Shooter Punk – One Finger Shooter

Author: Illogical

50,000+ install
Role Playing


Shooter Punk – One Finger Shooter – Shooter bois! Enter the futuristic world of 2077! You are the Hero Shooter.

Detailed info

File size: 72M
Update time: June 13, 2021
Current version: 1.88.198
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Illogical
Price: Free
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Customer review

Khalil Reh Man

Dont waste your internet game no longer exsists nothing inside when you open it

Lazer Zeo

If you don't support this game why keeping this on google play

Omar Yehya

Omar yahye

Parka Boy

Game should be removed from the app store. No longer works. Says "we've discontinued support for this game".

StarShip Galaxy's

Waste of time. Never loads. I sat there for 30 minutes and it still says connecting. Please fix this and i will give it a actual rating.


Great scam bro


This games just an assetflip the characters are from the vr game gun raiders you think i wouldnt notice get off ur butt and make an actual game

Aryan Vlogs

This game doesnot deserve any star

andrew 710

Meh dumb game

Jesus Pagan

Bad like real bad

Farhan Navas

hideous ifiottic game

songs mp3

Nice game

Lucky Hand

Worst game it's hard to control the character


I will give you half star mad,very bad gameplay of this game 😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠

bogdan ivkovic

One finger shooter. Proceeds to ask for two thumbs to play as it's a twin stick shooter. Well, there's been worse immediate failures

Jedi Kasep

Hard to control

Paolo Noel De Chavez

Let's just say that games are meant to be played with more than one finger.



श्रीं Debashish Ashwini Kumar Sethi

Not able to download

Anant Nayak

Werst game lags

Abdun Nur

This game looks great plays great. The only downside is that it lacks online multiplayer. Introduce online mode like meka Hunters removing auto aim with a single winner every time. As it contains no microtransaction trust me it will blow up. If you are not capable to do 30 a match try a 5/10 man match.

Belinda Wolter

Basic, boring, and with no real inventory or customization. You equip or sell an item when you first pick it up but you can't seem to select if a weapon should be primary or secondary, and you can't manage your weapons and mods at the menu.

Kritik Kumar

It can be a good game if it has some upgrades. The graphics can be a little more enhanced and I think the player's character should be more powerful and also it should have some kind of power attacks or heavy attacks. Also the interface may be improved a quite. Also the tutorial should not be shown in each and every level, this makes most irritative gameplay.

Nilu Kumari

Ok but not good

Sujata Sahu

I'm thinking this game will be like battle royale or multiplayer but the game is different I'm very disappointed

Rita Roy

Suman. Roy,

Pravir p

Not smooth at all, needs more optimization and also screen rotation is fixed once game has been launched. Actions are very slow, I cannot feel the action. May be needs more improvement.

Brad Wimbs

GET THIS GAME! It's a beautiful game 11/10 would reccomend, smooth gameplay and visually appealing. ALSO HUGE SHOUTOUT TO THE DEVS FOR QUICK ACTION AND WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!


Sorry... Waste of Time...

Vinay Sharma

Worst game ever

Srujan Kulkarni

Good game. Portrait mode needs to be looked after or its okay if we can play in landscape mode. Portrait is somewhat confusing. Overall great game. Graphics are also good and entertaining. Hope you will refer this.

Robert Thomas

Love it make a shooter punk - One Finger Shooter 2

Victorious Susanto

Single shooting games but not too smooth means i got delayed when play.


Good for kids

Crimson Nsanity

Personally this is not my type of game, but it is not laggy, don't crash, only thing is that the auto aim is very aggressive but I can tell that this game has a lot of potential


its the worst game ever you should not play it hang your phone


Worst graphics.I thought this game would be like world war ploygon but i was wrong this game is trash. U should make it fpp and add more controls like jump etc

Adriel Nogueira

Hello. I've read some reviews and I don't think I agree with them. Good game,simple yet understandable tutorial.Played about 5 stages, checked settings,used game in pop-up window, quick launch and this is what I think. Game just started, it's small, not much to do but it's a good start, no lag, no crash, no bugs. Game buffs work nicely and are well explained.Settings are quick and simple.Auto aim is a bit aggressive,the way it locks enemies.Haven't checked if it's offline also. No battery drain

Fright Light

Choppy and Laggy as Hell , overall good game but needs more development , it must fit the standards of the low-end devices policy


it's not that good it's just running shkting at bad ai then running again there is no fun it's like if in the gamesubways surfers there was no way yo for and there is nobody chasing amd there is no running and jumping amd the whole point of the game is to run

Uchiha Itachi



I didnt notice labor

Goose Frabah

It's literally 1 level. Level consists of running forward for about 15 seconds. Ai enemy spawn in, shot a slow moving blue blob at you "a la Doom", then down in behind you. Seems like they don't really see you, because they run around aimlessly. All shooting is done auto target, so just hold the button down. Level over. Repeat. Literally it. Only plus is the ads aren't invasive. Yet. Rated 2 stars because ads aren't in your face, otherwise it's not even 1 star. Uninstalled.

M. Keian

Its suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper lagy

Jeremiah Vazquez

In it's current state it's a simple one click shooter, needing some polish, but it's fun. Obviously has a dev that cares so excited to see what's next.

Nikhlesh S

Although the game is made by hard work, it is just not a one finger game. It looks like a game made by ametuer, which by that standard looks good, but please change your game title, no way this is one finger game


ntab jiwa

Tobi Wats

It runs smooth. The polygon world and characters are dope. The dodge action is too slow, and so is the dodge input. I dont like that the drops pause your experience. Thats not a very good method. Sure have a pop up menu, but have it automatically go away in a 1sec or 2. Anymore than that and your preventing the audience from playing. There's potential but the levels are too easy and quite empty feeling. This game has potential to be a good multiplayer tho

Jonathan Congdon

Not controlled with one finger

Joshua Gonzalez

This game is bland in graphics and the gameplay is so-so...also no pre-registration rewards.

Sayandeep Bag

Dear, Shooter punk team, I play the game and think it's good. But this game missions is so bad in same place missions. So improve your game. then I play the game again.and never give up 🤗🤗👍👍❤️❤️😌

Noisy Boy

Very cheap & repetitive. Terrible customization, I'd definitely never put this in a deep customization category. The gameplay is lame & pathetic. Not recommended.

Remo xd el crack

Higher than average comparing it to other games in its category

Real _Tarzan

Most games at the start they are really bad and have glitches but this game is smooth and is fun but it needs multiplayer over all its great

Clifton Head

Rotating the camera doesn't work needs fixing, Samsung galaxy S6 lite.

Dhawal Bhaskar

Just bad, the game could have a lot of potential, but in its current state. Just bad.

Pat the meme stealer

bad low effort game

avishek kumar

Game is good and I love it I was waiting for this game for so long..... And I registered it but didn't get reward 😔 anyway game is good

Julius Carter

Straight Buns

Gta Gtaiv

Relly Relly good game

Jonathan Burac

Absolutely terrible game. As what others said, there's no pre-registration rewards. The game is buggy also, there was scene that my enemy was stuck in a building and I can't kill him so I have no other way than to exit the game.

Shankha Deep Roy

LOL, it looks most people didn't even get PRE-REGISTRATION rewards!! Should I play this? Downloading it anyway. I will put 2-stars for now. If I also see that i didn't get the pre-reg rewards, I will not increase stars.

allenkit palen

I like the game but can I get a lil bit pre_registered reward?Hehehe


So far it has been fun. I am missing my pre-order items like many others too.

Sql Jaco

Pre register rewards weren't given upon download it literally through me in the game and Nothing else


Please add an online mode

Matthew Bateman

I did not get my previous reg rewards in game.

Lou John

When I open the app it stays black I only can hear music.

Xeon Dexter

Well the graphics are bit interesting but gameplay is waaaay too simple


Improve the home screen...improve graphic..improve animation..and add online too..some people prefer offline/online

Shaquiel Louis

It said I would get heaps of cyber coins from pre reg but I got none

The Rock

Good game friend but the graphic are decent but I think u will improve it and and don't got any pre register reward🙂

Unkind-Venus 713


Alex Xavier

Pre reg suppose to be getting heap of cyber coins and i get none. Pre register and install, and started playing with the google account that i pre reg but start the game with 0 cyber coin.

Yoshi Gaming

The game is great for low and end device, but its such an disapointing game. I thought it could be online game. The game is like easy to eazy. Verry eazy i think playing multiplayer or playing online with real player is one of best achievments of this game. Because from now generations. We like a game that can play with outside freinds. So if you want to make an enjoyable game. Make it multiplayer or online game.