Sherwood Dungeon 3D MMO RPG

Author: Maid Marian Entertainment

50,000+ install
Role Playing


Sherwood Dungeon 3D MMO RPG – Escape to a Fantasy World in this Award Winning Indie MMO !

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: February 16, 2021
Current version: Varies with device
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Maid Marian Entertainment
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mark Ryan Francisco

Add sensitivity option

Myles Whitfield

It might be nostalgia talking but I remember this game used to be fun but now I realize 7-8 years later that this game is kinda boring.

Jesse Peters

Any reviews?

Dim Sum_

Played this on my cpu as a kid when shockwave was still a thing back in 2007, still an old time favorite. But now that it's mo ile I was hoping that more things would change. Bring back guild bases and make players live events or something.

Deyas 735

Good game but pretty buggy. sometimes the menu screen doesn't show up

Katie White

It's a fun game and I played it before for a very long time but I can't click accept.

Rose Hawk

Enjoyed playing but then game stalled and could not go further. Also completed quests up to agony but then sent you back to start again. Too many faults and bugs. Uninstalling

Abraham Polakunnil

It's the walking...

Melanie Pearson

This game used to be so good, + so busy, but I guess people have moved on. Sad really.


I love this game because me and my little brother started playing this game on the PC verison and i love it.



Kate McClintock


Michael Hanson

Used to play Sherwood online. Now I can play it on my phone!! Outstanding!!

Bakr Bar

Very old game that has not received any updates in ages. Was made for PCs and very hard to really play on phone.... Waste of time .. uninstalling it

Miracle Hall


Johnathan Bayliss

Nostalgia Incarnate

Fire beat

Very good classical adventure in medieval/magic style game. Only i wish there was more worlds to unlock and new monsters, and much nore challenges, would be much more interesting.

Jack Johnson

Note to self. You did not like this game, do not download it again

A Google user

The open source price budget was way up my alley. By that I mean I was having so much fun I forgot to swipe when the person told me I actually have enough money to do that. It was a big disappointment to know that all of the stuff I have been preparing for was going to come true. At the end of the conversation I over stated my welcome long enough to be able to just know when someone is flat out lying to you. You almost have to be the bigger person because you always know what your talking about


Every time you log in to the game, you have to do missions you have already completed. Another problem is that I was lvl 184 on pc but on this platform, all of my progress is gone. I had to start from the very beginning. There are no new updates, only the interface changed, no new missions, no new maps, no new free characters you can choose. It's been like this since early 2010's. This was my favorite game but now, its boring as hell.

Miles Zaportiza

I would rate this 4 stars Keep improving This game will be popularAnd Btw Theres A bug The Woods are invisible unlike Others Pls Fix And keep up the good work👊👊

VìLlìâñå Jîm

Only thing that sucks is it needs more players, but a super fun dungeon crawler just make an account so you don't loose progress :)

Brian Hatzelhoffer

It's unique. Still getting the feel for it. No autoplay. You need to time your attacks and blocks. The graphics are pretty good. I feel like the game isn't quite finished. It seems to be off to a good start though. The mechanics are solid. But the animation is kinda stiff.

Beverly W.

Why are games made so you can't even play them??!!!? Could Couldn't even start!

Mohit Sg

I have played other mmo games with them problem was poor connection but with this one everything is problem except network i cant land a hit on enemy and just die the second i try to

Karlz Vinci Maraat

I remember this game on its beta on website around 10 years ago. I like how you ported it on mobile. Thank you

elmar maria

Abandoned, that is how players should feel. The developers havent updated this game since the early 2010s

Nathaniel Hadsock

It deserves to be on the Xbox game systems

J Marold

Totally boring. Options turn themselves back on when I opted auto defense off. Overall poorly constructed game. I'd rate it zero stars if I could.

Ayoub Guezguez

It's a nostalgique game

Faci Boi

Didn't get to play, looks like the login interface is broken, when go click to input password goes to create account even when IV already made one everytime

Don D.

Small Open World Feel with Many Realms to Explore and Quest in. Great (People Verse People) Combat or (Clan Verse Clan) Raids. Freedom To Grow as You Please! Together or Alone!

Fredrick Fair

Childhood favorite


Weird game but it is what it is

Lawrence Palmore

To touchy, graphics bite, slow action

Micheal Archangel

Combat is much harder compared to desktop verion not because of desktop players are better but because the controls here are horrid. They have the classic left joystick movement and right side abilities, but there is like 5 abilites in game but u can only use 1 in quick bar, and ever other ability you have to open a side bar to change the ability mid combat and that side bad then closes aromatically instead of staying open so we can just click from there. Abilites+ emotes in same sidebar o.o

Handsome King

The Camera Sensitivity is way too fast.

Gamer Boy

Good game but need armor gloves helmet slots

George Salley

The graphics are good, the combat ok, learning how to play is a puzzle. A tutorial please. Someone has asked for mages, I second the motion. Body armor and robes would be a good thing to add, I at least like to look fashionable as I adventure. Sell them for a gem or three and let them be sold for a bit of gold to the merchants. Thanks for guest mode, it let me try the game before creating an account. The fact I did not have to start over when I when I made one is good.

Lev Car

not letting me past terms of use....its gone....this is a let down i had high level account back in the flash version i thought you devs were better then that....

Jahlen Jadarius

It's a weirdly dead Open World MMORPG game, I'm not an OG or anything, just signed up actually, my username name in the game is Jahlen However I have a slight favor to ask. Can you remove the weird password thing? Kinda annoying and confusing, Let people make their own unique Password.

Psycho Acid

Love this game only thing I would love is permanent pets...

yudi ananta

ga bisa connect cacat ne game masih dipajang

Jimmy Goocharan

Nostalgia. It's dumb fun to pass the time! Truly the finest mmorpg experience.



Sera Blakes


Heart Void


Aimal A.Rehman

Playing since 2010 2012

Chistear Ahmed Khan


Nuck incoming

Bring back memory if only I remember my old account password

Kristian Manlusoc

I give this game 4 star bacause its online i like offline game so plss make offline game like this

Syafi Danis



Really different from what i remember back in the day. The control sucks and i keep getting killed by a player WidePeepoSad

Prawira Harja

Please answer me..i gift this 5 star I want ask, why i cant play? System said my network error. But my network very good....can tell me how to play?

Rotten Wenom

Trying to login but game is keep taking me to creat account. I already have an account

Cameron Haines

Super nostalgic

Benjamin Gill

I was looking fo this game for ages , I didn't think it would still be brought up to date , and on the play store.


The fact that this game is still online till this day is nothing short of amazing. It was among the first browser-based MMORPGs I ever tried along with RuneScape, which was 17 years ago.


I love this game. Ive been looking for a game like this for so long. The only suggestion I would make to the developers is to ad more customization options and adding different kinds of players like a rogue or a mage or something like that, and also different classes e.g. human, elf or dwarf or something, but overall great game I love it.

Saksham Chauhan


Keith Montgomery

Such a superb and cool warrior game.

i dcvzeqgcbv m

Very bad just make thrugh fixedmaps

Helmi Taina



Such a fun game


I used to play this game more than 10 years ago on pc when I was little, and I used to love the heck out of this! It's really fun to play, but I really miss the amount of people that would be in the game. Playing in almost empty servers does make me sad but I still went through with the quests - it would be great if there were more quests throughout the game. Hopefully this game does get more attention in the future!

Theo Dheo

I have best wifi, outside that i also have good connection which i usually use for streaming and this game said i have connection problem.

Jeremiah King

Im so sad to see that this game isnt getting the recognition it deserves. This is by far my favorite rpg and im an OG from the Maid Marion days. Real time PVP, endless quests and challenging NPC's that require alot of grinding to beat. Thank you for creating this mobile version.

Nico Savage (Nico)

Its everything i remember except micro transactions


this is pure mmorpg, almost 2 decades and it's still shining like old days

Kelly Costa

Amazing ❣️❣️❣️❣️ best game is perfect 😍❣️ loved it!!!!

Angel Valle

Unicorn looks very powerful Like a Phoenix fire I really enjoyed the color and Graphics to the fire unicorn

Manidya Agung P

always connection failed

alex bennett

Absolute great game, I played it when I was a kid. Unfortunately has connection issues on my mobile phone so I can't play. Please fix it, otherwise it's a fantastic game.

jardacz18 1234


Dakota Starr

It won't accept my email for an account

Bo Sann

It's really a childhood classic of mine but please give us more updates and make the textures higher!

Ster Souza

The last time I played this game was 10 years ago (if I'm not mistaken), and play it again is very nostalgic!! Thanks for bringing it back!! 🖤

King P

The first MMORPG I played from 8 years ago! So much nostalgia! Cant believe its on mobile now. Wish there's way to get mounts without gems. Great game!!

Shah Shaik

Excellent action, adventure game,I love this game, before I played this game in my pc now iam playing in my android phone thank you so much for all team and best of luck for do more games like this..

Anthony Rubio

This was a nice trip back to 6th grade. Thank you

MoonLight Fox

I love this game since when i was a kid I started to play this on pc😁😁


It's okay, I always enjoyed this game when I played on Maid Marian 10+ years ago. What I would really love to see from this developer is another Maid Marian treasure: Tank Ball. That was the funnest game and I have terrific memories making new friends from all over. Maybe my experience will be different after playing a little more, but no matter what I want you to know you all helped me make excellent memories as a child of technology and I will always hope for your success. Thank you.


Wow so cool that it's on mobile I played this alot wen I was in middle school over 12 years ago

Oliver Smith

Doesn't work, app is not responding. Try it on PC an absolutely amazing game!, easily a 5 stars!.

Anviletr Anviletr

this game is slower than a turtle fart,dont download it,i played for a half hour and i am still not strong enough to kill a little ankle biting man smaller than the size of my nutsac.

Ralu Raluca

Hi. I've issues with the game won't let me do nothing. Fix the bug and glitches problems please


No guidance for new players as to how to play and I hate the controls

Rosalee Dunn no

Julio Tassinari

It's va very good MMO to just kill some time and not have to deeply think about what you're doing. Not a very good experience if you want a game to dedicate yourself to though.


I was playing that game when I was a kid, I was so hyped to play again especially in mobile, but it just freezes my phone and itself.

Hemant Gangamani

Can't connect the server It sayes you can't connect with the server check your internet connection when my internet is smooth Plz help !!

Echo Lima

balance game and good to play for spartans fans

julius colinares

Wow so cool i love it becuse its sooo cool mount and other heries so coool🤩😜

Omar King

Loss of exp (Not level) whenever i log out. When i log in my xp is back to 0, its kinda annoying, please fix.

Bherzelle Garcia

Can't log in..

Wize Alfee

Been playing this game since windows 98. Great mmorpg. Quests, chat, groups, clans, locations, and you can never forget the dungeon from which this game was named. Im happy i can play it on my phone now because i can take it with me anywhere. Thank you sherwood creator. From Ãlfêè

Adam Cunningham

3 stars for the nostalgia, you lose 2 stars due to the erratic monster spawning. What in your right mind thought having monsters aggro range to cover half the map I don't know and monsters will not stop chasing you across the whole map until you enter these very small safe areas like where you start. You just finish killing one monster and another will instantly spawn on your head giving no time to heal or try loot. This never used to be the case on pc a fair few years ago , why do this devs?

Raj Majumder

Best game ever.. thank you a lot developers..please add more and more features.. i was looking for this type of game for so long 😍😍😍😍😘 great job ..

Armand A. B.

Save yourself the headache.

Shaun Conyon

Need updates