Royal Breaker – Ball Blast 3D

Author: King Bear Studio

100K+ install


Welcome to the Ball Blast 3D puzzle adventure! Explode obstacles and use amazing boosters to beat joyful and challenging levels! Royal Breaker is filled with thousands of challenging brick breaker fun puzzles! Shoot balls and crush all the bricks to beat levels and unlock new chapters!

Blast bricks and get powerful boosters to pass brick crusher levels. Solve puzzles and explore the castle!

Game Features:
● Complete tons of challenging levels to unlock the King’s Castle!
● Play with unique targets in each level and conquer entertaining obstacles!
● Collect coins and special rewards in bonus levels!
● Use magic boosters to blast your way to the next level!
● Collect coins by completing levels to win awesome rewards!
● Sync your game progress seamlessly between your phone and tablets!
● Easy to play but challenging to master!

How To Play:
-Tap on the screen, then slide your finger to find the right angle.
-Shoot the balls to crush all the bricks and obstacles on the screen.
-Achieve level targets by solving unique puzzles of each level.
-Unlock new chapters as you advance along the way.

Join the exciting adventure and have a breaker fun blast now!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 8, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: King Bear Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mary McNeal

best bricks and balls game ever

Penny Handlee

get paid to play too! Cool

Christina Irmen

great way to spend time.

William Jackson

This is a great game. Until you are in the middle of a competition, and get an ad that takes you to the store,or gives you a reward that you should be able to collect when you want. Foul word this game. UNINSTALLED NEVER TO BE ADDED AGAIN!!! I don't mind ads even. It helps pay the bills.

Jimmy White

Can't stop playing

Cheryl Harrison

A lot of the ads cause the game to freeze on a black screen, so you have to close the game and start your level again. Tons of ads.

Richard Castano

Not at all as advertised.

Elsa Pena

Keep it as is. Don't make anything gross.

Justin Hendricks

Nothing like the add. No levels to bud a fire or a window etc

Angela Wipperman

fun game to play with your own background noise. easy levels and I like that their are different balls to choose from. just wish you got more options in the decorations and color schemes. 😐

Tawnia Peterson

very exciting game thanks

Jerilee Orona

so far this game is really fun; and so far I'm enjoying playing it; Jerilee

Mark Foster

very fun game

Kat Salehi

The game froze. I'm in level 1300. If it continues will have to uninstall.

Rick Kelson

Later levels get too hard and require multiple attempts and use of extra items to complete, without realistic chances of completing otherwise. Multiple adverts that force you to watch the entire ad are annoying and frustrating.

Levy Sullivan Jr.


Shane Blanchard

Good game for what it is. Good graphics and smooth play. However, the advertised gameplay was misrepresented with a little more diversity. Not really what I was looking for. Duped yet again...

Alex Meiser

decent n fun

Ricky Clark

where are the story situations that were in the advertisement. I'm at level 67 and nothing, boring game.

Lovella Ramey

The ads are ridiculous. I really enjoy this game but dang

Judith Trivett

I keep trying to get the new area to open up I update it and when I go on the Play Store it says to play and when I hit play it won't come open it just says coming soon I've tried and tried to get a hold of the people that has this game going but I can't get to talk to anybody so can somebody please help me I did exactly what you said and it's not working

Wayne White

Removed one star do to the amount of commercials!

Chuck James

4 star

Charles Snyder

It's nothing like they advertise

mike cortez


Dominic Magazino

keeps me going for hours.

Swaalih swalha


Harry Crawford

the advertisement isnt what the game is

Kimberly Quintero

Fun little game

Ken Cowan

To many ads compared to play time. Game is simple. Not very challenging. I guess if you pay their price you can do more. I refuse to pay to play.

Richard Jones

Way too many ads!!

Daniel R Simmons

It is a 7 🌟 ratting truly appreciated 👍 it.

DeAnne Jones

UPDATE: Glitch fixed and I can play again without any issue! Thanks for the quick fix 💜 Loved it, until it kept freezing on me. I reached level 339 and it froze when I was almost done with the board. Continued to happen on this level for 3 days. Today it finally stayed unfriendly and I passed! Only to get frozen in the very next level after less than 15 seconds playing 😐 will give it a few days and if it doesn't get fixed will have to uninstall...

Donna Farnell

this game is absolutely fun and so colorful and exciting don't want to stop playing it's like I want to see what the next level is gonna be like.. you should come check it out and have fun.

Rocky Villalva

I Absolutely Love This Game


One more boring, cookie-cutter game with FAKE ads, to trick you into downloading.

Romunda Taylor

It would be nice if you could also get double the stars with the other items since it take so many to get 1 thing done. Other than that it's a great and fun game.

Robert Rich

very interesting game....lots of different angles

Bethany Greathouse

Addictive! Fun!

Angela Melton


Teresa Thomas

Intriguing for now..great graphics!

Doug Poff

Started out very entertaining, however the screen started to freeze up as more activity was going on. Each time I was kicked out, a game life was lost. Very frustrating. No Updates available. I'll give it a couple more tries but will uninstall if no improvement.

Lori Melton


Nathaniel Weintz

Pretty fun. Minimal ads if you don't go for the extra stuff.

brenda aldrisge

this is very addicting

Contessa West

Didn't like it

Michelle JAMES

it was an okay game not what I was expecting

Bruce Dano

Is a ok game. But lately has been crashing every time tried to play

Theresa Turner

this game is fun and easy love the brick ball games

Clifford Smith

It's just another breaker game.

Kendra Gefreh

Too many freaking ads! fun with good graphics, though.

Robin King

Very easy game. Fun learning to aim at targets


Total false advertisement. You don't choose what to hit and then fix it. There is nobody Cold in a room you have to fix. It is for little girls or a really bord adult. You dress up a kiddy castle. Ages 6-10 maybe

Frank Tiny McGue

this is a very fun game. but it is nothing like what the ad is.

Tim Smith

not what ad showed.

Beverly Porter

so far so good

Chara Barrett

Found it to be disappointing. There is no story line to play through as advertised

Treliece Freeman


paul mc culloch

Not what it describes in the first place

Scott Snyder

simple time waster

Jim Windle

Hprrible! The ad is NOTHING like what you actually play. Uninstalling for being deliberately misleading.

Chyrel Zeitlin

love the game. hate the sexual themed ads.

Donna Ellis

this game is good

Michael Mcmellon

it's a pity I can't buy using PayPal

Dawn Towe

And another one they preview it one way then when you install it it is completely different. Why lie about it, show what the game is really like. Uninstalling

Norman Yates

If you like destroying things, then this is the game

Tracy Oliver


Leanne Candy

Not for me

David Devine

too long to get to goals

Thomas Rands

cool game

Raven Ivanov

fun breaker game! i could play for hours

John Erickson


Lee Garlinge

Haven't seen any rooms just the ball breaker deleted

Diane Wilson


Curtis Abell

The game does not have any levels that resemble the ad. Just another brick breaker game.

Nicole Larner

Good way to relax and unwind

Susi Beneke

this is a fun game, I like it

Tim Davies

It's a bit naff. I've got to level 40 and still have not seen any of the scantily clad women that were in the ads that drew me to the game. Seems to be a game for children, rather than adults. Wasting my time again. So fairly disappointed with it really. Edit. What is it with you people? The adverts you keep showing me are nothing like the game I downloaded! What is your reasoning? It is all a blatant lie. A disgusting cheat. So disappointing.

Gary Grant

like it

narcissa clink

not as advertised very disappointing

Al Lloyd

Wow. A trailer for this game shows a pregnant woman on the street, bleeding out after what appears to be a miscarriage. Absolutely shameful. Advert reported to the ASA.

Kittikat Takesabreak

Unfulfilling. The game's not set up to where we can pick the designs or colours of anything - which takes away the fun because it doesn't let us be creative. I don't care for games that don't let me be creative. Uninstalled.

Mary Peterson

definitely very enjoyable love it

Eddy E

One of those games that is nothing like the, but not what I was expecting

Porkngertii77 Kinglow23


kiky 49

Interesting game

Sandra Garcia

Just started this game it's worth playing



Atique Ullah

Everything good. But too much ads.

Amy Leary

not sure why, but I find myself seriously entertained by this game. it's pretty satisfying 😌.

Kimberlee Snyder

interesting game 😁 I have not played a game like this before it's not just shooting a ball you have to line it up a certain way to knock out what you want so it's challenging for me a disabled person that was told to try different games to challenge myself since I have had three tia brain strokes so far and react slower now and other things

david george

Discription wrong

Thomas Johnson

It's nothing like the ads I was watching. Just another brick breaking game. Have yet to see any puzzles like advertised.

Carlana Davis

challenging & fun,makes u want to keep playing

Kathy Schaefer

royal breaker is fun and what a blast this game is so cool just like royal king what a cute game great for all ages play with your family and friends what away to start with new friends to have fun sign Kathy

Laikesha Short

Great game

Geraldine Bennett

another of ads but a fun game


Boring, even the hard levels. It's nothing like the ad showed

Adrian Goodvoice

now this is very fun and exciting. levels are so much fun. I can't seem to put down my phone

Sian Evans

love this game