Sharpen The Knife

Author: MagicAnt.Inc

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Sharpen The Knife – Let’s revive the rusted knife as new!

Let’s revive the rusted knife as new!

First, fix the nicked knife. Use a sharpener to sharpen the knife.
Next, remove the rust cleanly. Use strong foam and a sponge to polish it up.

How is the sharpness? Check the sharpness to cut the meat ,vegetables, fruits and more!

There will be various knives and cutting games in this game.
It is also necessary to sharpen knives with a grinder and sharpen KATANA with a whetstone! Let’s concentrate on Zen.

Can you complete all the knives?

Detailed info

File size: 69M
Update time: September 28, 2021
Current version: 1.7.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: MagicAnt.Inc
Price: Free
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Customer review


So I don't mind the ads too much (but there are a ridiculous amount of them), especially cause I loved the idea of this game. But I've used it for less than an hour and its crashed on me 3 separate times and reset my progress. Plus the game is very repetitive, its the same 4 sharpening tasks and the same maybe 8 cutting tasks. Thats it.

Stephanie Droker

Thanks for crashing and resetting my progress. Now I can uninstall and make room on my phone 👌

Just a normal cat

There is only one way i can describe this game ADS LITERALLY ADS EVERY 10 SECONDS no exaggeration also the game itself is boring as hell i got bored of it a minute in THE GAME IS 000.1 GAME AND 99 ADS DON'T RECOMMEND UNLESS YOU WANT THESE BASTERDS TO GET MONEY THEY EARN MONEY FOR EVERY AD PEOPLE WATCH IN THEIR GAME EVEN THE ADS ON YT OF THIS GAME DON'T PLAY RIGHT ALSO THERE IS NO POINT IN CLICKING NO THANKS CAUSE IT MAKES YOU WATCH THE AD ANYWAY all 5 star comment are bots they say it has no ads

blush noob


DeathCab Kitty

Continues to crash mid level. Truly unplayable.

many soup

It's ok for about 30 seconds then it gets boring and it just sux

Nate H.

Very fun best game ever highly recomed

joeyoung Jones

It's cool

f e a d

There are WAY to manh ads. I checked the times spent on it and it was six minutes 5 minutes spent in ads. The cutting of the game isn't good either. When you have to cut whatever you have to cut, it kind of just does it for you. Shaprening whatever you're sharpening is too easy, you just move your finger up and down. After you finish a level you have to watch an ad automatically, since you have to watch an ad to move on you have to watch two ads in a row constantly. It's a game for ads!

ink bomb

You finish a knife don't want to watch a add to get to the next level they shove a add in your face after every level it is just add after add after add

Mikey Weymer


mia Veale

It is really cool

Irshad Kausar

Play game cuttten Sharpen knife the now Wash and knife Good you win Mommy good boy good job


It's a fun game but when it ask if you want to watch an ad to get a new knife and you click no thanks it forces you to watch an ad anyway and get the knife even if you didn't want it and the game keeps crashing on level 6 : pineapple knife so I uninstalled . The game can also be so glitchy


I love ads!

content_hub _official

Very cool

rokhsana shahinnia

بد نیست


Add after add, no point in "claiming" an item via a full 30 second add when you can lose it, get a 5 second and skip add.

Ian Reynolds

TOO MANY ADS: do not download

Tom Mason

Excellent for those who like knives

Anaisa Rodriguez


Prabhat Sharma

Loved it's

Tristan Gross


Sami Nelson


Alex Potter

1 - 3 ADS per step dont bother

God is good all the time!!

This game is annoying there are so many ads omg do not download this game it is very slow because of the ads every time i finish a level a ad pops out of nowhere i hate it can you guys fix it plz

Nahom Zerihun

It is very and you get to sharpen the knife

John Vieira

GameStop's too many ads

Kevin Lucas

Knife sharpening is awesome!

Mason Clark

Ads too many

Dillon Noel


Victoria Chubaty

Ad grab

chasity chauvin

All this games does is crash on me and I play the same level over and over

hadley sivil



Not a bad game has little ads

Mark Stevens

This game sucks because you can't sharpen another blade without having to watch a video and if you choose lose it will automaticly start video eventhough you want to watch it.

Samir Rysha

I love it

Asim Siddiqui

First I think I don't download because the reviews is bad but I download and it is amazing game I like so much it is fun game

Mariah Wallace

To many ads fix it😡

Samphires Channel

Too much ads