Battle the ‘Scroodles’ in this fresh, fast, and fun word game! Take control of an eraser in his quest to defeat a group of mischievous drawings. Can you spell A-D-D-I-C-T-I-N-G?


* FUN CHARACTERS – Watch as Scroodles are drawn to life at the start of each level, then create words to erase them! Every Scroodle is colorfully illustrated and animated with individual voices and character profiles!

* UNIQUE OPPONENTS – Each Scroodle has unique stats for health, intelligence, and speed. Some Scroodles also cast ‘Word Spells’ requiring smart strategies to defeat.

* POWERUPS – Randomly generated powerups add fresh fun every round. Can you find a way to use that ‘P’ in a word to freeze a Scroodle?

* GAME BOARD MADNESS – Every level has a different ‘board’ layout, such as Double Word or Triple Letter. Can you find a way to use a ‘Q’ on the Double Letter square for huge points?!

* COMPETE WITH FRIENDS – See how you measure up against Facebook friends with level-based leaderboards!

Now a note from the Wizard:

“Hey Dummy, someone with your IQ should really spend their time watching chickens get hit by cars or matching colored shapes. Don’t bother with this game, my Scroodles are too smart.”

WARNING: Scroodles can be ADDICTING, ADDICTING, ADDICTING, and also ADDICTING! Ask your doctor before playing.

Ready for a fun challenge? Are you smarter than the Scroodles?

Detailed info

File size: 61M
Update time: December 13, 2020
Current version: 3.0.2
Require Android: 8.0 and up
Developer: Mad Sally Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jason Brown

Simply a word game with RPG elements

Rawan Yasser

So satisfying

Laurel Wolfe

I absolutely love this game! The characters are funny and creative and I love a game where its not too hard yet it challanges me. Love it!! BUT......no new levels and no answer to emails. Those who developed this game must not be active. That is a shame for this is a great game.

Shelley Gillette

Great game!

Flatty Phone

This game could be a lot of fun. The biggest problem is that it cheats you. Gives coins then takes them away. Mostly, the game is set up to frustrate you into in app purchases. Makes it a game of patience if you are not a financially itresponsible child. Not really worth it.

Danica Coughlin

Needs more levels

Gilbert Lopez

Some of the levels are ridiculous hard. I finally beat level 94, in 2 turns, with 63% health left, and still got zero stars. Update 10/2019 My wife told me they finally had new levels after 3 years, so I reloaded the game, only to find that when I played the game without wifi, it reset my coins. So, I lost all of my coins from beating levels and watching ads.

debbie starman

cant log onto facebook and youre forcing too many ads on us. Other than that, love the game

Simone Cooper

great game

Let Soldevilla

love it

A Google user

one of the best games I've found on android

John Orosz

the game is full of fun and I truly appreciate.

A Google user

entertaining game

YumiCute Layosa

Kinda Scary But This Is The Game I've Chosen Since 2017 I Run Out Of Hearts In Fairytale Forest After My Fight With 2 Mirrors & one Healer Fairy Who Heals Scroodles With The Blah Blah Blah I say no way but now its yes way This Cment Has Brought U By A&YTR

Laura Gibson

Apparently the developers have given up on this game; same comment I had back in June. Game hasn't been updated since Feb. 2016 so I stand by my statement.

Gabany Tribe

My fave. Wish it would update!!!

Care Carrillo

More levels please...

tony mckinnon

I really like this game but when I went to get more lives with my coins it took the coins but didnt give me any lives.

Desiree Williams

Awesome neat fun!!!

Daniel Wallace

Great game. Very fun and good for the brain

Shilpa Avasthi Ojha

please add more levels i was cleared all

Wow Wow

It's totally fun

Javita Grace

Need more hearts

Giriraj Bhatia

Nice Game

K Al

highly addictive, will challenge even the best word players

Kelly StFranzel

Fun time killer

Ot Cami 23

Loved it, I am hacking a bit. HEEHEE

Jollene Martin


Babe in a Bunker

The game is fun, but it's too hard to earn coins...which you need to make any kind​ of progress. Also a little pricy to buy them.

Erica Hardman

This game is so addictive and fun!

Katie Hnizdil

Fun game! I want more challenge levels!

A Google user

More levels please!!!!

raghavendra goud


katimeana keloy

I've finished all the levels :(

Kate Tibay Fercol


Mya Rachelle Zuniga

Love love L-O-V-E-E-E-E-E it! The Scroodles voices are more annoying but as hilarious as their drawings. Clever and challenging. Much more than I bargained for and I play more than I expected because of that. The *dictionary* of accepted words is a bit suspect but for many people that's a pro not con--personally it's annoying but not a dealbreaker. Ask yourself: hellooooo they're scribbles & doodles on my phone how smart do I expect them to be??? Then come play 😎

Ash L

One of the most enjoyable word games I found in a very long time. The only complaint I have is that I finished all the levels and I need more!

Symphony Stockenberger

Kind of lame... not what I was looking for...


So much fun! Until it got so hard so quick. Can't win now and I'm not even that far through the game... :/


Got too hard by level 20.