Sakura High School Girl Love Story Simulator Games

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Sakura High School Girl Love Story Simulator Games – Be anime school girl & start your sakura girl love story in high school games.

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Customer review

Hari Babu


Afsha Begum

Game is to good I like this game Nice superb Good Exellent Nice super Byy

Putri Nursahira

best and thank you so mush

the best player

Wow 😳

danielle lantapon

I'm sorry but is boring it's not fun so much

Phoe Phye

Later chapters are no longer included

Anushka Kumari

not bad

Nor Damia

Kalau best 🤔 saya komen yah ☺

perish kanjal kandangwa


Bhawani Singh Tanwar

Nice game

Marie Hamdy


Beca Sanicolas

Sakura I love you

Dhan maya Darlami

My name is tirshana darlami magar.l am eleven years old.l read in class school name is supreme acedemy secondary school grandfather name is balbhadur darlami father name is Ammar darlami magar. my mother name is devi darlami uncle name is janga bhadur darlami magar. my aunt name is kanishara darlami favourite drama is love and redpation,romance tiger and rose,Mr lizard and miss crow,love favourite K-pop are BTS and black pink.dissmuch today bey

Veronica Elina


Manuel Javier

Don't worry about it and then I will be in happy to be in you

Abdulrahman Shawky

Very bad

Paiman Rahimi


Asim Razzaq

I like this game

Zafira Megha


Ziada Kemoh Sesay

I like it but when they talk they don't move thier mouths

Jcodiah Thompson

It good

ivy nicole De Jesus

I'm support

Valentino Boctoy

I'm not sure this game is interesting but it's still, available for a call back from the hospital and anything which is interesting and valuable to make sure you are truly prepared for the hospital and anything else you need me to bring anything which is in the middle of noy puntahan mna lng ang original email na ma and

Younas Lashari

Best game

Fauzziyyah putri Ayunda

Wah bagus banget permainan nya

Krimolee Balse


khumairah comel


Xleegamer 23

So many ads i hate this game is not even yandere simulator boooo 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Su Zana

Aku. Tak suka. Sebab. Saya Tidak. Suka. Diya. Tak. Ada. Apa. Apa. Pun.

Pearleen Bhattarai


Sakri Osman

Its game so cool

Charlie Sandlin

It s ok

ali butt

Good game but there is one system not ineed marry

Alexander Fortaliza

Ang ganda

Imlishilu Imsong

This game is so good

Ashley Martin

This is cool

Hope Odelola


Thirdy Quisel

I like it but you all so bad

Janniz Olaes

John. Marcky Vanzuela 24 Aow


the app whas soo cool