Save The Kingdom: Merge Towers

Author: Unimob Global

100,000+ install


Save The Kingdom: Merge Towers – Merge the tower and defeat all enemies

Detailed info

File size: 66M
Update time: September 4, 2021
Current version: 1.7
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Unimob Global
Price: Free
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Customer review

Johanne Jacob Enebrad

I love the game beacause i want tower defenses games and Zombie games this game is op but the problem is u cant beat certain Levels bc you need money so you need to watch ads and ads to beat it.

David F

Forced ads after optional ads are declined.

Katherine Howells

Idk why I did this

Andry Ewanto


McFlinders smith

As Friday afternoon arrived, I received an advertisement for this game. I was delighted by the prospect of being involved in trying a new mobile game. The events that followed were nothing short of an emotional Rollercoaster. After the game downloaded, I excitedly opened the app to play. The first 10 minutes went by as any minutes should, brain filled with dopamine as I combined tents on the screen. Gods shield filled me with hope for the success of my troops, then I got an ad, game is garbage.

Charlyn Dayne Fernandez

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Katie Griffith

If you want me to leave a good review maybe fix the fact that you can't use the key if you can watch ads

Jinky Roda



Game isn't like the ad

Than Swe


Floyd Aranyosi

Not what the ads showed.

Pavitra Goyal

Hack needed

Schubert Cabanlong

Because it is slow download

Min Min

trash lol

mark albus

Malware advertised this differently.

ganesh vikhe



I like that game i rate it 5 star

Melinda Ventura


hai hai

I can top up I give you money tankyou to by this save the kingdom

Frederick Douglas

don't get credit for watching the adds.

Michael Johnson

the ads show one thing but when I downloaded it was different

Tracy Cox

I like the game but it's hard

Jahid Ali

Anas Khan

Thea Panaga

I played this so many times i loved it i didnt have the big knight but i got it for free i love this game 5 stars

Sru Lanki

i never played this so yeah

Dallas Judge

a blast

Bruce Stickley

Cannot go further than level 8. The game has just quit advancing. The only way to contact them is to give them your email address or build an account with them. Game had potential but I think it's time to uninstall.

Jason Boutin

stupendous execution.

Rohit Mohalkar


John emil Corpuz

Baby is a

Belash Ahmed

too much add. 😡😡😡😡

Arief Ripana


fareedha hassan

What I can get it

Nicolas Morales


Ad Astra

Watch the ads to win : you'll get money 💸, gems 💎 , bonuses 🔋, rewards 🏆 , powerups 💪 , and everything. To collect your winnings you'll have to watch ads too. 😃 You'll get a reward for watching ads too! 🤣 It is not pay to win it is a watch (ads) to win game. 😜 I am not sure it is possible to loose as long as you watch the ads. 📺👀 The game is pretty simple. 😒 At least try it to see how far it goes to show you ads. 😹🤦

Lucas Smi

Did any of you steal my troops?

Andy Gaspard

Nice tower defence game but too many ads in it

Angel Cuba

The game is so cool

do dang quang

1 sao

Ljames Hentrich

Good game but its broken, it wont let you advance without watching ads but says that ads are unavailable

Mackenzie King

I regret getting this game it is no fun and honestly it's more frustrating than anything else

Nasi Goreng01

Not worth


Akala ko gaya nung nasa ads di nmn pala mag kaibang mag kaiba sa ads at nung nasa game na

Cleve Doyle

Not as advertised.

hugo gallardo

Waaaay too many ads and commercials.

Sub Versively

so far so good, i like the idea that i can watch the ad in order to get premium gifts, hope not to mess THAT UP in the future

jason hardy

This game is not as advertised

James Snapp

not at all what it advertises to be

Raisul Islam

Forced ads!!! Count me out.

Michael Jackson

Great game

Ty Wilson

telled me to

Shahzaib Uppal


Emalyn Icawat

Allen. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Stephen Alderfer

I just started make it easy to play

Peter hourany

AMZAING Game no bugs nothing its just it lags a bit

Aaron Rick Bactong

This is fun but i like it i love combining games

John Locke

Not remotely the game I believed I was downloading.

Sushil Nehra

sharuys Nehra

Zishan Ahmad

Loves it.

Rohit Raj

Stupid game doesn't work properly at all

Jeff Benson

Pretty cool game

Elan AdItYa

good game

Samane Hatami

خیلی خیلی خوبه

Leonardo Sands

It's a good game

Pouya Teymoorian

problem with ads


in a word SHITE

Noah Mackey

Way too many ads

Kirk Romero



every time i open the game its just black screening me every time

Aletna Strauss

Amasen game !

J Bryan Shoell

Adds for this app are deceptive, adds after every round

Ayan Ali

nice 🥰🥰💝 ali

Malcolm Johnson

alot of adverts

Matt Kasler

too many ads

Jatziri Valle

Four stars because after I play for a little while it gets laggy.

Tony Chavez

very fun can't stop playing it

rudi Van Schalkwyk

I am a god

Roger Freeman

Not as advertised, mildly entertaining for a short time.

Colton Weferling

I love this fun game

Shanna Damron

i have it my dad says i can have it soo yeah its good

Wassim Saade


Knowledge is Power

very much of a stratagey game

Grant Howze

Nothing like the ad shows. False advertising to get you to install it and watch ads.

aimagen gaspayad

if anyone says the adds are soo anoyying try this trick (re-open the app)

Daniel Gabre


Allan M Chileshe


Joshua Williams

Horrible gotcha percentages, if it's even possible to summon something higher than a blue soldier. Game is fun, not very unique. However, grows old pretty fast.

Tony Holland

not like add indicated. boring

Krazy Kaos

its good but sometimes it gets bad so not


Why does my game keep crashing when i see this broken ad?

Jeff Krohn

I guess it's a time waster. It's OK. But as I try to claim extra rewards by clicking on an ad, or says "no ads available". So no reward. That happened almost 80% of the time from level 2 on. Finally at level 4, I died. (How? I don't even know) it wouldn't let me revive because of no ads available.

King Larosco

I really dont understand this game.


The game becomes ad-fest after the first stage of completion. The rewards most of the time isn't counting it most of the time.

Mary Grace Masola

Good game

Josef Andersson

ads not working and removing ads is only for a limited time

Mahdi Saadatkhah


Nyman Khan

Amassing 😍😍😍

master gaming

fun game

Suherti JMD


Jeremiah Williams

This app is terrible! There are so many ads with the promise of a bonus but half the time you watch the ad and get nothing.