Author: Deck of Dice Gaming, Inc.

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SHAKE IT UP! Dice – LET’S ROLL with this multiplayer game featuring the only deck-of-cards-on-dice!

Detailed info

File size: 189M
Update time: August 27, 2021
Current version: 0.2.15
Require Android: 8.0 and up
Developer: Deck of Dice Gaming, Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Melonie Grayson

Won't load

Md Motiur Rahman


Kevin V

Game froze up before 1st game

Janet Stock

Great game need more like it

Tammy Lyall

I love the game but cant get it to come on

Necro Luster

Fun and challenging!

Elivia Carey

Great game!!

Charity Valdivia

It ok

Rebecca Martin

Just started playing and I love it !! Much different from the boring games I play. Glad I found it.

Zach James

All the joy of playing cards with the fun of rolling dice! An overdue game idea. Love playing with my partner!

Jessica Thomas

Can you please find more like this!!! Can you find find twister 8 uno crazy 8 card game. That will make me real happy!!! Thank you

Sergiy Rozkin

Great tutorial, easy to start playing. Community experience is good. The game itself is great and run smoothly. Nice graphics. First time loading little bit slow, but second time starts fast.

Dmytro Lahoza

I like the idea of poker in dice. Also, it's nice to challenge my friends.

Michael Vance

I just downloaded this game and it doesn't even load at all please get back with me thank you very much

Satendra Kumar

Bed game

Bobbie Rogers

Fun fun

Chris Herrington (Chickenhawk)

Constant problems

lindsey lafountaine

Game wouldn't load

Jamie Suggs

Good Game. Fix the freezing on it though.

Erin Bottorf

I do love the game

Shelley Baker

Game lags and stops working

Lyndsay Varner

Love playing this game! Recently joined a tournament done through the apps Facebook page and that added to the entertainment. If you like dice/poker you'll like this game! Never hurts to try:)

Frances Hunt Hargett

Fun game, entertaining...

Kim Kanik

Great game. Quick to play and great community players.

Santiago Segura

Awesome game

Kevin Roche

Awesome! Even teaches you poker!

Pira Kwon

Easy to play! I've never learned how to play poker but thanks to this game I was able to pick up the terminology pretty quickly! Also love the bot options since it lets me keep playing while waiting for my opponent.

Jim Haltom

Okay, I was enjoying this game, until I started getting to the harder levels. If the computer opponents got better, then I would be alright. However, they don't get better. Your dice rolls get worse, and this is in an effort to make you purchase reroll hearts, which are freaking expensive. You will get beat a lot against the harder opponents, and all of the time if you run out of hearts.

maria cammarata


Jaymie Harvey

I didn't know if I like this game at first, but it's actually a pretty cool game. Never played a game quite like this one.

Nicole Kent

I want to give it a five star, but I can't because every time I go to open the app it closes on me. Very disappointed cuz I love this game. And would also like some new rounds. They need to change it up a little bit it's getting boring just by playing it for two days. And now I cannot open it.

Sherri Pratt

Love it

Andrea Hayes

Game not loading once it's installed

Justin Wright

Wont load just closes after opening

Philip Wagner

Ok but update of T&C's wiped out my W-L records.

James Hursthouse

It's not terrible, but the game is so heavily weighted in favour of those players willing to watch an ad to gain the extra roll it feels kind of pointless. I'm sure you guys will rake it in from your ad view revenue, but doesn't feel like the game is balanced as a result. Also, collecting your Achievements is tedious - should not have to click the image that appears after each press of 'Collect' - and you should implement a 'Collect All' - I'm thinking it will all be improved by Tournament Play.

Dlanor kahclaw

Fun easy game

Cory Roberts

Great game.

Margaret Pelley

I love this game!!!! The only thing that's missing for me is more stats. I like to know how I'm doing

Gabby Lautzenheiser

Lots of fun! Smooth gameplay and easy to learn. ♠️✨

Jake Schwartz

Super straight forward and easy to pickup, but lots of fun to play. Such a familiar set of rules but such a fresh take on poker mechanics!

Alexa Noble

Great game!

Tom Donelan

So easy and fun to play! Love to rock the dice with that pull-and-shoot design!

W “Mad Kally”

Needs to be fixed. I rolled the dice got a flush but game would only give me 2 pair. Wante to like but uninstalling