Save the grandmother

Author: MondayOFF

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Save the grandmother
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» Simply touch to play game
» Can play free
» Just play this game on your 10 minutes of free time 🙂
» Feel the fantastic in this game

Developer – Best Hyper Casual Game Developer South Korea

Detailed info

File size: 78M
Update time: May 16, 2022
Current version: 0.3.1
Require Android: 7.0 and up
Developer: MondayOFF
Price: Free
7 votes

Customer review

Crystal Jones



5 estrellas

Lavanya Nandi

Little hard

Nami Moslehi

Oh hell no this game is good but 🍑 the spiral one is just so hard but 🍑is GOOD!

The Ejohs

good day

Alexandra Perez

nice game keep it up


its laggy plus to much adds

Neda Krimi

Very good

Murugan Murugan


Shereen Adeela

V. Good game👌

A Google user

proboz tttt

Vinoothna K

Boring bro

Asyeh Ghaab

خیلی بامزه و کیوت بود مرسی 🥰

Mari Kami

Love it lol

Shalini Srivastava


Feras Pro XX

I like to defend the grandma

Barbara Johnson

i love it

Pragati Ranbhise

Good grafes

zac hunt

too many ads and they wanted a rating 2 levels in


Just a gross amount of ads. Ads last longer than the game rounds do. It's ridiculous.

Sonu Verma

best game


i love this game this reminds me of my grandma hope you get popular

Maryam Imran

I like it


Pretty simple game if people don't like ads you can just turn off the wifi but this game really gets boring very fast like 5 minutes and it's boring already, there are new things in new levels but it's still boring

Jayden Nathaniel

It's lots of fun and the graphics but i wish more enemies and skins and no ads and harder levels

jose annie

Supper thanks for making this game

Seema Sonkar Seema Sonkar

PRA n j

Rylan Kunick


Charles H

cool game, kinda stress relief too.

G H O S T Z I L L A 2000X


Pamela Cromwell

There are ads about this everywhere.You are killing people and ending peoples lives just to save someone. Why does this game exist??? I rate this 0 stars.

Mohammad javad Tolooie


Real NoBodyCat

Why a grandma? And why drunk drivers who target elderly women.

De'Andre Butler

Too laggy I beat a stage it adds one extra the first time I die and over all this is a bit boring

Mateja Micic

this is a very fun game a good timewaster it does have some ads tho i just turn on airplane mode

Thembeka Mahooa



many ads

Elliot King

its not even fun to play

Mani Kumar Rai


White Rose K

very cute

Reena Chauhan

Soooo good I like it!! 😘😘

Wayne Adrian

Game is funny, little too easy for me. Ads are too often that's why I'm uninstalling.

Samaria Williams


darshna hindocha

Never play this game!!!!! This game sucs

Rabi Raza channel


Dimi 1


Yusdania Arissa

me pun


that how i help grandma to cross the street

Blockmango Sucks BlockmangoIsPAYTOWINANDCANCER

wait i can't install it why?

Vinay Singh


بهراد بخشان


hassan imam

ensgdusgs sgjsgd

Letty Zuvela

The app works perfectly and it's fun to play.

Fatihah Mazlan

I like it!

Hamid Kamali

good 👍😊

Morgan Bails

It a really fun game and I can be useful when you have no data or wifi

پسر بد


Walter Manning

It's very fun I like it it's a good game 🙂

Weldie Gabriel

Its too hard on level 3 actually like level 5

Shahed Pasha


Pearl Rose

I got suggested for this game yesterday when i was playing a game and my grandma died yesterday. i wonder, GOOGLE HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT SHE DIED?! cuz this wasn't suggested to me ever before, i never even heard about this game?!

farhana koly

Good game but bad for ads :(

Arumugam Kumaran

I really like the game and the game is very well

Jonathan Au

very good and very challenging

krishna kishore

Great game, love the dance that happens after completing a level but theres just too many ads, fortunately if u turn on airplane mode ads dont appear.

Ryder Plays


Sandesh Thapa

I love this game pls launch update

USS Uddin

The best game

Dev Solanki

So pop this game level 34 is so hard 😡😡🤮🤮

Ali Alsaleh

I play it if I am boring



Among us yellow

Its good I like it but 3 stars but I like it

Satel Publication

Yes I love this game

Mudassar Hafiz

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olympia sanders

I give a one star because I just started playing this game but the levels I played was good

Akula Sohith

Very very waste game👎


Hn suna kichhi kharap katha munda ku ase mote misscl 6mint a chhi bit more of the day dina jibi ok mo Baya ta no message nd no cl mu asile cl karibi ok mo Baya

Cath Swinton


Binto Binto

This best game

Thasneem aara


David Bulfoni

What the

Barac Fuentes


Ford Aspire

yes good needs more features

Janek Chmielewski


yassir slaoui

Meh this game is boring

Qabil Iman12


Xanthe Searle

Way too easy and you need to more challenge to the game but I do love the the way you can just punch everything 🤣

mamtha mammedipalli

H7v h ji ab bhee

Brayden Maldepeña

nice game

Jayed Hasan

Boring game

Kween V

This is the boringest game I have ever played in my life

Mohammadparsa Honarvar


Narinder Kaur

The 42 level is so hard I am trying from 2 days but I can't complete so I give 3 stars to this game because it's laggy also

jona cham-lago

I like this game but there is onr thing: TO MANY ADS. There a re way to many ads invthis game so pls fix the ad thing but overall i atill like the game even with milions of ads

Godelieve Nshimirimana

4 I love this game

Kelly Westbury

I love this 😀 ❤️ and I have a question about the game

Chayce mckenzie

This is so boring and even some hard

Yatharth Singh Kg E


ELAHE moradi

دستت درد نکنه سازندش🙏🙏

arman irshad