RPG Isekai Rondo

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RPG Isekai Rondo – Sho, a young man who spends his days in an exploitation company in modern Japan, is accidentally transformed into Shaw’s parallel universe!
While the job given to him in his new life is “Unemployed” and the hardships in the Party of Misfortune continue, he once gains the ultimate position as a Sage and suddenly becomes the strongest with very rare passive abilities!
In his pursuit of a long-awaited fulfilling life, he finds himself in a battle to defeat the Ruler after meeting the Hero Violin.
With extraordinary passive abilities that can, for example, change the future by returning before the end of the game, eliminate enemies in turn-based battles, summon spirits or control mana plants, or even use monster abilities!
Complete quests and level up your guild to challenge deeper dungeons or other adventure parties! With other elements such as a battle arena and a dungeon where treasure chests are automatically generated, the adventure against the Overlord’s army is sure to be an unparalleled quest to finally live a peaceful and humble life!
* This app contains ads on some screens. The game itself is completely free to play.
* Ads can be removed with in-app purchases by purchasing Ad Eliminator. Note that the freemium version of Ad Eliminator does not include the 150 Magistone bonus.
* There is also a superior version of Magiston with a 150 bonus. (Saved data cannot be transferred between Premium and Freemium versions.)
The following EULA is required to use the app-s and “Privacy Policy and Notice”. If you do not agree, please do not download our app.
End User License Agreement:
Privacy Policy and Notice:
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– Partially Optimized
– English, Japanese
[SD card storage]
– Enabled (Backup/Transfer not supported.)
[Unsupported Devices]
This application has been generally tested to work on all mobile devices released in Japan. We cannot guarantee full support for other devices. If you have enabled developer options on your device, turn off “Do not resume actions” if you have problems. The title screen may display a banner showing the latest KEMCO games, but the game does not contain third-party advertisements.
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File size: 155 MB
Update time: 2023-02-13T08:07:37.000Z
Current version: 1.1.3g
Require Android: 6.0
Developer: KEMCO
Price: $Free
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