Scavenger Hunt

Author: Popcore Games

1M+ install


Welcome to the scavenger hunt! If you love playing search and find hidden objects games, you have come to the right place!

The Scavenger Hunt game is a level-up to the hidden objects genre – our maps are alive! You can see kids playing in the park, athletes working out, grannies blocking cars in a parking jam, all with one common purpose – to distract you from the scavenger hunt!

Seek and find games have never been this fun! Search, find, and collect hidden objects throughout the maps on your journey to unlock more maps in this search and find game! Hidden pictures are everywhere – under a tree, next to granny, or on the roof? Zoom in and swipe through the map to collect all the hidden objects.

If search and find games are your jam, you don’t want to miss out on Scavenger Hunt!

▶ PLAY the next generation of search and find games. Collecting hidden objects has never been this satisfying!
▶ SWIPE through the map and collect all the items.
▶ GET more maps by collecting all the hidden objects.
▶ UNLOCK beautiful new locations with each cleared area!

Customer review

Deep jit Dey


Athena Grinter

Great game

zigy 26

Ads every 10 seconds.

Becky Bell

Love the scavenger hunt. Hate the ads popping up every 5 secs.

Helena Hubbard

If you don't made a pop up ad every 50 seconds, you'll love this game.

Laura Covington

I loved this game until the latest update. 2 of the puzzles are gone! The new mini games are awful! I fully intend to uninstall this app if it continues as is!☹️

Jennifer Bradley

good game

Dana Robinson

Hmm, this was a great game up until the last update! Some of my scenes have disappeared and I can't see the level I'm on anymore! It didn't UPdate, it DOWNdated 👎

Rickety Sprocket

I really want to give this more stars but the ads make it almost unplayable. You barely have time to look around before a new ad pops up, I mean it's like new ads every 30 seconds to 1 min and they last about 30 seconds. There are more ads than there is playable game time 😖 The art work is really cute, there are all kinds of little details that tell a story in each puzzle. I seriously would love this game if it wasn't for the frequency of the ads. Really great game ruined by too many ads.

Taryan Hudecz

to many ads

Jackie Lovelace

What happened? All of a sudden I'm missing scenes. What happened to Sports World and the snow ski scene I just found all of Bigfoot's foot prints, and today I'm miss stuff.

Lindsey Winn

too many ads

Utari Diana Putri



To many adds!!!

grace arusab

Nice and cute

Danny Sherman


Regina Spinola

This game is so god damn annoying who the hell needs a god damn ad every 4 freaking seconds like please don't waste your time.

Samantha Eves

So so so many adverts!!!! More than any other game I've ever played. And the game suggestions are inappropriate and not suitable for children who are playing this particular game.

Anthony Anderson

Great game and fun but..... this last update removed at least 2 of the most recently added maps.

Razor Sharp Graphics

Couldn't play it, ad said only with 20/20 vision can beat it. I don't have 20/20 vision

Wanda Rudler

Cool game with ok graphics but way way to many ads. Every few pieces you find you have to watch yet another ad so I'm taking away a star

Mark Esslinger

Won't connect to wifi on my Fire tablet.

Margarida Caetano

I loooove this game but from yesterday, I cant play much as the worlds are basically gone and the new features disappeared... It only shows till the scavengerella and I was really advanced already in the other worlds... Can you do something about this? It's so frustrating

April Galbraith

Personally I like this game

Nikki Johnson

Too many ads so had to pay extra to remove.


it's good. Too many ads too often tho

Our Family

an add every 30ish seconds is a bit frustrating. but the game is fun.

Bethany Smith

the amount of adverts that prevent fluid play will mean I delete this.

Leah Hills

Really fun game but I purchased the ad removal and while it took my money, it will not complete the purchase and remove the ads. I did try to email the developer but they never got back to me.

sherry mcmanus

Game is good, but too many fkn ads.... every 30 seconds. Do better!

Chris Dorsett

Love the app, it's great fun- my only complaint is that when I went to open it this morning, the game had reverted back to a previous install. The two newest maps are gone, as well as the daily section that was added in the last update. I'm not sure what's going on there.

Ross Nadin

far too many ads to make it enjoyable

Helen Creber

too many adverts - about every ten things you click you get an advert

Paul Morphew

Very fun and challenging. Ads only a few seconds long. I love how each scene has movement making it more challenging to search for the items. Each scene has much variety and I like how there's a zoom function to help you spot the really hidden items. They've added one scene since I started playing and apparently are working on more. I can't wait. Each scene also has multiple levels which increase in difficulty. Very well done.

Emma Meehan

Why..... Why the ads every 30 seconds.... and you may think I'm exaggerating... but no. They are every 30 seconds. And some have no options to skip or close, so you have to close the game and restart it. Game glitches .... items not found. And not for lack of trying. Even sitting through bum numbing YouTube videos to find them, they are not there in my game. Again.. ADVERTS!!! EVERY 30 SECONDS. or £5 to remove. Possibly would pay it if the game was beatable.


Way way way too many ads. At least 15 ads in the middle of one game. This could be a really fun game but it's not enjoyable at all. This game has more ads than any app I have seen. Cute idea except you have more ad time than game time. Uninstalling.

Juan Person

Nope I get it. They've moved thing's around. Good to go, good game's. Had to delve in, to realize the change. Sorry, for 1 star review.


Really enjoy this game's concept, but I paid to get rid of ads and I still get ads. I keep trying to restore my purchase to hopefully get rid of them, but there's a glitch that won't let me? Please fix, cuz I paid $5 for no ads and still get ads

Fenela Anne

I love this game, except that it has a lot of ads. 😤

Ariel Mae

I'm not usually one to complain about ads and I normally dont mind them but the ads in this game are one of the most excessive I've seen so far. There's an ad literally every 45-50 seconds. I timed it. Not even a full minute passes before an ad interupts your search. Takes away from the fun and experience of the game. Other than that I find it entertaining and somewhat challenging.

Brenda Webb

to many adds that disrupt game play


a fun game to play

K Peterson

too much advertisements

Samantha Lehtonen

Update: its actually worth the few dollars to remove the ads. I just hope it comes out with more levels. It would be an awesome game if it didn't have sooooo many ads, like every 30 seconds there is an ad

Mark Lovett

Too many adds! You find 3 items and then have to suffer an interruption. Great fun except for the ads. So will be deleting this game. See ya

Wicked Basket

It's buggy. You can't click on most of the things you're supposed to be looking for to "find them" every time you watch a video to use a tool it will say "no internet connection" in the process of you trying to use said tool. There is no time indicator on how long the tools are allowed to be used. You can't earn more tools you have to buy them with real world cash. And last but not least there is an ad every 10 seconds. If you can get past this it's fun to search for things that's why 2 stars.


There are way too many ads. I didn't even get through level one before I got two ads.

Purrfectly Plum

too many ads

Jaseza Rashah

too many ads..

Preston&Julie Downs


Deb Speight

Love it Opened it today to find I'd lost a map I was enjoying. I'm not great with timed games but the classic format is great

Chantel McFall

so many adds

Rita Showalter

It's fun. But I've been waiting for new levels for so long.

Moira Keenan

I love scavenger hunts (esp those on Two Dots), so a game made of them is wonderful. Accidental bumps being counted as purposely touching the screen are absurd! It happens too often. Accidentally touching something, I don't see what's been touched, so the appearance of it remains a mystery. With an extra minute in timed games, DON'T place the hour glass centre screen! Very obstructive & distracting, as though you're trying to prevent anyone from succeeding. STOP IT!

Kristi Herzog

Way way way to many ads very very frustrating

Sarah Cooper

Way too many ads. There's like an ad every minute even if you do nothing and just look around

Wahyu Iswandi

(Optional) Tell others what you think

amit sharma

Too much add breaks, annoying

Shawn & Kevin Donohue

too many ads too quick


I downloaded it and immediately uninstalled because there was a RIDICULOUS amount of ads. I usually don't mind ads, they have to make money somehow, but this is the first app that I felt was entirely way too much that it doesn't even make the game worth it at all whatsoever

Bethiah Richter

I like this game. I find it entertaining. My issue is that I don't mind ads, and this game really doesn't have many. If I want to watch an ad for a clue, "No internet, check your connection" but if choose to purchase hints, I am connected immediately. So free hints is a blatant lie and I hate being lied to.


WAY too many ads

Erica t

too many ads

Jennifer Meier

Ad pop-ups ever few seconds. Spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Do not recommend.

Lauren Miller

Way too many adds. Amount is ridiculous! Not worth it!

Kami S

Fun search game. It isn't super easy, and will take some time with some items. If you enjoy it, I recommend going ad free. There were a lot of ads before I purchased ad free. Have fun searching!!

Adrianna Elliott

the game will not be so bad if there weren't so many of the same items to find and the ads that keep popping up they suck makes my phone lag cuz I can be in the middle of a scavenger hunt and here comes an ad out of nowhere. but maybe not so many of the same items to look for and if you could make it where he didn't have to scroll back and forth to see the list of items you have to find that would be easier.

Kayla Artis

I like the game, but I purchased no ads and still receive adds after a few finds. Reached out about the issue and never received a reply.

Laura Walker

The ads are relentless


very good

Jay Martinez

Uninstaller it within 5 minutes. Cute game, but ads while playing was a turn off.

Hannah Bridges

I really like this game. I decided to pay for no ads. I was charged but it keeps saying to check my internet connection (which is working). I'm still stuck seeing ads. Have not had a response I will change my rating if I do.

Tony Marziano

Could be a fun game. But the game play is ruined because it breaks literally every 10-15 sec for an ad. Seriously, what's the point in creating and distributing a game if people can't play it? I don't mind ads. But within reason guys. Uninstalled.

James Kay

A potentially good game ruined by constant pop-up ads. A scavenger hunt, which requires your attention, is ruined if it is interupted by ads every few seconds. Run less ads or offer a paid-for version, and I may return to this, but otherwise its an easy avoid

Catherine Downer

Bought the and free version and it doesn't get rid of the ads tried to contact support but they still haven't responded 3 weeks later

Mel Blacke

Too many ads.....cannot decide if I like it well enough to buy because 9f the constant interruptions of the ads.

Irina Alisa Bee

Too many ads in the free version

katrijn allemeersch

Liked it untill the last update, now i can't select some objects even though they're the right ones that i need...

Michael McGonigal

Too many adds every 60 seconds or less n u can't avoid em

Rachel Pryor

Too many adverts,you don't get time to play!

Deborah Wrigley

Really love scavenger hunt but just did update and the powder hills one has disappeared???

Katrina Boniface-Rose

Love the concept, too many ads

Vicky Hall

Way to many ads, every 2/3 clicks an ad will pop up. Would be a good game but ads ruin it 🙄

Susan Sibez

I have sent 4 msgs to them. They havnt answered not one. I bought this game & it would be nice to use it like i did.

Stephanie Anne

I LOVE this game & it's really challenging but... First of all, you HAVE to buy the "no ads" experience which is about $5. I don't usually pay for any games but I loved this. The problem was that there was a 15+ second ad every 15-30 seconds. It was INFURIATING. So I had a blast playing it for a few weeks but now there's nothing new to do! I think there are only 7 landscapes. There are bonus games too but not very many. Every day I visit and all I see is "COMING SOON!". RELEASE SOMETHING!

vinoth kumar vnu

Ads are irritating

Peggy Budidharma

Too many ads

Leslie Clingan

Love the game but way too many ads pop almost every minute while ur trying to play....spend more time making ads go away than I do playing....very frustrating

Billy Ponder

Ads every 60 seconds. Can't concentrate on finding anything.

Phil Loud

ads ads ads. all the time!!! terrible

fizz bon bon

This game is highly enjoyable but the ads the amount of them make it to hard to play. I'm highly disappointed I don't mind ads but there are far to many

Elena Pollina

I was prepared to take adverts, but this amount is just insane... pity because the game would be lovely with a little more balance

Ibbie Lee

Way tooooo many ads‼️

Bryan Monroe


Barbara T

Super fun and Hard! But expensive for me...

Magdalena Yoseva

too many add

S Maher

Way too many ads. Need more chances to earn free hints or view longer ads for hints.

Jay F

Oh boy the adverts. I get developer's need adverts to get money but I've never seen a game that has this many. I uninstalled even though I was enjoying it.

Maria Baker

Shameful. This would be a top game but the ADS ARE OVERWHELMING. Geez Popcorn! Just have in-app purchases! This game is so fun you'd make a fortune. However, because of the HUGE amount of ADS which I HATE...I am uninstalling. I shouldn't have to pay to remove them and from what I've read in these reviews, that doesn't seem to work anyway.

Stephanie Johnstin