjoy this game, the first mobile game I actually think about spending time playing rather than just playing to kill time. I've only had one issue where I built a building using gems, had a connection error and came back with no building and missing the gems. It was the only issue though. Other than that, alot of fun. The game unlocking features and having to move buildings around and optimize everything I find enjoyable, having to think before you place makes things interesting!

Ze Ro

Same like all other similar game, boring

Dwayne Franklin, Sr

This game is a complete waste of time. If you're looking to be frustrated this game is definitely for you. Don't expect to get beyond level 6 and its full of glitches on top of that.

Bill Olah (Fatmob420time)


awang norisham

Story line is good. The game concept it good.. But you guys should improve the graphics.. Its old skool graphics.. U can do better..

Tabitha Gillmer

Can't visit or even figure out how to visit someone else's town or w.e.

Mike Hutch

Before now I would have rated it 5 stars. Been playing about 3 weeks and everything was great. The game was fun. Now I can't even access the game. It starts loading but won't let me get signed in.

Efriel Mark Montes

Cool game ❤️ just a little suggestion when sawmill cut down trees, I hope trees will surely cut down and it take time before it will grow again, and so with other resources to make it seems real. Thank you

Narongwut Naknakar

Economic deflation, You have to pay for some resources such as Gold.

Saima Alvi

i like it.. time spent nicely.. if you like to build then this game i recommend you surely like..

Milica Tomic

Keeps crashing non stop, I can't enter the game. Don't waste your time with this game

Brian Hill

I would give it a half star if I could, you guys are just about making money. Get to a certain point and then your stuck unless you pay into the game.


Way too long to get too little food. need to increase the level of food per time frame or reduce time frame or decrease food need by citizens. Or at very least have automatic harvesting. Normal people can't spend an hours waiting for food automatic collection would help collect. Also, maybe actually respond to comments

Veganella Pizzabella

Great & fun Civ game 🎯 I love the choice of 4 diff Great civs from the start (Egypt, China, Persia or Greece) instead of being forced to Europe like in RoC & FoE. Devs are Chinese, so the game is poorly translated to English :D Graphics, gameplay & city sounds copied from old civ games Pharaoh, Zeus & Emperor - which I like bc I miss those games. Tech Tree & premium currency copied from RoC but Tech Tree is backwards, Wheel unlocks Carpentry which unlocks Tools, should be other way around lol

Helen A. Cajigal


Sean O'Farrell

I don't play games that I have to pay money into

Ben Darian

How did you make this Game??? you even don't know, Abudollah is not Persian name.👎👎

Tanya Beck

Fun but broken

Glenn van Agt

Payment did not work. Please fix


This could be a great game. But it's so frustrating that you consistently don't have enough wood and clay to do anything, and there is no way to improve this in the game. (You can't buy more or make more.). You can't even collect all the taxes because you can't produce enough stock to keep people happy. Frustrating to the point of stopping play.

Dragonose 2017

Its okay a few problems but how do you delete a city to restart it

Denys Pasishnyi

A great game with many interesting details.

Miles Teg

These 1 star ratings seem DUMB if they're not part of a campaign by competitors to sink a fantastic new f2p game. Best classic Civilization-style game I've seen on mobile.

Wilhelm Vallentgoed

Excellent game so far If you liked Pharoah

Shuvam Chakravorty

Great effort. Good game logic but the logic fails at a place called transportation. Most things are frame limited which is the drawback.

Lord Phantom

Anyone else stuck at 236 people and don't know how to increase it since you can't get more immigrants


Excellent game

Jack Galvin

Crashed after chapter 5. Now can't access the game unless start a new save.

Daniel Crowley

Every time I try to load up the city the app closes itself

Aritra RoyChowdhury

Worst game ever!!! I will not recommend this game to anyone. After installing the game, it gets stucked in the loading screen.

Ilario Lee


andrew croswell

What a great game just love it

Jordan H

Sorry but this is a no go. I was having a great time playing it. But the game glitches when I got a text durring a save lost connection to the server and now won't load. It also won't let me start a new game or delete my current came sot start a new one. It's officially non playable. Even after Uninstaller and reinstalling it on my device.

Stephen Routley

Definitely one for large screens on tablets, as everything is too small on a phone screen. It was also a little unclear what was going on or what you should do next. The game looks nice though.

Jeep3r D

Disappointment. You advertise Egyptian civilization and yet it's hidden behind paywall...

alvise bernardi

Very cool game. It is a money grab but still fun

Crystal Clear

I love the art design but other things . . . I enjoy the look started with the task mode but had to reset the second time around l got stuck no enough people and no room to move on. Which stuck and like one of the review everything need "gold" which means you loose it fast ! I tried explore mode it kinda makes it easier but the gold and lack of people gets to me. It has so much potential but it lacking for those new to th game l play the sim moble and that leaves me feel a bit less stressed.

Moon Hope

The game i didn't imagine that will remind me of game I Iove so much, rise of middle kingdom and other games , alot of memories that times and appreciate the mechanism the same and same idea without change I love it so much. Fact this game what I was looking for city management historical games, thanks you and keep improving. There is something weird in this description of the game why few line without explanation what actually the game really is, this will not make players trying this.

Youri V

Downloaded many times trying to make it work.. after selecting city, starts loading and game shuts down every time


great game , but u have to click every little house and production building like 1000 per day to collect made me quit

Dylan Zero

The game is good, but you need add more citizens on the road or traveling from point A to point B to make the city more liveier

Anna Hatziantoni

Hi I just installed the app and it's kicking me off not even letting me play 🙃

Elovel awayan

Annoying game ni setting to disabled the tutorial and and your tutorial is not even helpful to the new players and it can annoys new player

Akshit Garg 10th A

Good game

Ajay Dhiman

Needs a lot of improvement Utilities needs to upgrade to extend their coverage Worst part- why should moving a building requires it to be completely reconstructed? That's absolute waste of time

Duy Trịnh Khắc

This game is for busy people, for sure. Except some first levels, every thing else requires a lot of time to be finished. What I don't like is moving building is hard since it costs time and resources too. This means you can't just redo the whole city floor plan. Apart from that, this game is beutiful; not money greedy because you just have to wait; each civilization is unique; zero ad. So I can say I pretty like this game.

Bruna Sette Niederhageböck

I was having a lot of fun as a casual gamer but now it crashes as soon as it loads my game

Lui Fik

My citizens angry but i don't know why they angry. Please make a notification why and what they want.

Muhammadh Naahin

I can't read that tiny words. better delete the game on internet.

Daniel justin raj

There are only few civilization. We want more civilization such as rome, tamils,etc

pale luminosity

The game deleted my city, What happent ? My play is lost suddenly, i love my city ,please give it back to me ,why all of my cities are gone ?

Donna Sarah Mendoza

Got stuck. There is just one chance to retry. I hope there is a lot of chance to retry. Im giving it one star.

Scott Dwyer

This one has potential but moves to slow with no real interaction.

Jason Neu

Right off, it's a pay to play. $.99 to play certain tribes, A hurry up and wait game. And if your out of Gold your in trouble. Self sufficiency researches like wood gold stone come what feels like way to late. Rather aggravating staring at the screen, at least not very entertaining.

DefCon Heavy (DefConHeavy)

Extremely bugged cannot get past level 2 will not allow me to have more immigrants even though there's space for more immigrants

Worada I.

Good game but its kinda boring when yoy have to wait and cant learn new techonlogy at the same time

kaique mota

Techs could improve the jurisdiction of the stores of 5 to 10 or more

Anderson Lima

Good game, but having to spend to move the buildings is garbage.


Ended up coming to a screeching halt in progress after 1 day playing. A lot of things couldn't be unlocked until I leveled up but it becomes difficult to level up because the citizens are unhappy that you haven't built things that you don't have access to until you level up. Why trigger them to want it way before I can even provide it?? To slow it down?? It became too stressful. Uninstalled.

Kevin Symss

Does not work on my samsung tablet

francis tiu

Nice Game!

Mitch Alves

Controls are cumbersome. Where's the menu to build roads? I hate that I can't change the city name... Meh I'm done here.

Something short

This game will not load. Nothing but a black screen. And it's not me cos I've tried it on three different devices.

Dimas Putra

Pay to win

moog moog

Very bad

Lars Vos

I started playing and it was kinda fun, then i tried to play again the next day and it kept on crashing. Unplayable now

Jenny Shawyer

Gutted! I was so into this game, have 3 empires and now everytime I load the game it glitches and doesn't load up. Been trying for 3 days...

Khaled Ihab

I lvled up to lvl6 & then the game crashed & keeps crashing whenever I try to log on

Sultan Marzoqi

Game is thirsty for money .. if your not that patent don't try it

Kathy Friedhoff

You need to keep it playable and never have a fixed login system

Anja O

It is actually pretty good. Reminds me of old PC games I used to play like Pharaoh or Emperor Rise of the middle country. Persian mission is great but the greek one is just so slow. A lot of waiting. Well... you can pay and not wait :)