Russian Car Crash Simulator

Author: SevenGears Games

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Get ready to enjoy crashing russian cars in this car crash game and spectacular russian car simulator at the same time. Enjoy different maps, one crash test map and another map with live Russian traffic city, where you can enjoy car crashes in traffic in this real car crash simulator and soviet car simulator.

Enjoy destroying Russian cars with the different types of soviet cars that we offer in our game. Each of them has different characteristics and are destroyed differently.

In the car crash test map, you will be able to try many ways to use car destruction, from jumping off ramps performing stunts to smashing cars. In the accident city map there is traffic, feel like a Russian car driver driving in the Russian city. You will be able to put yourself at maximum speed and cause a high speed traffic car crash, causing a crash with Russian driver.

Enter now the most realistic russian car game and russian car crash simulator. The game uses realistic enough car destruction physics for enjoyment, and realistic handling with Russian car driving simulator. Enjoy the car deformation of Russian cars now.

– 3D car games.
– Car crash test map.
– Free russian destruction cars.
– Realistic car deformation and car crush.
– Cars are completely destroyed.
– Realistic handling like driving simulators.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 30, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: SevenGears Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sehrish Asif

This game very good


Not so realistic graphics and crash physics. Please add some super car like Lambo, buggati,range rover etc.. 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

Eden Chung

I love this game so much

Дени Мадаев

Переименуйте название на beamng drive mobile

Aruna Sapkal

This game is good Graphic is best

JaY GaMiNg

So cool

Sheila Capistrano



This game is good but it needs to be more optimised and the graphics too. And you should add first person that would be cool, and sometimes if crash too hard in to something the cars glich it and other crash games too that you have created.

Lefty Gamer

This game needs a mod tab where U can add car mods and pls fix when cars are sometimes spawn deformed anyways this game is cool

Karen Smith


Axel Blaze

Lovely cars i like the graphics but can u add single player mode,map bigger and new cars?

alex zander

this game has a simmilarity to beam ng drive, however the feild of view is low so you cant see cars from a long distance and sometimes car spawn is glitchy because sometimes they spawn deformed. either way its a good game its just some physics are broken thats all. i rate it 4/5 stars.

MrSonic Vega

You need add the reset fix car like You got crashed and reset to fixing this car and destroy this traffic but it very good idea

gabriel haiseb

Cool game and fun

John Smith

It's good tho, I play it on my mom's phone but it can't seem to be downloading on my phone.

Ziff ziff

❤️❤️I love

louhingani •

i think its good but its realistic car crash good game

Karl Lindsey

I'll give it five stars if you add fire and explosions other then that wicked fun game. Be better if the game had first person view with Cruse control.👌

Mario Huerta

Has a few glitches and is really simple but it is still fun

Karan Shergill


Ricky W

I like willy ❤️ but this car hard control

Fadi Salim

Jejejj I have to be at the top of the list of all the way to go to the gym today I have am going to be at the top and I will have the same time I don't think it is the same as well and I will have the


The best game on the block fr

Haden Suit

The game is great but what would make it better is when you crashed the engine would die like a real car

Ashley Swagulski

It needs a update the AI need an update so they don't hit you and the AI hits AI but you're game so fun though

Cracked at FortNite

Fun and funny and amazing 👏

Matthew Vann

Very fun and

Abdulrahman Almoamari

I love this game but can you add more cars and more maps

Israel Santos

Bro all your games are you cool i wanna download all of them litrealy all of them hahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhadgshhs bruh hahahahahhahshahahahahahah

Nagen Limbu

Very good👌🥰🚗

Joshua Broughton

Games alright but the only reason it's annoying is it cause there is only 2 maps and there is ads every time you restart twice, also add more cars the selection is boring


100% russian 100% chaos

Rintina Apar

This is the type of games I really liked keep it up

Lacey Nation

I like it I can crash in to cars And I don't get to watch ads

Md Imtiaz

City upgrade

Mini Cooper

Past physics are great only issue is it lags you hit a certain car

Noah C

It was so great

Sathvik Ditective

This game is best but you can do better than this pls update the game thanks

Sabrina McCary

It is awesome

Davidson Joseph

I love this game

Shauna Howcroft

Do new soft body physics!

Rajni Sharma

Trikshaya Sharma

Leilana Rose

They need to update now for better soft bodies 😤

Nang Kham Aye

Update russan car crash simulator new map

Fatima Mirsoliyeva

this game is so fun but if you crash super hard it splits in falf

Kiarash Sadeghian


Zainudin Taha



nice game. One small issue tho, the cars are too fragile. It's feels like they are made out of play-doh XD

Eeman mujaheed


Calvin Garcia


MJT Reviews

Good game but its unplayable due to it being bombarded with too meny ads

Boyet Soriano

Good game

Muhammad Alfianoor

I can't enter the game

Richard Jean

Good game please make the map bigger and please make the game able to spawn more than one car good game and also add a sports car