Sheep Tycoon

Author: NO ANSWER studio

10,000+ install


Sheep Tycoon – Shear wool and become a tycoon!

Detailed info

File size: 52M
Update time: September 12, 2021
Current version: 1.1.11
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: NO ANSWER studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

careless camel

I would really like to try out the game, but it's stuck on the loading screen. Edit: I finally got it to work! Overall, it's a cute game. Though i was a little confused by the mechanisms the tutorial tried to explain to me. It also turned out to be not quite to my liking in general when it comes to games, but I'm sure others can enjoy it.

Saya Jajakila

My money

Jacynta Mckechnie

Just not interesting

Kendall Smith

Cute, fun time killer. Wish i could have done more that 5 videos for sunshine

Sarah Shannon

It's cute, it's fairly fun but there doesn't seem to be a permanent way to automate shearing the sheep and it gets old pretty fast. Let me watch an add or something to automate it.

Jill Lim

Awesome 😎

Nej Nej

I like it, I do however prefer it automated and that's impossible to get permanently. The energy also bothers me a lot, and I can't watch any ads to refill it either. I prefer being able to play my games for as long as I want, and often the energy just goes down if you fail a level but that's not the case here which seems weird to me. Back to the part timers, I personally think that they should be upgrades you can buy with gold for your farm and not luxury items you buy with gems.

Alisha Stamour

I love it how you have to shoot the wolf but when you run out of ammo and a wolf comes you have to just watch a sheep die and then pay 30 diamond's ifs kinda a rip off

shy zim

Cute so far and fun. Wish there was a catalog of sheep though.

silvia chan

Most hated game

Andria K

Interesting game. Different than any tycoon game I've ever played but it's truly Addicting!

amro mega

What become a low income means ?

Chiyo Late

I love the latest update where the Monkey could reduce both traders' demand. With this I can save up wools without disappointing the traders. Keep the game updated! more animals would be good, and / or multiple / seasonal leaderboards with different set of rules etc.., so new and old players can compete from fresh start!

Bunni Love

This is actually really cute omg

Mighty Possum

Updated 20th April and now it won't load.

Glenda Mendoza


Madeleine 343

This game is great, the only complaint I have is that you have to wait like ten minutes for a sun to play another level. I know the devs make money when people buy more suns, but this is the kind of game that you can play for an hour and think it's only been minutes, but you cant di tgat if you have to wait between each level

Jenni Marshall

Really cute and simple little game! Love it

Garbage Games

UPDATE: (I am aware of when you can sell... this game has bugs and one of them is randomly having no on screen button when the trader truck pulls up) Frequently cannot sell wool due to there being no on screen button at the time you need there to be one. Definitely not the only bug but one of the worst. Avoid this game for now.