Sherlock・Hidden Object Mystery

Author: G5 Entertainment

1M+ install


Join the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes in his unbelievable new investigations!

Something wicked is going on in the worlds of well-known books – their plots are changing, with the main characters being defeated while the villains prevail. The magic of literature is at work here, and this magic is real! Now, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Alice in Wonderland, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and many other classic novels are not at all like you remember them.

Help Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson restore the original plots of the books and deliver justice by solving tricky match-3 puzzles or unraveling hidden object scenes, and complete thrilling quests while searching for the reasons and patterns behind the events. These world-renowned stories helped to shape the history of mankind, so they carry enormous power – and whoever can control that power, will be able to rule the universe. Make sure it falls in the right hands!

Set off on an exciting detective adventure, solve ingenious puzzles and investigate crimes without delay before the real world turns upside down too!

While this game is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases from within the game. You may disable in-app purchases in your device settings.

To find clues and get closer to figuring out challenging cases, pay close attention and choose your favorite gameplay mode for any scene:
FIND hidden objects and use them, or
MATCH gems in a row
COMPLETE absorbing quests
EXPLORE colorful locations from well-known books
MEET familiar characters
SOLVE perplexing puzzles
FOLLOW the gripping storyline
ENJOY regular free updates with new books and fascinating cases!

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese

Compatibility notes: This game performs best on high-end smartphones and tablets.

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Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 30, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: G5 Entertainment
Price: Free
0 votes

Customer review

Naome Esmena

Amazing this game 😂

Teresa Eaton

Love this!


i remember playing this game when I was younger on my moms old computer and I've found it again it's so fun :)

Reine Marie Espedilla

nice game..

Asten Rathbun

This is a little confusing to get started as there's a lot going on, but it's fairly easy to grasp. It's fun and usually just the right amount of challenge.

Emily Williams

Awesome game

Terry Carney

Fun game

Pamela Mills

Makes you use your brain. Good for detail. So far so good. Can't find fault.

Sue M

I'm enjoying the boards but not fully understanding the objective.

Frank Vanskiver

It a fun game

Kathleen Johnson

So far so good but things go easier if you pay for it...I enjoy this game.

Gloria Pettis

Great game..But to much time spent trying to sell things.

Phyllis Watkins

Very easy game tp play

Barbara Gilmer

Great game

Linda Fields

I love this game Thank you Linda Fields

Amit Merckado


Mehreen Zahra


Robin Demmerle

Interesting plots and gifts.

Debbie Kuriatnyk


June Viarruel

It's not bad. Just started playing it.

Phillip Dees

Pretty fun

chaerish powell

I enjoy the game. Just wish there were more helpful tips to let better guide the game experience

Becky Krise

I like game but to hard to get assembler items. I dont like playing same game over and over to get these!

adam petley


loubby sinlao


Jolayne Gutzait

Fun game! I just want to be able to find items without the timer.

Chris Lane

I'm about to end this game. I am not finding it enjoyable to not know where I am going wrong. If, after a defeated scene, I were shown where the missing pieces were hidden, then I might learn something and continue ahead with a bit more knowledge. Just being told that I missed 20 hidden pieces teaches me nothing!

Jo Earnshaw


lena fowler

Good fun

Michael Kratzer

I love this game

Jon Ellis

I Like the game but it keeps crapping out and way too much in game ads.

Gina Cooper

Just started the game so far nothing I can think of needs changing keep up the great work . Loving the game so far. 🙂

Jango Spencer

The characters look incredible, and the locations are magnificent! I'm not a big fan on the time limit, though. But, at least there ain't no time limit on the Match-3 levels. So, that's good. 😉👍

Drew Bumpas

Too many unknowns. Just to much trouble to get ruby's and other items to keep game exciting.

Tamria Hasrings




Dan Nelson


Sarah White

Enjoying this game so far

Winter Phoenix

The game's pretty fun.


Fun game so far

Kathy Stad

It's a good hidden object game if you want something fairly relaxed and not too difficult.

Benjamin Sayger

Fun so far.

John Dunmore

Cracking job watson

Kirsty MacPhail

Love this game

Matt Bedding

Devilishly addictive, great music and graphics, you dont need to spend money to enjoy this, although you would enjoy it for longer each time you played if you did pay.

Kevin Kelly

This game is challenging.

Wendy Probert


Scott Taylor

Because you asked for feedback

JustUsFour Zookeepers

Too much push to social/BUY BUY BUY. You can never just play a Free game,too many out there, so delete and try another game. If I wanted to pay, I would just buy a board game.

Mena Martin

Brilliant game and am still playing. Looking for more just like Sherlock..

Tomora Howard

Fun game

Shelby McMahon

Love this game

Enrique Martinez

It's a really good fun game

Paulette Kilgore

I like it. Odd, but interesting. I like that I can see how much energy I have, and what a given action will 'cost' in energy.

richard peak


Mary Gallivan

Great experience

Kelsey Stevens

Very good

chad bodenbender

Good game

Lemecia Armoed

Loving this game!!!

Debra Walker

Love this game. I like that each time you play it the objects are in different places. My new addiction

Linda Sullivan

Fun game

Engi Colney


Mark McGrath

Fun game to play just wish I could expand scenes more as some objects hard to see

Karen Gardiner

Very good ☺️

janet spall


Stephanie Rees

Fun game

Steffan Packer

Hidden objects games are fun, they switch to spot the difference after a while though. I would have given 4 stars but the excessive amount of pop up ads that have been happening recently are really annoying

Rudolph Cantu Jr

It's a fun game I'm trying to figure out the puzzles

Pauline Morton

Challenges ,costly

Anita Mcclelland

Love this game

Crystal D.

This game is alot of fun!

Lynette White

Ok game

Andy Sanders

Good game

Kathryn Slaughter

Interesting but expensive

Ray Thompson

Thought provoking

Ramond White


Phil Prvkett


Kathleen Golding

I really like the you can play short rounds so that you can get a short break or play a couple of quests for a long break

Alma Garza

It keep me busy

Jeremy Jones

Fun game. All the levels are great

Kastytis Svagzdys

Some of the things not exist and you never ever gonna find them. As my example - falcon and pair of compasses. They simple does not exist. Another drain of money game if you wanna go further. With clearly mismath wih logic

Kellie Gray

Nice and relaxing game, easy to read and enjoy

patricia carlon

I really like this game. .if you get fed up with match three you can change to hidden objects works both ways.

Pat Brunton

Most book tasks have reasonable times to get the tasks done until you get to a higher level then it's hard to advance if you do not spend money to buy diamonds


The library is beautiful!! It is so difficult to find objects to complete monthly quests. Why does each play use so much energy. I'm spending way to much time and money on this game. Ugh-

Talasha Cook


Patti Thomas

Highly addicting game.But I do 💕 LOVE 💕 IT❗👌🏼❗👌🏼❗👌🏼❗👌🏼❗👌🏼❗👌🏼Love this game

Sadie Yardley


Denise Seeley

Grat game but sometimes frustrating

Carol Taylor

varity of games

Deborah Pavich

Addictive, fun and challenging.

Connie James

Love this game

Christine Culberson

When will the July update be available?

marilou villamor

Ok the game

Laura Lewin


Tom Richardson


Debra Richardson

Costs too much

Tyla Shuman

It's a cute little game to play.

Lula Levingston

So far so good 😀

Rachel Garcia

Game is wonderful but glitches allot kicks me out of the game but very entertaining! Very challenging