Semi Heroes 2: Endless Battle RPG Offline Game

Author: DIVMOB

10,000+ install


Evil monsters are all over the place again. What are you prepared to do?

★ Fun battles cross realms
★ Simple and addicting game play
★ Multiple game types
★ Unique cartoon style

Detailed info

File size: 64M
Update time: October 9, 2020
Current version: 1.2.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: DIVMOB
Price: Free
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Customer review

cLoveR QQ

Keep crashing so bad i cant even play like 1or2 minute

AHMAD magrown


Floro Sulse

So good


Really disappointing. I enjoyed the first game quite a bit. You have to watch an ad here to do anything. No incentive to play at all. Just an ad farm.

Brian Ross

Zany, and weird

Brandon Johnsen-Griffith

Fun to play and easy to learn.

Jasper Du Toit

I don't know what's wrong with this game I download download it I want to play it now is kicking me out can somebody fix it please


Ad watching simulator. There is no way you can progress in this game without watching ads every few seconds. Very disappointing...

Daisy Cura


Strider Bantegui

Ad based gameplay is bad design. You can't play the game for 2 minutes without being forced to watch an ad or cripple your gameplay experience.


Way too many forced ads that is an old tactic stop it

Darea Pikachu

Its cool those 1 star people suck prob

Praveen Bhardwaj

If you want to play it then go for it.. but makes will ensure that u spend half of the time in watching ads.. gameplay is brainless anyways... 30 seconds gameplay and 30 seconds ada.. what fun!!!!

dude Wick

this game is really fun but the issues is the ad but five star it's a awesome game

Yvan Esguerra

Mediocre idle game.


They just want you to install the app and watch ads. THIS IS NOT A GAME JUST AN AD BILLBOARD

Heri Firmansyah

If u want to evolve the heroes, u MUST watch ads first. Wow, endless battle? Its more like endless ads.

Michael Breian Paraiso


Jephmar Lagdan

The way this game's developers force you to watch ads to progress any further into the game (recruit heroes, upgrade hero rank) is absoultely criminal. They even prey on your initial instincts to click a claim button and trick you into playing an ad. The gameplay tired, there is nothing charming or unique about this game; you can't hide trash game development behind a wall of advertisements. Don't waste your time playing this game, it's absolutely boring, lifeless, and deceiving.

Ahmad Asiri

One star because of forced ad you want me to watch ads i have no problem you can learn from a game called crash them all where you can play and choose when to watch ads sadly forced ad is un old tactic that ppl already sick of .

May Ann Francisco

So much ads even if you don't want the rewards the ads will just insert itself into the game

jeric alim

123 japam


Sandas Game

Adriano Esteves

Too much advertisements. If you move 1 if you change more 1....I have nore time watching advertisements that playing.

Slasher GAMING

Bobo kayo.

All types Of cartoon

This a tte


you need to watch an ad just to evolve your heroes? that is 100% not free to play, get your facts right developers.

Naga Emas Channel

I love this game with the cutest little hero


Nice Game