School Party Craft

Author: Candy Room Games & RabbitCo

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Come to the craziest party in the night club for girls and boys, for schoolchildren and teenagers! Meet new friends! Relax and have fun, order music from DJs! Invite girls to guys to dance! Chat with other characters! Be fashionable and stylish – walk around the city, swim in the pool, go to the cinema, ride in cars and dance in the fashion club! Decide who will face-control your club! Who is hanging out at your club today, and who is sitting at home! Build and plan your interior and apartment design in your style and creative taste! Install new furniture, equipment, disco balls or remove your club under the base! Be a restaurateur, designer of your mansion! Create and create your ideal fantasy world! Become a pixel fairy tale designer! Color this world with your colors! You are the creator of your city!

Detailed info

File size: 31M
Update time: June 22, 2021
Current version: 1.5.6
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Candy Room Games & RabbitCo
Price: Free
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Customer review

shriniwas Vaishanvi Jadhav

It is nice game


I like this game

anju ale

I like this game a lot

Rita Chand

666666666666to was not in her first position at this time but the sun was so strong and the caves are 8th in line to be in a very good place and she had been able and ranbir had been very nice to her in 3AM for the first two years and ranbir was very good at the time and the way it came and the characters and characters in this movie are very nice but I think she is very much a good thing to play and I don't know if she's a habit or not because she's the only thing I can think is that she's not

Sunita Devi


Amirmohammad Hazraty



Op game

Darshna Rani

Very good game

Maureen Queturas



So nice app

Mariyam Khan


Sheazan Sadaf

This is the game of two much

Karan Bhandari


Neha Kumari

Best game

Jagannath Kapri


sunita khiriya

This is very good game this game party center is very good please try it.

Ryan Handke

It's so nic u have everything

Ronelie faja Balediata

love it my daughter loves it

Shamin Sampa

very nich game

Ratna Lal Masih

Very very nice game...👍👍👆

Surdashn Singh

God leletv game

Balwinder Kaur

This is very very cool game.

Sanu Shibu


Rakesh Gurung

Very nice game at first it was difficult but now it's easy

Lee Xin ru

It is sooooooo fun

Kedarnath Tiwari

This game is very goo graphics

je xd

Nice, but can you add some new world?



Abida Shadab

I love this game

Dhiraj Kochhar

Very good game

Ahmad Rafeeq


Aryan Kumar Roll number 20 class 1A

very dm

Cynthia mmuka

It is awsome

Bardiya Banimostafa

بهترين بازی دنیا است

Prince Biswajit

It is very good game

Parmjit Kaur


Chanda Anil Taneja

This app is super duper uop ultra over power

Marwa Khwajha

Very good game ilike it


Night oieiudiiojlj8hh7m

Chaina Singh



Omg I love it but can you fix it I want to see real players I don't want to talk to bots?

Ysrael Hingoy

Its so nice game

Vanita Jadhav


mitali das

Very good

shital soalnki


jhun Colot

My tommy is berry swettt

Murugan Murugan

Super game

Vijay giriyappagoudar




Ajit Minj

My coins 100000000000000000000000000000000000

Rita Komal

Very good

Sam Semera

I like this gqme but when i get a skin it dosent work



kriti kataria

Amazing game

Saleem Ansari


Asiya Nabi

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Lhoise chyzca Olanda

So fun

Suresh Kalange

Nice game 🤟❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😌👍👍👍👍😘



Subhash Jain

Op in the world

Parbin Ahmed


Husan Brar

I like it

Dinesh aswar

Op game


So good

Urmila Singh


Bhakti Borade

This game is amezing

Jasmine Mckayla Mazo

Its almost a great game but maybe pls in the next update maybe you can add more houses or maybe buildings the game is looking too small Thankyou!


Hi i really like this game but this game is rated for 3+ but when i was in the gas station this npc said a badword and i thought this is a kids game pls fix this

whippinfish outdoors

Really good

Ana Louis

I love this game ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

manish pawar

School party nice

Alexander Tudela

Add Mini Games?

Ianne Cassandra Geronimo

I love this game

tariro annah Mufakwadziya

I love this game but i think it needs a multiplayer mode were you can play with your friends guys you should dowload this game because it is real y great thank you so much party craft

Ekta sharma


Harsh000 gill


Tan Howard

Sweet game but real people pleassse and relationships ya know like love hate besty stuff like that plea$ssssssse

johnrhey parativo

This game so nice😃😃

nitu kumari

Nice game

Nasrin Akter


Ryan Brading

I'm literally spending an hour on us.

Aanandi Kangane

I like this game

Md Sahadat


Karlo Wacky

Good cool😍😍😍

Miguel Gonzalez

This game is so fun i like to stell ppl cars and see them sir on the floor

Solomon Appiah

We need a bigger map with airport,harbour and hospital and work in the game like getting a job application and I also get like A Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon in black in the game

Jody Bohardien

The problem with this game is you can't use the furniture like the light,s you can't switch off and on and the players don't work,walk or run they are just whole day on their phone they don't clean the garbaso they just stand whole day on their phone and I don't like when I chat with my friends they ask who are you and says hello everyone and happiness to everyone please remove that words because the who are you words what they say means they being rude to me. They are my friends not my enemies so please fix that and make me able to reply to sms,s what my friend,s send me. not the chat. normal reply and please make the city time slower like the last update 1.6.3

Kushwahaji Kushwaha ji

Op game

Ngawang R. Dhendup

Good game dude I like it make more games like that 😎

Rowena De Silva

THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL GAME!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🥲🥲🥲😀

sushanth sushanth


Daljit Singh Daljit Singh

Good game

Sonika Sharma


T.S.Madhavan Pillai

It is very good

Shweta Kumari


Pramod Kumar


Kabita Das

This game is best . Ilike the game but plz change the steering wheel and make a mechanical shop to upgrade and make some job

Muqaddas Ali


Nicole Cristobal

Please add ability of sleeping,and add more places.

Jason Perin

Game school party craft