Sacrifices – Control and guide a Mesoamerican village through the twists and turns of daily life in the heart of a merciless jungle.
Rule a beautiful rural village, be the heartless deity you’ve always wanted to be, and endure our sarcastic humor in this god-game-meets-city simulation.
Decide who is worthy of your immense powers, gain the trust of your followers and give them the divine knowledge to rebuild a great city that is now in ruins.
Welcome to a world where you live only by the faith of your followers! Keep them in line, but be careful because they might lose their faith and you might be another forgotten god…
● Manage the needs of your village and followers (food, herbs, wood, stone…)
● Use your divine powers answer the prayers of your followers and protect them from rival tribes
● Craft more than 150 different weapons and equipment
● Send expeditions through the wild jungle and discover its many treasures
● And of course sacrifice some of your most beautiful devotees . to gain more knowledge and thereby rebuild and expand your village
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File size: 0 MB
Update time: 2023-03-12T19:12:59.000Z
Current version: 1.8.4
Require Android: 5.0
Developer: Spooky Games SAS
Price: $Free
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