Shooting Car 3D

Author: X-Land

100,000+ install
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Shooting Car 3D – Addictive car shooting and racing action game! Hit the fury road & smash rivals!

Detailed info

File size: 43M
Update time: July 8, 2021
Current version: 2.2.9
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: X-Land
Price: Free
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Customer review

A Google user

Best game is shooting car 3D

Jeffery Simpson

really great game for real

Barbara starkey

I like this game

Sean Ford

it's just a cool laid back game.with very easy controls.

Wendell Mills

nice game you should try it

Mohamad Fitri

Nice game guys actually I want to give 5🌟 but *******.....

Deep Side


Mike Smith

very good game thank's from mike smith

Muhd Baharuddin

they copy johhny trigger 😡😡😡😡😡

Rondell Prime

Good need some more work

Denise Lapierre

love it alot.thnk u.

Ahue Ahue


Alan Hunnicutt

fun times

Muhammad Afiq Mohd Azizi

Soryy nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonoooooooo

Feric Abi

very good

Sweeth Tooth

Is pretty good and I love the jokes!

Adam Daniel Yusuf


John Doe




3Davila D

You do not have to be scammed or stay there until the ads end you could just turn off your internet and don't buy the VIP because it's to op and it's also so unfair because you have a advantage also if you buy the VIP you probably are a noob but I don't think anyone of you is a noob so this game is good😁

Allen Mathis

this game is good also a good time killer as well.


It's ok

Laurence Felix

super cool

Sanjay Lungeli


Nathan owen Haryanto


Angelo Selitto

Fun for what it is.

Mahyar seyd eshaghi

Full of ads Useless

Belinda Wolter

The gameplay itself isn't bad, but with so many ads and necessary paid content, and the lack of any real story or information leaves you with no real sense of progression, making it a time waster arcade game only. The fixed path based 'mission' setup and no ability to replay stages makes it obvious you are headed for a pay/time wall...

zahoor jani


John Vandal

Samsung note 10+. Ad's do not work, so impossible to get double rewards and so on.

Mo Silipa


Lalrempuia Rema

And d e

Lawrence Morris


timothy gisby

Really good game. But at the moment revival ads and level power up ads not working

Lisa Carr


Eric Tirotta

fun game but the rewards button doesn't work. Can't upgrade.

Bibhuti Bhusan

l love this game

FaithfulNerd VIII

My last review was deleted. Purchasing the battle pass or anything else is supposed to get you unlimited energy and no adds, this is not true. Also I just finished the battle pass but am unable to claim the final reward. It's glitch so nothing happens like we have been told. Bet this review will be deleted as well but this time I'm taking a screen shot of it. Fix your game please.

Tanvir Islam


keith fisher


Jedi Kasep

Hard control left and right

Troy Allen

I enjoy playing this game

Marreo Drummer

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥to me,,I DUGG IT,,YA DIGG!!!!🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴

Ronald Johnson

lot's of action just love it



joseph hamel

anything is always associated with advertisements.. everywhere ads, ads, and ads.. is this a game application or an application to watch ads?? uninstall..


Good game so far, lvl 3. If I'm still playing next time they ask for a rating I'll up it to 5 stars. I hope I can upgrade. 👍

Dante Hunter

I love the game but I can't choose buffs, I can take all (watch ads) or skip, I hate that choosing doesn't work and I don't want to take all every time

WeaseL Logic

Meh, cash cow game. Got a new gun? Cool right? No, you gotta watch an ad to claim it. Want to upgrade or claim anything and its watch an ad or give it up. Ads everywhere. Oh, you can also aim. Ppl just dont take time to explore controls. Leave finger on screen and move it, it aims where you want it. English is also very bad in the game. Comon now. With google theres no reason for that. This game was made only to make money. No game passion/love. Put ads everywhere, put battlepass, lets make $

elvis kellenbeck

This game is broken in so many ways . Collection room items are broken u get no gem when u get them they always come broken so u have to watch ads to fix the character upgrade do nothing . The only way to get New weapon is to watch ads . IF U SEE A 5* REVIEW ON THIS GAME ITS FAKE BOT GOOGLE ACC

Kenyatta Taylor

nice game

Doug Swanson

Entertaining and fun.

Jolie Xuan Pham


Luis Lopez

The problem I am having now is that the battlepass is broken.. it won't allow me to claim rewards and it's glitchy. Please fix or refund me cause I paid for battlepass..

michael Sperry

I like it because it's keeping me interested and there are different levels

Micheal Funk

wow really fun, great graphics and gameplay

Marcelo Sendejo

I bought the VIP and it did not remove the ads. Even though it said it would be ad free and also it does not have unlimited energy like it was offered in VIP. I bought the Seraph and upgraded it, but as soon as I upgraded it to the third star the gun got bugged and no longer has a sprite and my character can't shoot since he looks unarmed when I take it into the game so the game is extremely bugged. Also I did not receive all my golden pass rewards! It glitched when I hit the max pass level.

DANA miller

I like the game but it needs ragdoll physics bc it look weird that their that stiff when they fall off vehicles or gets shot

Robert Thomas

Love it

Sean Canning

really funny game

Scotty Ad

Shame it could be a great game but the dozens of spelling errors is enough for me to delete it how is it you can design a game (regardless what country your from) and not get the english spelling right ... Even i could design a game and research for 10 min. To get another language correct

A Wood

Could be a fun game to pass the time. However, there's way too many ads to enjoy it. Also did not IAP to remove ads. Skeptical it wouldn't work anyway since it's a new mobile app.

7Q7 Respect


Tanner Burley

game isn't that fun

black cat tube

Not bad game good jobe

Theodore Karakiklas

Stoopidest game I ever played......

James Seward

Report Developer and This Developers Game(s).

abel correia

Fun game but damn those interuptions it just ruins it- plus the fact that you don't need to aim to shoot so....


Game is absolutely amazing but can you let us be able to aim in

Yasser bin mikamy