Sharkosaurus Rampage

Author: gametornado

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Sharkosaurus Rampage
There is a secret underground laboratory hidden in the middle of the California’s Redwoods.
Mad scientists are trying to clone a killer monster combining shark’s and dinosaurs DNA.

You as a Sharkosaurus has to escape the secret lab and fight the security service working for science corporation.

Fight armored vehicles, military cars, jet-pack dudes, tanks, helicopters, quad bikes , monster trucks, jet planes and even a huge dragon monster.
Smash the cars, eat enemies and destroy the lab equipment to stop the corporation from DNA fraud activities.
Eat ammo-boxes to be equipped with a super laser gun.
Use various kinds of mechanisms to activate doors, elevators and stairs.

Do you have enough courage to escape, or you stay in the specimen container waiting for the next DNA test?

If you chose to fight, good luck!

Detailed info

File size: 75M
Update time: April 22, 2022
Current version: 1.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: gametornado
Price: Free
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Customer review

Aboud Elbaz

Awesome Better Than Zig And Sharko Even Though I Neutral To Zig And Sharko In My Opinion

Saromi Carranza

It nice but can u Make a game where we play as a Plz

Yaohanis. Iyus


Ryangamerpro 2021

The game looks really cool buuut, when I tried to join the game, the privacy policy keeps making the game crash. Can you please fix it. Your other games are super cool.

Jveion Caplr

Really good game I'm a fan you should try it it's amazing blood in the options 😀

Donna Salvana

it wont work the start of the game the policy will crahs my game pls fixe it pls

Thuy Dai Hai

Fake game


It's nice but in day 8 it is impossible to defeat him there is no way to kill him it's impossible please change that

Shahid Jamal

Too Hard


Change the rating to mature or make a mature version it would be cool to see it as gory as short life

Saad Abu Naser

I love it

sitimusliharni mahmod

Is so beautiful

Jossie Cisneros

Confusing I can barely bite or eat some of the stuff with the controls, some times the audio goes out and lags

Shutz Shuhada


Robertson Alicea

Can you make a game of snake and put what to be a person or the snake so can you make that game because I love your games so much.

Kail James

Scientists have found a new species of dinosaur but this interesting dinosaur has the DNA of a shark now they call it (sharkosaurus🦈🦖) Fernando

It's very hard this is not like another games

Dr. zomgadge plush

Great game l completed all levels


If this is not Lag on my Phone, for me, this is one of the best game i played, this is like the game what i played before (Splinter Cell) but here your character is not a human.

Iftear Ahmed Esan

I am become king shark if there is starrow

Luke Momberg

The games are to hard worst game i havz played

Ali Ammar

😡 why you kicking me out I hate you so much

Ghedie blue Gampay

Great new game it's king shark thx

Yvas Masiulis

Could the kingmaker Spinosaurus one please

Claude Lingad

Bad game, the controls is hard to use and the 8th boss is so hard i dont like playing this new game miami rex and rio rex is much better.

Jaun Ala


Bransen Meyers

I loved this game and everything that came out of it however If I had one complaint it would be that there is only one other monster in the game hopefully more monster bosses will be added later but this was definitely a great game.

Brendan Roehrig

Pretty cool. Always thought gametornado should make a shark game. The controls are a bit weird at times though. Edit: the control scheme itself is not necessary bad, it's just a little defective sometimes, like when running and the sharkasaur will sit down if you put slightly too low. Though this problem doesn't occur much anymore

Marin Yamm

Sharkosaurus And I will be the

Criselda Dig

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm like the game has no ads easy to follow like the last fight of it give mmm about 9999999999999999999999 stars (^_^) hehehehe 👌😍 GG's and like the back round name and control nice game ever good

Iyah Salleh

I'm like it

Dawn Machnik

My son enjoyed this game . He thinks it would be great though if there was a game that had the option of 99 creatures to select and you could create your own game!

Andrew Sherard

Add underwater attacks

Nurham Musahari

i like the

Miandro Graciano

this game is stupid and ugly it doesn't let me in the game wow

Nathan Mejorada

The game keeps crashing fix this!!!

Godzilla 122

Good game I hope you add more levels In the update

Se Alonso

The reason why I gave it a one star is because it won't even let me in the game.

Akram Danendra

Please just make a skin hammer head sharks

Suzy Smith

Vary gud gaem

Ina Espares

this thing wont work if u download it kick me out n glitch guys u BETTER GIVE THIS ONE STAR REALLY HATE THIS MUCH


Experience was Hard but I would rate this game if you atleast added this guy some kind of mini gun so it make it easier And why is the sharkosaurus so weak I enjoyed it but the sharkosaur was so weak and that caused me to lose everytime It took ages for me to finish certain levels and now I finished it, I hope you guys can make the game easier then I would change to 5 stars

Harraz Hanafi

Yes serrr!

Murni Swan

Cool Game But.... He still hate sharks. Can you pls update the game? The game is lagging

Ali Khan

Game wala game

Ricci Carson


Mr Reza


Ku Kanwal