Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator


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Become Baron Samedi with ease in this enthralling tycoon simulator! Find out what your mansion or manor will be like and manage your own zombie farm. Enjoy one of the most promising and fun tycoon games that simulators can offer.

Farming Idle featuring the Idle Build of Samedi’s Mansion and Estate

Samedi Manor is an idle farming game that combines raising zombies, breeding vampires, producing resources, and making a profit to become an idle manager.
Figure out the affairs of the manor in the style of idle building games and manage your settlement so that the army of the undead can return to the underworld! Make your monster farm overawing through farming and cemetery improvement, recruit management personnel to your estate, and make use of your idle money.

The online idle features:
– EASY SIMULATION for all players! 🕹
– MAKE important decisions as an undead idle farmer in this farm simulator! 🧛‍♀️🧟‍♀️
– HIRE skilled managers and boost undead army production! 🧙🧜‍♀️
– AUTOMATE your farms to earn more: No need to tap all the time like in other simulation games!
– MANAGE more than 50 territories
– INVEST capital in your farms and watch your profits grow!
– ENJOY the marvelous graphics of the game hero’s settlement
– PLAY ANYWHERE! – The farm tycoon is free to play offline or online, no connection is required!
– MANY DIFFERENT CHESTS and upgrade levels are available!
– Looking for FREE SIMULATION GAMES? This one is a 10.

Tap Tycoon – an Idle Simulator
What are you waiting for? Dive into a non-trivial world with your idle home as easily as tapping a screen!
Build up your estate, create a mighty army of the undead, and become the richest and most famous idle manager in the world! Make your own story of idle success.

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Update time: Jun 29, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

Denise Bielke

I can't get past the loading screen, I've even tried removing and reinstalling the game, I didn't start having issues until today, was working initially after the update, then froze up and quit working. Tried reinstalling again, the first level works, when I try to restore purches it freezes up on the loading screen again, it's level 36 if that helps

cindy hoadley

Loads of fun

Shane Joice

A fun little game, but the marigold drops are so low, so you end up grinding a ridiculous amount of time to get anywhere after the first couple of levels, unless of course, you pay for extras.

Michelle Shaw

Was a fun passive game, but the latest update made it basically impossible for me to play as a F2P without spending hours on the game watching ads. Even the events, the devs changed it so you're forced to upgrade your main managers every manor. You don't get enough chests to upgrade them both without ads or money. So I'm uninstalling.

Tommy Allen

Tis alota fun. Enjoying myself

Janice Austin

I just installed it and I can't play it cause it will not load. It starts to load and then it stops. If I was able to play the game I might have given it more stars. Fix the problem or take the game off the play store.

Sheryl Romo

Last update ruined the game for me. I had previously purchased the ads free option, but it now feels impossible to progress unless you pay for more. Challenges are no longer fun because you have to pay to get the upgrades for your character cards.


Ok to pass time love the theme

Susie McCray

More fun than I expected.

David Jones


Ashley Bellingar

I'm entertained BUT the game locks up frequently and then has to be closed down externally and reloaded again to function.

Deborah Wright

It's cute. I'm having fun. It's actually rather absorbing and restful.

Mark Brown

Typical tycoon type game. Ads for boosters will likely crash the game. Which means you miss the reward after sitting through an entire drawn out ad, then have to restart. If they can work that out, it should be a success.

Lovely Dardompre

Very cute undead game 😆 ty


You either pay 20 dollars with micro transactions to have a comfortable pace of progression, or end up having about half of your playtime watching ads to have a slower progression or check in every 8 to 10 hours to nudge it along. Doesn't help that occasionally the game will just decide you don't get to finish a stage's final two objectives that give resources that helps you progress later if you've closed the game before they're done

madison & kevin bennett

The game crashes alot,if they fix this bug I'll rank it 5 stars

Jacky ismael Jean baptiste

I love it

Shofiyya Adzka Annisa

It's a cool game. I loved to play it. But it drained the batteries, even when it is played while being charged

Maria Jacobs

It's a little time consuming, you just lose yourself in the upgrades. I would have given it 5 stars but once you start a new Manor you can't go back. I like to fully upgrade things. Lol. Also I think they fixed the issue with the videos I had seen some people mention, because I watched a few and got my reward just fine.

Angel Oborne

Game was fun till I got stuck on a level that says I have 1 more goal and no goals are showing

Drake Dragon

No forced ads! You CHOOSE to watch an ad for a bonus of marigolds, money, speedy production, speedy collect, free levels for a building etc. The rewards are worth you time too! Some bonuses even increase for watching an ad! Oh, and a fun little time killer. You can even put your device within eyesight and just click a bonus you want!

Kiana Kelley

Much better after update before the update it would take weeks to complete levels and you wouldn't earn enough money and marigolds for upgrades after the most recent update the balance is so much better and it's now playable

NewtypeJuliet Wimberley

Fun, but can be very glitchy. Often gets stuck on an ad, which forces you to have to close out and start again.

Letitia Rowell

love the game but ad free price is way too high.

Megan Buchanan

Fun way to kill time.

Dom Gallagher

Fun little game, but some bugs, like ads not showing and requiring force quit, and a 13/8/3 arboretum producing less output than any of my other buildings (582g vs a lower level tomb, 8/7/3, giving 2j at the same build level), which makes any resource quest impossible. There's regular events which are fun 'start from zero and see how far you get'. Loads of ads as others have mentioned, and the price to remove them is ridiculous. Ads are mandatory if you want to progress at any pace.

Belinda Bieringer

So far so good, been playing for a week. Ads are optional, as long as the game doesn't stall when you get to higher level, should be good

jared peterson

Fun and easy to learn

justin Holloway

Cant give a good review if i cant even play it. Apparently it kicks out when it should be playing.

Rebecca Avis

Addicted to this game, really good and I absolutely love the new ui it's so cute 😍

Rachel Jacobs

I'd like it to have more story but besides that it's really fun

Rob Mcmuffin

run of the mill tap tap idle game. cute story line and characters though. the ads are not as bad as other titles.

Rin Raikatuji


Barbara Kunesch

It's been over a week now since I've been able to access the game, tech support has emailed to get additional information but still no access

Matte Black

Appreciate the representation

Audrey-Anne Welman

Super fun love that the only ads are for extra stuff and not random pop ups. Like the different manor levels instead of constant same spot

Jason Ratcliff

Awesome fun!!

Leslie Agostino


Carolyn M

Pretty good game.

Amanda Anderson

Very cute game. I really liked it... but after the newest update I could not load past the splash screen. After several days of uninstalling/reinstalling and clearing my cache (the usual stuff to fix the issue) my progress is gone from the cloud. Will be uninstalling now. I do not want to start from the begining again.

Toni Keenan-Smith

Absolutely love this game! Probably the best idle game I've played. Thank you 😊

Maximillian Timofte


mark w

So you've officially licensed the use of all the characters? Please prove it.


Pretty cool game

Debbie Levey

Delightful graphics, but lack of marigolds means that managers waiting to be upgraded cannot be used. Marigolds balance needs to be addressed. Currently too many real $ need to be spent to make any real progress.

Toni Jahnelle Harris

Nicely fast paced game, keeps you busy & earning rewards.

Shannon S

The game keeps crashing, it won't go past the loading screen. It sucks because the game looks fun.

Jade Doe-Smethurst

Review edited, events almost impossible to do due to lack of cards distributed for the pick up and the boat

Famez Gamerz

I have more money😎

Lee -Ann Nieuwenhuis

Best game eva

Margaret Roe

Played it for one night then was done. It's mainly hinged on watching ads to get boosts, otherwise it's just slow and boring. Plus, now that I've played it, I'm seeing ads for it that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual storyline or game play. If I wanted to watch ads for vaguely entertaining progression of a basic plot, I'd watch tv.


So far this is a super fun game!


Enjoying this. The ad placement is not annoying in the least, only ads on demand. Fun management.

Earl Eaglen

Its a fu time passer, just glad it doesn't have ads every 20 seconds like other games

Irgi Irgi

I like this game... Just simple game and be patient to play ahahaha...

Lyle Guthrie

Cool game

Christopher Brady


Marco Antonio S. Inarda


Tina Roper


Ashley Moore

I've been playing a few days. So far I really enjoy it. The game play is fun and smooth. The ads are optional. The art is beautiful. My problem, and the reason for 2 stars, is the game crashes a lot when trying to watch ads for bonuses. The screen just goes black and the only way to get out is close the game completely. Which means no bonus. So frustrating!

Charles Garrow

Excellent game and. A lot fun.

Infinite Stardust

Morbid 😏

Jeremy Williams


Patricia Anhas


Mcray John23

I love this game so much.

Christina Brown

Addictive, with each new lvl!

Rafael Torres

I like the game quite a bit, like many of these games, ads are key or money if you don't want ads. It's a little steeper than other games, and it sells double income and offline time increase separately. This I don't mind since I check in frequently, I just think it's punishing that eventso only give you low and mid level managers and pay wall the purple/high level managers. Other than that, the game is charming and has a whimsical charm and story.

Rob Smales

Food game bit slow at first but once get going it's nice graphics all way through and get extra buildings as level up like other idle games but this is reverse way play as go down and not up. High level upgrades as got couple up in 200s+ upgrades.


a fun timewaster

maria chechak

It's enjoyable I like the graphics too no crazy pop up ads

Aliscea Phelps


ivan mccaskill

So far the game is great just started playing

Kelly Forman

So far so good. Great graphics, too many ads. I'll give it a five after I've played some more.

Torie Fritts

Thank you

Al Nitelong

Honestly, very cute concept. Let's hope it stays good

Liliana Carballal

This game has the strange privilege of being one of the most boring I've played. The idea is to click some building over and over until you get enough money to upgrade them. Next level, you do the exact thing again now with two buildings. And 3 and 4 and.. yeah that's it.. nothing much. To move forward you have to watch so many ads I might as well get paid on paypal to play it and.. yes.. to add to everything, it glitches. Only reason I am giving some stars at all is because the story and art

Mia Davis


Christina Streiff

If you just started playing the game in the last few weeks, I'm so sorry, but you missed out on a great game. The last update made it too difficult to progress. Previous level took a week of logging in and out once a day (doing nothing else) to complete. The events are now near impossible to automate. I'm on level 2 of the new one and already don't have enough cards. I know games do updates like this all the time in an effort to make more money. But this one is especially sad. I loved this game.


Watch an Ad! Spend real money! I hate this.

Kinga Dale

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍This gam is grayt

Hey Pusing

God is sooooooooooooo good

Aery Rivers

Lying luring adds. IT IS P2W!

Paco G. L.

Simple, boring.... 😅 What's the point...

Geneva Simmons

It's a lot of fun but events take to long to start. But it's a great game to play.

Kitteh Kimera

Cute and fun

Nikki Saunders

Keeps closing out

Weslie Duncan

Fun little time killing idle game. Pricing for stuff in shop is really high compared to other idle games I've played. Remove ads for $20?! Package pricing is wonky too, now that I'm really looking at them. You'll end up stuck for long amounts of time on levels unless you have a chunk of $$$ to throw away.

Lisa Guinn

I love this game. It would be great to be able to save game progress and play on other devices. This game gets five stars.

Alexander Carpio


Joseph Moore

Love the graphics but other than that it's basically the same game as all the others with the same problems. Forced to upgrade managers before you can purchase and automate. After going to next level, requirements to upgrade and automate are increased to ridiculous levels. Ad-free price is ridiculous. Learned my lesson from previous games and never spent a single penny. Can't progress further unless I spend real $. Not happening. Uninstalling now. Games that force you to spend $ sd be banned


Like all idle apps, this one is just an ad player disguised as a game. All you do is watch ads, that's it, nothing but ads. And it has those scammer ads that never end, too. Total scam app.

Sherry Cantrell

Very fun

Laurel Dugan

Two minor issues, but I expect that they will be resolved as the game is updated. Overall, very fun game!

Sally Posh Bird

Shocking. Reached level 7 and all my challenges are collect resources, none of them are being collected. Any advice ?

Casey Temple

The visuals are fun for a pleasantly mindless game, but $20 for no adverts is too much, even if the game does suggest a new ad every 5 seconds.

Cricket Loveland-lavalley-Meissner

Glitches real bad which became frustrating while playing. The buggy would only collect from the first spot

wayne halliday

Good game but removing adds is way over priced especially when there's a cost of living crisis going on will give 5 stars if dev lowers pricing and stops been greedy

Michele Switzer

It's a fun game. Been mildly obsessed with it for days.

Andrew Greet

I wanted to like this game, I really did. Graphics are charming as are the animations and it's a fun idle simulator. The concept of managers to automate in idle games is nothing new, however what I have never seen before is forcing these managers to be a certain level before you can hire them. If they are not the appropriate level (which requires premium currency) then you can't use them. Suddenly your idle game is no longer an idle game.

Hannah Roberts

Good game though in game prices a bit steep