Silent Castle


1M+ install


***Tips ****
This game involves scary images that may cause physical discomfort. This is Parental Guidance Recommended game to the players that minor under the age of 18. It is also recommended that some people who are sensitive to excitement and frightening games withdraw from this game.

It’s dark and something broke into the castle ——
🚨 Watch out! Soul Reaper on the prowl! BANG!!! BANG – it is furiously attacking the doors of the rooms.
Close the door and hide in your beds now! Build your defense against the Soul Reaper together.

Features ******
Different modes – You can choose to be a survivor or a Soul Reaper
Lots of powerful props and equipment – get more gold and strategies to use different props, different characters can make the props work better!
MVP rewards – Be the winner!! More rewards are waiting!
Begginer Login Reward – Reward for exploring the castle for the first time!

🔴 If a red countdown appears, leave the corridor right away or no one will be able to guarantee your safety in the castle.
🔴 Please do not follow other people into the room. If you enter a room and find someone in bed, leave the room as soon as possible. If you cannot leave the room, please start the game again.
🔴 Go to bed after entering the room and get gold by sleeping, you can use your gold to build equipment. Don’t get out of bed no matter what happens, and don’t get out of bed if IT breaks in ——.
🔴 If a Soul Reaper breaks the door, press the repair button to fix it.
🔴 If you find that the light in someone’s room is broken, don’t check the room and don’t take anything from the room.
🔴 There are secret rooms in the castle, if you step in it by chance- leave immediately. If you spend coins on those mysterious props, it can’t be sure that the Soul Reaper will not go mad——.
🔴 Taking pictures and shooting videos in the castle are forbidden. Once caught, you will not be able to enter the castle.

It’s late at night, so get a good night’s sleep in the castle ——
Build a line of defense in your room and try to defeat the Soul Reapers.
Shh, it’s coming——🌃.

Customer review

Ariana Varnamkhasti

good 👍👍

Rob Daley

it's good

Chelito Abenoja

wow its so scary

James Sunga


Ryan Frigge

Bought the ad free and now it's broken, screen flashes when choosing nights. I have a note 10.

Nur Mirazulika Sazali

the game is good but I only got to play it once, then there's bug and I can't play it anymore. it crashes everytime i try to play. too bad I had to uninstall it

William Hart

Not multi-player like the ads say, and not possible to survive a night unless you're really really lucky or watch every add offered. It's a fantastic concept but there's day too much wrong for it to be fun as is

JL Tracey

Game crashes and freezes on day three after paying to remove ads. I reinstall and lose everything I paid for. There is no settings option to restore payments.


Fun but still super bugy I had the glitch where as I chose a night it'd spazz had to uninstall then reinstall the game. The only problem I have is ads staying black screen and have to close the game.

Foreign Lord Corporation

Need online, game is so cool but it really needs multiplayer edit: I have played it longer and I had the most common flickering bug and now I watch videos to fix my door for no reason because when ad ends my door is broken down

SS Sloth

Although it's buggy, it's still a decent game. Sort out the bugs and it would be a good game. Bug #1 - when I'm starting a game, it flashes and doesn't let me continue. I have to close the game and uninstall and install the game again for a temporary fix. Bug #2 - when I have enough coins, I upgrade my gun but it doesn't upgrade it right away, it lags out and I have to press it again for upgrade it. Sometimes it takes the coins but not upgrade the gun. That's the main ones I can think of.

Tyler Benson

Great game based off of old WC3 Mod Vampirism. However, paid for $10 ad free deal and forced to uninstall game due to game breaking bug. Now, all progress lost and after multiple contact attempts, no contact. Great idea, but developers are thieves.

Dominic Bellemare

Trash , keeps freezing, ads after a while turn pitch black needing to close game and restart it. Concept was good though.

Ronggo Yudha

Wait for online, so i can play with my friend, i see good future for this game if added online multiplayer,

argielou Barsobia

Good game

Daniel Wong

Crashed while loading into third night, reinstalles the game, crashed on sixth night. Could not load into the game, screen seems to be glitching between choosing which night to play and character to go with. All progress will be lost when reinstall the game.

christopher macanda

Always lag.

Ikuto Kibashi

Would recommend making the game more online, because it feels like a singleplayer game where you fight against Strong enemy AI's, and some stupid Ai Allies, Both Ghost and Survivors, and also instead of nights, make maps, and voted for, make a leader board, remove ads permanently, add an account system, add a friends list, make more characters, vote for the amount of ghosts. I can see a lot of potential in this game, so hope it would be better, with more updates than just a money earning method

Blank Dudez

The game concept is great but found a bug/glitch. Once you tap on whichever night you want, it just stuck between the night picking and getting ready part. Nothing I can do but closed the app and wasted the energy bar (I don't remember what's it called). Also it will be nice instead of boxes floating around being annoying like a fly, just put it on the side, and little tutorial would be nice, I didn't know you can't level up the bed unless you level up the others first, unless that's a bug

Heatdog Shriok

This game crash all the time rigged

johnmark prima

bugging and glitching

Caelan Ceregatti

I'd give it 5 stars, but there's no way to mute the music or sound. Please fix this and I'll give 5.

Collan Runyon

The games fun and all. But it's completely unbalanced to making you watch 50+ adds to win the game. You get through the first night easily. After that it's luck of the draw. Got to night 4 without watching adds and found it completely impossible to win without watching a ton of adds. Just balance your game and don't shove adds down our throats and your game would thrive.

Rvee le Buxtut

A great time killing game but the thing is i only can play it after i clear the game data, the game start flashing when trying to play in endless mode and survival mode after closing the app to have a rest then play again.

Noah Hodge

Bad game

Teigyn Oake

Haven't played it yet but reminds me of the vamprism games on warcraft 3 customs on battlenet really looking forward to seeing how it is

Phoenix Rebbeck

This game is great, however it glitches out and stops me from playing the level after pressing on the night, and whenever I close the app and go back into the game, it takes my blood bags and puzzle pieces from the level that I never got to play. This needs to be fixed

Alan Varghese

There is bug or issue on app it doesn't show spin ad diamond in it nothing shows above endless and survival mode

Peter Lewis

I like the game it reminds me of old WC3 maps. Unfortunately, I can't seem to play after the first night it just keeps glitching out

Shawn Evans

Fun while it lasted, beat the 1st night, enjoyed it enough to purchase ad free, went to play 2nd night and the screen flashes and the app does nothing else. Tried restarting my phone to no avail. Luckily I read reviews that mentioned purchases lost on uninstall or I would have tried reinstalling. Please fix and easy 4-5 stars from me

Frinz Acala1

its so fun

Edgar Friendly

Switched phones & ran good BUT too many constant ads ruin it.

Raul Sanchez

very fun!!

Keion Correll

This games got great potential. Unfortunately it's a money grab. More so than any other game I've played. Can't complete a level without ads, can't go to the next one without ads, can't get an advantage without paying or (you guessed it) watching an ad. If you don't want the ads it's $10, plus some other useless stuff that you can also, watch ads to get. Oh but that'll only remove the mandatory ads. To actually win the game you'll still need to watch them regardless of your money :)

blue caller 2000

Add spamming not online non logical leveling

Teoh Koon Yew

Fun but screen frozen

Fernando A

nice one

Chris P

Reposting because my review was deleted TWICE. Hey EVERYONE the reason you're stuck and can't select a night without the game screen flickering is because you left the game during an ad. Doesn't matter if it's because your phone died, or if the ad that THIS GAME FORCED YOU TO WATCH takes you to the app store without you even touching it. Devs are likely aware of issue but don't care. Btw if you pay for no ads, it'll still do it. Only hot fix is an uninstall and that means you're out $10.

Alisha Moore

Very addictive game! Easy to learn! I like that you can be the survivor or the attacker! Only watch ads if you want to for upgrades! (Recommend) i wish there were more levels and it would give you more rewards for each round you win! Other than that no complaints! I can't wait to see what the future updates have to bring!

john burt

Buggy and unplayable. I got thru night 2, tried to go to night 3 and just flashing screen. Now the game bugs out over any screen change I try to do by just flashing over and over. Close the game and restart doesn't fix. Restarting phone doesn't fix it. Great concept and what I played seemed fun. Also, the main menu buttons around the sides all disappeared, no more upgrades.

Royce Jullian

Need to fix the flashing screen bug it makes progress impossible due to having to reinstall. Other than that great game. Wi change to 4 or 5 stars when bug is fixed.

Mara Schaeffer

Game play is fun, but there are a TON of ads and around level 6-7 the game always fatally glitches, requiring uninstall/reinstall to be playable again.

Random Man

Is a fake player.... u shpuld make real online is better

m w

Paid for the ad free, but still get ads

Danielle Domingo

add connect to the social media

micah lua

I enjoy the game but one thing that annoyed me is that and soon as i got to level 6 its stopped working and everything os expensive i mean for diamonds


The game stutters when you try to chose ether the survior or killer and your stuck in limbo so i wasted 10 dollars on a game with great potential so now if i uninstall it is ot a big loss since i cant play the game anyways

Zander Drumm

The game caused it to break when you try To reset it Doesn't work it just gonna stop you from playing.

Philip November

Why should I play an ad just to get my reward for playing a round. The triple bonus I'd understand but watching one to get to the main screen, ridiculous. And when I play offline I get NO reward for playing.

Olivia Graham

I loved this game but it keeps glitching now and no matter how many times I close and reopen and no matter what night I choose the screen just flashes hope it gets fixed. Other than that it is a really fun game.

steven gillman

Asks you to rate the game after every night played and waaaay too glitchy. They had a great concept wish they would have put more than $10 effort into it before they just spit it out there trying to make a quick buck.

Tiffany Bateman

So far this game sucks all you really have to do to win is watch ads

Mason Langston

pretty fun game but like others said more glitches as you go. sucks you can't turn down the loud music.

Yuri Kamisama

Trash just bots and lots of ads

Aaron Crozzen

keep having to uninstall and reinstall, losing progress and is at least 55% ads. Great game and fun, but horrible servers and programming. if there were less ads and a rooting system for gameplay, it would improve this game a lot, and fixing the freezing issue would make this game would make it a lot better.


I'd give less stars if I could! After playing for an hour it started glitching and all my purchases where for nothing tried uninstalling and reinstalling no saved progress do not play this game if they fixed the glitch issue I'd love this game

Jenny Boc

I love the game but wen i leave my phone in level 5 in this game i dont think so noting will happen wen i play the game back it crash so o use my tab you exit it and the game crash again pls fix that


low-key this game is really addicting but in a good way

Ace Dauplo

It doesn't even have a tutorial how do how do we starter what to do

Harold Alford II

Not that scary, but absolutely worth the play


Gamebraaking bugs make this game worthless to download. I'm not certain if the issue is on Android exclusively but after a certain time, might be an hour into playing might be 4 hours, the game has some weird graphical glitch where it becomes non-responsive. The only way to keep playing is uninstall and re-download the game. This causes you to lose all progress as the game has no sign-in/account function. If you purchased the no-ads package as I did you lose and CANNOT recover your purchase.


I had to replace my phone and when I transfered everything to my new phone it started me over from night 1 and I have none of the stuff I used to have in the game now.

smitha sam

Not good at all

Mengying Deng

Fun game. BUT do not spend $10 on the ads free. I purchased ads free, it still show me a lot of ads while I am playing.

Snappy Rafael


Anime Jesus

Horrible amount of ads forced

Meyer Keeler

gliching all the time

Alexander Dela Cruz II

This is a solid game, but what's missing is the actual multiplayer function that allows us to create lobbies (public/private) so that we can play with our friends

Brandon Zidich

Game does not work

drake chesser

I enjoy the concept and it could be really cool if it wasn't utterly broken and just slathered with ads. It gets a major difficulty spike at night 4 and then u have to watch ads or pay for the ad removal and it broke next day so utterly pointless

Kevin Coon

I was having fun until the crashes

Kieran Varker

Having to re download to fix flashing which hasn't been fixed yet overall not bad concept for a game

cizco mckenzie

good game!

Chris Yohannes

Too many bugs and crash

Equaisha Eaddy


Brian Whittington

Cool idea, terrible execution. The game is littered with glitches and you can't beat the first level without watching 30 ads or forking over 9.99 USD. Make the game playable a d I will try again. Until then good luck.

dylan cullison

Great game if they fix glitches

Meka Malice

one of the coolest mobile games I've ever played honestly

meme day

Really good game nothing wrong with it


Es un juego HORRIBLE! No puedes pasar del 2do nivel sin ver anuncios. Es injusto y NO es online

Austin Hartey

Way too many and too long ads

Jeffrey Muralles

This game has potential for something great. One of the reasons I will stop playing is because I paid $10 for no ads, yet they only give you tickets to skip some ads not all. Half of this game is waiting on ads and its annoying. Sometimes you have to watch 2 or 3 ads to claim the prize. I hope they fix this issue.

Godly Gamer

Only reason I'm giving the game a one star review is because if you want to win you have to watch ads and it's as simple as that

Christian Tough

Bought no ads pack for $12 usd and still have ads...

Mohammad Sidik

Crash when seeing an ad. Fix this ill give u 5 star.

Blue Soldier

Way to many bugs

Steven Howe

Seems fun but has lot of bugs on levels 1 and 3 were it freeze up and use your live so you can't play

shaggy 559

Terrible, im getting my refund for any money I spent. Ad-free for $10 was a lie...feels like multi player at first then you realize it aint after seeing all the bugs and puking mid-game for all the ads its just disappointing.

Ellie Newell

its fun it has some glitches but it's really entertained to play I don't like how many ads you have to watch but it's still very fun

Ml acc 0001

All is good. Just wanna complaint on the daily sign in. I already clicked get the student on the 7th day. However, I'm unable to choose the student for the game. Please fix this issue. Thank you

Dylan Taljaard

Very nice and good game ads help a lot 👌👌😉😉👌👌

Victor Delgado

After the second night my game was glitched the screen would keep on flickering and there is TOO many adds

Aaron Hill

Stutters, lags, constant ads whether you want them or not. 10$ to stop them and that still doesnt stop the stuttering. Needs some optimization but the concept itself is fun

rizki syafwan

too many ads, so annoying game. every click always showing ads.

Masoud Seif

The game is awesome ,I like it More level , more character, different map , more ghost ,and more ability for buildings Thx developer for entertain us 😎😍😍

Greg Smock

Such a fun, unique concept! I have enjoyed what I get to play but this is my second install unfortunately because the first time I made it through night 3 before the game would crash and freeze every time I tried to start a game. So far so good this time though!

Aaron Hobbs

kinda fun. would be funner if their was no ads popping up...

orsen Clark

its a great game

judy matson

I love this game but I never received the student from the daily log in which sucks as there is no other way to get her

Indra Lim

Nice game but the game still have bugs, i cant claim my rewards, its keep showing network error, i use wify and my connection is very good, please fix it