Royal Knight Tales – Anime RPG

Author: Ely Anime Games

50K+ install
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Royal Knight Tales – Anime RPG – Connect to an online fantasy kingdom, gather beautiful girl knight heroes, lead troops in innovative casual tactical battles, and join fun clan activities. Let’s play this perfect mix of anime RPG and casual online MMO games together! No in-game Ads. 😊
Generous beginner rewards including SSR heroes, summon coupons, gems, and more. Claim from in-game mail as you level up to 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25, they will certainly help you grow stronger fast!
Beginner welcome pack code: newgamer
English language only. (Solo inglés) (Apenas inglês) (Que l’anglais) (Только английский)

During the casual tactical battle, your guardian knight heroes will lead their respective troop classes in the battle formations you assigned. Each hero also has two primary skills. An Active skill that you can control the timing and another Autocast skill that will auto-activate periodically during battle.
Develop your royal home castle, defeat epic bosses, make/join a clan, and save the kingdom from chaos! Royal Knight Tales is the new anime RPG game with casual MMO gameplay from the creators of the highly acclaimed Sword Fantasy Online. A lot of effort went into making this game, we are happy to have long-term players who enjoy the game, so many gems, summons, and other rewards can be gained by playing daily. 😁

We don’t open new servers frequently, so just play on the newest one, and no worries. 😊

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Game Features:
👯 Beautiful Anime Heroes 👯
You can recruit dozens of chibi girl knight heroes in this fantasy RPG. Each knight has their own set of skills, class, and retinue troops. Heroes can be recruited by completing Elite Stages, friend gacha and elite gacha summon. Every character is beautifully drawn in high-quality anime style, if your love anime or chibi cartoon art style, this is a must-try!

⚔️ Heroes Lead Retinue into Battle ⚔️
Each knight hero in the chronicle has their unique retinue troops. Those loyal chibi soldiers will follow and fight alongside their heroes. Mage heroes will have spellcasters as troops, rider heroes will have knight troops, and flying heroes can even have dragon rider troops! In addition, troops can be upgraded and evolved, initially, that chibi Flying Horse Riders could evolve into Flying Crusaders or even magnificent Dragon Riders based on your choice!

🐲 Tactical Battle Elements 🐲
Use class countering and formation to tactically battle your enemies in the chronicle. Mounted riders might be able to charge down the sword and shield foot soldiers but spear soldiers can effectively counter them. Mages hiding behind the enemy formation can cause havoc to your troops if left unchecked, best use Flyers to swoop in and charge them down. All done in anime chibi style!

💬 Online MMORPG Clans, Events, and Chats 💬
You can join a clan like in MMO RPG and earn great rewards through clan events daily. Co-op with other players to defeat clan bosses and earn weekly gifts. Clans can take over island castles in the weekly Skyland Wars and earn many rewards! Last but not the least, you are encouraged to chat with other players in the world chat or clan chat, please be civil though. 😉

💎 Daily Free Gems & Rewards 💎
As in Sword Fantasy Online, this chronicle fantasy RPG game is very rewarding to play every day. There are plenty of ways to earn Gems daily, the first time you clear a stage, from daily quests, login rewards etc. Login in to play every day is the way to advance fast! We believe players will naturally top-up to support a game they love.

Android Version Requirement: Android 7.0(Minimum), Android 9.0+(Recommended)
System RAM: 3GB (Minimum), 4GB+ (Recommended)
Storage: This fantasy RPG is approximately 0.6GB download and a total of 0.8GB after installation, suggest 2GB free.

Thanks for reading until the end, hope you enjoy the game!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 14, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Ely Anime Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

allain nicole

Definitely a fun game with a lot of things to do. Heroes can be upgraded with equipments, runes, training pills and even jewels! Summon and star up is just one way, also SSR heroes are easier to upgrade and better for beginners

Robbin Holloman

A bit unusual but overall a good game with cute characters and fun gameplay. You can get various tokens by playing different game mode like arena, equipment tower, hunting etc. Then exchange tokens for upgrade resources in the Shop. There are in app purchases but optional. If you like to get a game you can play casual daily for long term, this is the right one for you.

Maycot Constantin

The gameplay's simplicity makes it so much more fun when you just want some time to relax

bonston suna Tina

I will be honest. Usually I will get bored easily when playing rpg games and this is the only one that made me play for a week and still feel fun. It has greatly simplified a lot of daily grind by the Sweep function everywhere. (God I wish some other games also have it!). The battle system is pretty interesting once you understand

ekko huynK

The game is good with decent graphics, story, and the battle control satisfy me yet aren't overwhelming

Frost Ace

Nice games, but I don't know I already choose basic setting for graphic but it still lag.

Zach Yunis

Extremely fun and addicting if you like anime rpg, try it out, because I suggest it :)

Kiane Cortes

I think this is a nice F2P RPG but when I installed it... Ive enter the game after the tutorial the client is down it keeps me out the game. I tried so many times but it keeps the client out I think this game not suitable for low end phone. Dev please response to this so that my rates will be change into 5S.

Kelly Rodriguez

At first i have difficulty clearing some stages with 3 star but by adjusting the formation by putting spearsmen in the front to counter the enemy rider, I did it! Really love how the game works!

Arun Subhramanium

4.5 Stars. Edit. Black screen. Unable to play.

Sulistiyo Candra

nc game

Harleigh Cotton Savanna

One of the best anime game I've played! The combat system is good, yeah it could get a bit of learning in the beginning, but nothing really hard, once you get a hang of it, you could beat stages requiring much higher power! The elite stages can drop SSR hero shards every day so it's a nice way to star up heroes without having to summon. Overall, great rpg game, 5/5.

Kaylee Trantow

Game is not perfect but it is certainly fun with an unique battle system and a lot of interesting gameplay, keep up the great work!

hady barzegar

Great game, so far so good

Tracey Jacobs

Alright game, free to play friendly enough, a lot of gems and summon coupons, you will enjoy game very much as long as you don't have the unrealistic expectation of being no. 1 by playing free. Even if you pay, it's just a small amount needed to be higher rank.

Edward Kevin

Game is ok but they give so many free diamonds and summon coupons that more than any game I have played on the market. Thaht deserves a 5 star.

Mewtwopsychic *Zan*

The game is basically a long grind of collecting characters. You'll do fine as f2p till chapter 7 of story. After that making characters stronger is a slow grind while the power requirements get ridiculously hard. You either pay money and keep getting more units fast or login daily, do one single pull, hope you are lucky and if not then try next day. I got till 600k power and after that I couldn't do anything so it was just an app taking space. Need to improve the system somehow.

Wency L. Del Prado

cool game but the graphics are a bit childish

Hadba Avbav

Certainly a good game to play

Roosevelt Streetman

I like this game , seeing those girl knights fighting in battle just so MOE!

Brandon Driver

Was having a blast playing until you run into a wall. With the lack of coin assistance and gems, this turns out to be more of a PTP then a FTP type game. Fun for the first week but it's looking more like a dud than a stud type game. ( Also, the lack of promo codes to help new players is annoying. There's only one and it doesn't really even help. )

Rus Syfargo

Low player count, ptw game. Uninstalled and never going back

Mike Burkhart

Started off okay,then got silly and boring very,very fast...a spear user throwing spoons and forks? Really?!? Lost interest quickly.

Walter Spivak

It has all the hallmarks of what could be a great game, but is let down by an extremely heavy ptw element. As an example, resetting a character costs 100 crystal, but you can buy 90 crystals for about $3AUD - not even enough to reset one character... and whilst you can get crystals in game, they're not exactly generous in giving them out. Edit - considering a 10 summons is 3000 gems, 1000 free game a day doesn't go far.

M Hossain


11_Muhammad Azzrul Radhiansyah

Devin asikjuga

Darrick Rickard

Personally really like the game. I am a RPG veteran so the system is qutie easy for me to understand. It combines many welcome features and made them into one big fun game. Neat story and characters. The battle is great with troop class counter and tactical formations. I haven't made it too far into the story yet (3rd day) but so far I'm enjoying it. I did buy the deal pack, cost me a few bucks but well worth it. It is a lot better than games I dumpped hundreds on before.

ester Lolowang

Heavily cash mode

Dion Gilroy

The tactical battle system is fun and it is not too hard to learn

Daniel Mahle

Repeat of the same old.

muntasir baqui

Indulging story and generous drop rates. Battle is not smooth and has quite a few bugs.

michal butters

It is fun, it is cute and it is easy to play! :)

Myron Spencer

My favorite mobile rpg now, used to play guardian tales a while ago, this one has better graphics.

harver wodera

I play this game for a month now regularly and it is really great

Jeanne Bogolyubova

The game seems good so far, beginner rewards looks nice, including free SSR and SSSR heroes after playing a couple of days

Boyce Romeo

Great for casual player, not a lot of grind. After you clear a stage, you can sweep it most of the time. Very fun gameplay overall, you can get quite a bit of entertainment even on the first day. I played daily and didn't really hit any hard paywall that I can't get past. Regardless, I bought the basic monthly card to support the dev since it gives free summon every day. The campaign adventure gives meaning rewards, hero shards are farmable daily in the elite mode. Overall, a fantastic tactical RPG game.

angelica lisa

Played many RPG hero games before, this is my latest favorite! Beginner stages are easy but later stages require some team adjustment and tactical planning. Generous gems are given daily from quests and other rewards. The heroes are all quite unique and their skills have purpose, upgrade and power is certainly important but battle is not just about power. You could beat certainly beat someone with 10-20% more power with a good counter team. 5/5, you guys done well!


I did download and play this game for some time, but I failed to see anything extraordinary. The battles are so slow that I almost fell asleep during the tutorial. The graphics are alright but soundtrack is good enough to be compared to a lullaby. This game needs improvement on many fronts.

Sheppard Folmer

Devs are generous enough and they replied to my issue on facebook

Danar XnDroid

Error package after install and registration

Ahmad Blumberg

This gotta be one of the better anime rpg games. Battle control is simple yet effective, planning and formation before battle is more important. Art is a mixture of chibi and anime, I think it is quite cute. It is potentially a waifu game considering maybe 70% of the heroes are females. Top up does give some nice perks but it is not pushy on money like some other games so f2p is certainly possible. Anyways, give it a try if you are looking for a game that casual fun and doesn't take too much time every day.

sang rosenfeld

Nice game, cheers to the developers for making a good game and not only trying to make a quick buck like many others

Faizul Naim

This game give me 3 tank after 200 summon. Keep getting their dup. No damage dealer. Cant push stage even after surpass minimum requirement. This game have like 50 heros and i still got same hero. So dumb. Auto delete

Elaina Nicolas

Tutorial not long and easy to understand, also skippable. More complex event have ? mark to explain more, this is good.

Trut Glasgow

Later stages are a bit challenging but not so hard that you can't get past with a few more days of playing and upgrades.

Sumathi N

Good game

Ricardo Dare

This game is excellent, summon rate is good, you get new heroes quite often

Giuliana Owenes

I have played many bigger titles but this little rpg brought me a lot more fun and cost me a lot less money, good.

Cyrus Malin

Generous with free gems and summons, not stingy with most resources. Gold might be a bit lacking in the beginner stage but plenty after playing a few days.

Zoseph Nussbaum

Ia mempunyai sedikit kedalaman tetapi tidak mengecewakan anda, sesuai untuk bermain kasual

Walker Quan


Matthew Cabello

Can't open the game.

Ammons Pedroe

I play this game EVERYDAY, people in the clan are really friendly

cody natalie Leshrac

Saya telah memainkan banyak tajuk yang lebih besar tetapi rpg kecil ini membawa saya lebih menyeronokkan dan kos wang yang jauh lebih rendah, bagus.

Mateusz Kurdziel

Stuck on loading screen. All I see are huge flopping booba

Geffrey Currentt

No disturbing ads, pleasant graphics, nice looking heroes

barry moyars

Lovely game!

Pahang Man

Maybe its a good game but the graphic is so absymal. The battle display reminds me of a game I played 2 decades ago.

India Dotterer

Permainan RPG yang luar biasa. Saya suka kepelbagaian semua wira dan musuh, dan bagaimana unit boleh menentang satu sama lain. Malah wira SR dan SSR boleh menjadi agak kuat dengan gabungan dan formasi pasukan yang betul. Selain itu, serpihan wira boleh ditanam setiap hari di peringkat Elit dan mereka memberikan banyak permata percuma dan kupon panggilan. Satu nasihat, permainan ini hanya dalam bahasa Inggeris, saya tidak ada masalah membaca tetapi jika anda tidak boleh, anda mungkin tidak dapat menikmatinya.

rudoler elasoen


Lera Prohaska

Pretty darn good if you like gacha RPG hero games

John Barb


Cary Monique

Good game to play, battle is interesting

Hal Forinash

This game has quality, you could get by without paying. There is no ads either.

Misael Eugene

Not bad, art is nice, the battle is interesting enough with a lot of different troop classes. I am only on my first day at level 22, so I haven't unlocked too many heroes yet. Hope it will be more fun later!

Esquibel Cornale


Romero Sherlyn

Saya telah bermain permainan ini untuk sementara waktu tetapi tidak pernah dapat menilainya. Saya sangat menikmati permainan ini jadi inilah 5 bintang anda yang layak.

Ismael Robinet

The progress is a bit easy at the beginning, as long as you keep upgrading you teams, you will be fine

Krista Schinner

Quite easy on the first look with unit class and formation countering each other but relatively unique heroes and their skills give the game more complexity

Chris C

Good game to pass time, BUT... I have found the battle mechanics to be somewhat off, especially when I have 400k battle power and lose to players with even 250k battle power.

Rineksa Trahanggana

Can you make the option of slow it down the battle scene, it little to fast for me in 1x speed. Can you?

np th

Waste of time, unless you spend money for fun...

Eikichi Twinkletoes


Pearl Sea

It is a good game, has a steady lore. It is generous for beginners. You can do with R stars, no It is better you build them as yo level up characters you need duplicates and getting SSSR dupes are very hard (gacha ). There are free events to give dupes but you need level up for it. It's a fun and cute game.


If the free 10 summons is a part of the tutorial, then it's not free. "Free" means that it's not a part of anything, because it's free, get it?

Wallaker Freddie

This little RPG game has beautiful heroes, well designed campaign stages, a smooth learning curve, a lot of content, and it gives a lot of freebies. Many SSR heroes are relatively easy to obtain. Everything is cool enough that I am willing to overlook some minor issues. I feel with this kind of good quality, this game should be a lot more popular. Nice work!

Lloyd Salaam

Cute chibi characters, good battle system with tactical elements, decent story, f2p is possible and purchases are optional. Some healthy competitions for PvP and no bullying. All elements combine into a great rpg worth playing for a while.


Poor game it is not open world RPG game

Shorn Raiser

Pay 2 win. This game is a trash. Yeah yeah excuses.

Deborah Polidore

I enjoy the game. It works pretty well the game itself is entertaining. Especially the combat system is an innovative mix of heroes + troop classes, it puts a tactical layer to the game.

Michiko Huels

I like how the game give each hero a troop class and you can upgrade to different path for higher tier troops. Don't worry about making mistake, you can use Rebirth to reset heroes get resources back. The game starts a bit slow, just a little patience is needed. When you get further into the campaign, more of the game unlocks and it is more fun. Use the resources to level up hero troops, you will be fine, I reached level 20 in one day. I do recommend trying out this game.


How does the 10x summon works ? I only get 1 or 2 character every time


It has Guardian tale graphics with some mediocre gameplay but it's hard it's just a Card hero collector

gayler beown

Highly recommended and please keep up the good work and continue to update it!

John Colon

The game is ok but it could be better if it stops being p2w friendly also the developers are really stupid and don't know the difference between p2w friendly and f2p friendly also p2w players don't deserve anything because they have an unfair advantage over the f2p players DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GARAGE FIRE OF A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeannette Hudson

Rates for pulling SSR is high, SR heroes are strong after improvement, there is Rebirth, happy about the game.


Not my style was expecting a mmo also the art style doesn't work for me and the animations seem low effort. I really liked the cover art but the in-game play uses chibi mostly.

Geneva Olson

Love everything about this game, I'm still pretty early on in the story about the royal family but I love the characters and battle mechanics and all.

Teodoro Garmon

Overall a fun rpg game, the recent update added a lot of content and fixed many issues with the game. The artwork is attractive and the story is decent. Hero summons rates are good, I got quite a few SSR and SSSR in a week of playing. For f2p, the game gives a lot of freebies every day, so you can progress at a decent rate. For spenders, it is worth it to invest a bit for the first recharge and monthly card. Overall a good anime game, worth playing.

Steve Bazowsky

Lol no

Natalia Steffel

This game is definitely made for an anime fan like me! Super cute heroes, a lot of content doesn't require energy to play.

Jake the snake

Not a true gacha game as all top heros are paywalled. You can only summon pieces instead of heros. Gives no free summons and makes currency insanely rare. No free start up gifts or even beginner quests. Does have cute chibi art but that's all it's got going for it.

Behlke Gabriello

Really fun game with easy to learn gameplay and a bit tactical battle to make different hero team combos. Hero skills and troops are very meaningful.

Marlo Candice Nicholas

Deleted my old review as developers seem to be listening to the player base and have been trying to improve the game with updates and fix issues. The game had some issues in the past but it is great now, good graphics and gameplay. I just hope the dev team continues to stay on the path of improving this game moving forward. It is quite a fun and interest RPG, well worth investing some time to play.

Sinclair Fawn

Some pretty generous characters and the battle system is quite interesting. Troop formations and class counter do play a big role in the game, so upgrade your troops well. Also it doesn't have the disadvantage in traditional strategy games where that you have to recruit or replenish lost troops. All heroes and troops are at full status every battle, it is more of a RPG heroes game in terms of gameplay.

Kazao Fuji

The game started off easy and seemed F2P friendly, that was after the "free" 10x summon, and I am using that term in a liberal way, what you get is locked everytime you perform that summon, you will never get anything better than an SR. Now let's consider the % for an SSSR, its astronomically low, you'd have better chances winning the lottery than getting one. Even with a pity system, it seems near improbable unless you pay. Yes we can play daily, but what's the point if the chances don't exist.

Young Leannon

Nice graphics, it has an interesting story and many heroes in the game appear in the story. Overall gameplay is not bad if you like RPG mixed with a bit tactical battle.

Trieu Ton

It's actually a nice game to enjoy. There isn't ingame packages shoved into your face everywhere. The graphics are cute. The gacha is doable as well. The combat is good too. :) no ads too!

Bricea Harris

The game is being very very charitable with gems, heroes and summon coupons. Pvp is very friendly, arena, clan war are all rewards, no penalty for loss. Even in city attack your resources can't be raided like in other games, at worst the production slows a little bit (you probably won't even notice the difference). The game looks like alot of work has been done, a very nice RPG even if you just play casual.

Eva Nelson

Amazing game! The space required to play it is very low (under 1 GB total) and it has a lot of content and quite well designed system and stages for a casual anime game. I can confidently say this game is a 5/5 if you are trying to find a fun game that doesn't take too much time every day or just a side game.