Sea Lords

Author: Gnarly

100K+ install


Collect, Trade and Battle

Sea Lords is an arcade game about survival, building & battles.
Hire your crew to sell goods and earn gold
Equip you crew with armors and attack on other ships

* COLLECT: Catch fish, collect wood, pull metal
* TRADE: Sell goods to merchants and earn gold
* BATTLE: Invade other ships and loot treasure chests
* GEARS: Unlock new swords and armors
* SIMULATION: Hire crew and use them in trading and battles

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 6, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Gnarly
Price: Free
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Customer review

Samuel Ungurean

Any chance to give less than one star? After 4 seconds of playing, An add pop-up. How cool is that?

Stephanie Garner

Like the game but it crashes after every ad which btw are very frequent

Jessica_Blade Potgieter

I like the idea in it but right now theres only 3 tasks to do upgrade 3 times and then just get gold and more ppl thats its

mr, oof


Monica S

I just downloaded it but it freezes up n it closes the game it looks looks like fun but i can't play it when are the new updates coming I was trying to watch a video for a new fishing but it closes it or freezes up

Amin Al-helali

Well thank you keep the update going when its reslease in october in 1st of 2022 but do it very cool creater of sea lords keep going as u prosmise someone 😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍👍👍🐺🐺🐺🐺❤❤❤❤❤🤘🤘🤘🤘


Great game, needs more content.

ellie tay

The game has some potential but has way too many forced ads

Eng. Mokles Ctg

Save this game 🎯💯

Arnold Marfil

Ads is so ridiculous I just want to play this game but the ads is showing on

Angel Platt

Yeah 10sec for the ads fix it now! Please

Diana & Ken Trojan

Fun game


The best

Mercy Dalit

This game is trash.

A Google user

Im going to play im so exited

mahmuda jesmin

Very bad game very very bad Don't play this game ever so bad game

Neha Patle

nice game

Sunita Yadav

Nice game

matthew wilkinson

An ad every minute. Got a response, looks like they deleted it in shame.

Vahid Gh

🤔 ... isn't complete yet! There's a lot time left to become a game!

Trent Paton

I love the game but I've got two things I don't like 1. Why is there is so many adds and 2. The weapon generator when it is level two you can't make any more swords it's very annoying when I get new people and they can't get a sword


Nothing to do. Way too many ads.

Ute Sarauer

Is this a game? NO! It's watch those adds! ......FAIL......IMMEDIATELY UNINSTALL.

Addison Rose

i know you need money but you need to chill out with the ads a bit

Paul O'Brien

More ads than gameplay , complete joke . Ads every 20-30secs . Uninstalling after 5mins of ads and 1 min of gameplay .

Sito Berry

Ads way too many.. every 10 second pop up once .Suck all the way Stupid admin

Sadashiv Jadhav

Daddy gaming experience and catch animals inc the most important for us and the most important for you and your own personal and

Ahmad Iskandar Rozaini

Cannot download and freezes my phone when i try to cancel it pls fix it

Mahendra Singh

Good like

Timothy Smith

Is literally going through every single level every single time like they're invisible

Casey Ewing

It doesn't have a cloud save so one star

Danniellie Butler

Ads are ridiculous 😑 I just wanna play the game but every 2 minutes there is another ad its absolutely ridiculous 🙄

Tiffany Leagan

I love you 😻😻😻😻😻

Isayia Palacio

Doesn't not work for one plus phones

Jamari Hopkins

The best game

david poitra


Ryze Jumalon

What a good game! I love this game!

i_go_ez_on_u cats

Fun game but I completed it too fast