Your base is under attack.
Defeat the crowds with your long arrow and protect your base!
Upgrade your bow, upgrade power and range.

Fight against various monsters, giants and wizards.
Try to shoot your arrows at the right time to take down your enemies in one go and skewer them with your long arrow.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 24, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Upperpik Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Aiden Windom

All around it's just a great game

tiller price17

I think its gamr could be very fun but every 1-2 minutes you have to watch an ad for 15 seconds and keep clicking on the "X" at least 4 times its rediculous.

Rishabh Upadhyay

one of the worst game.

Montez Tabron

Upgraded in the middle of a round and got an ad. 😮‍💨

Michael Schmitt

Clickscamming you right into the first ad after 15 seconds. Maybe some quality control would be a good thing, @Google?

madhavi sai

S Pranay kumar Reddy

Marie muñoz

how do you turn down the sesitivity?


a lot of pub

Ricardo Gonzalez

Busy to many adds and little levels add more levels

Yagya Buttan

Lots of ads, bad touch flow seems not nicely calibrated

Brett Fussell

Fun game. The ads are ridiculous. An ad pops up every 3 minutes

CheekY BastaRD

Full of ads in the first 20 seconds. Dont download the game

Gurpreet Singh


Graeme Brown

Worst game ever

Ruben III Tañada

trash you need to watch a video just to get an upgrade

sampath422 hasitha


Nate Compton



Very boring game

Md Yousuf

nice apps

Joseph Collier

I want more of it and something else can out my aim quite on it yet

Beverly Payton

I would of rate It 0 stars but the sensativeid is to high so 1 star

Sleman Gerdy

Once more, a game that is the manifestation of ads, you donwload this game so you can watch some ads, i don't understand why mobile companies allow rating star system, just take it away, look how this game's rating clearly states that it is better than average that is 3.7/5

Kwentyn Eckhardt

Stupid game setup that requires watching ads to progress the game. Games good but uninstall cos of ads. Devs are idiots to do this!

Aditya Kashyap


Adam Berch

The bow doesn't always move and is very slow on the recoil which causes enemies to get past it. Tons of ads in the fame combined with terrible gameplay mechanics destroy what could be a fun time waster



Nooreddine Allane

I cant play becouse of ads

Ahmad Zidan

Ads ads ads

Mohd Baquer


Irsad Shaikh


Randy Orr

too many ads

Leti Davidson

you literally can't even aim the harpoon it literally has so much drift you can barely hit anyone so annoying

Ramraje Nalawade


M.K.A Qumain

Full of ad's 🤯

mR. BuNny

This game is good but the only problem is it doesn't have any sensitivity control option and the sensitivity Devs provided is just too high. So, Devs if you are watching this then please provide a sensitivity control option. Have a good day everyone

Nab Ba

Don't bother downloading this game, it requires diamonds just to play Silly laggy and full of ads

JxLIxN tr

Nach jedem level Eine werbung... Spielt das spiel nachdem ihr wlan ausgeschaltet habt, sonst ist es unspielbar

Sch. Video


Sam Abrham Bayangan

This is cool and fun if you're tired with ads Turn off your wifi😂😂😂😂😂

fan Man

Apsolutelly teriblile

Rupesh Mahale


Kayla Hancock

seivln 1234

Salman Salman


Paula Kincaid



Try to figure a way to not annoy people with ads man, this game actually good

Wan Adam Arif


Unicornsismyfavorit Zaynah V. Pagtakhan

Awesome game

Dane Mulliner

to many adds


asked for a review after 1 level

Mandar Parulekar

Game forces to watch ads. The cash in game seems pointless as only way to upgrade to level 3 from 2, is by watching ad.

Jared H

The only thing i found good about this game, is how well your targets move. The bow rarely works, when it does work, you try to move it very slightly and it jumps to the other end of your board. Making you able to make maybe the first shot, maybe the 5th, and you will lose before any other accurate shots can be peformed. I hope this game is early access, otherwise its not worth the stress it will create. This game lasted 5 minutes on my phone, installation to uninstalling.

nasam matta


Runaljyoti Baruah


Dash Williams

This game was free, but I still want a refund! I want a refund of the star I just gave you, because this game deserves none.

Ryan Burke

asking for a review after 1 level is nonsense

Cameron Kiser

trash cus it showed rate menu in the middle of 2nd level

Jack Kalata

Too many ads

pratik nikam

False advertisement

Lakshmi Anusurya

Worst game

Shiv Dhabhai

I go to level 10 amazing 👏😍✨😌🙌😉👏😍✨😌🙌😉👏😍✨😌🙌😉👏😍✨😌🙌😉👏😍✨😌🙌😉👏😍✨😌🙌😉👏😍✨😌🙌😉👏😍✨😌🙌😉👏😍✨😌🙌😉👏😍✨😌🙌😉👏😍✨😌🙌😉👏😍✨😌🙌😉👏😍✨😌🙌llĺllllllllllllĺlllllĺlĺllllĺlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllĺlĺlllllllllllllllovelllllllllllllllllyyyyýyyyyyyyyy amazing 👏😍🙌✨👌😉👏😍🙌✨👌😉👏Chahal

rekha tripathi

op game

Baker Abdallah

contains a lot of ads

Haydher Acon

very good


This game doesn't even try and hide the amount of ads it has, after the first level you get an ad, use the skip feature after 5 second to go into ANOTHER ad immediately, which makes you wait 10 seconds to skip before bringing up a pop up which can't be closed for 5 seconds, then you get your money for winning but you need to wait 5 second before the collect option comes up or watch an ad. Also can't upgrade anything more than one time foroney before you are required to watch ads to go further.

Wirawan Soeredi

Too much ads. You are even forced to watch ads if you want to upgrade the arrow and rope length

Ahmad Sahab

Nice game but ads issue Slow Graphics Main thing. You should add achievements and leaderboard too for more interesting Achievements give us Xp we play just for Xp

Rajshri Govind Ugale

Tu rakshak dijiye el it

Robert dowden

Game might be ok if it wasn't just add bait.....

GM Ghumro Ghumro



I hate its ad please do not send ad to my phone

Vikramkig Dantani


Jija Jija

thanks for the 500 adds in 5 min i have remove this game fix the adds the game is not fun because the adds

Mohit Kumar


Mukesh Dhawan

Controls are not good and too much ads

venkat bpt

What a waste game is this I never play this game

A Google user


Utpal Sarkar


Prithiv Sivarajan

Excellent 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

sarmin Akter


jason Kleinert

The game's ads is miss leading graphics are not that good and the arrows and hooks you see in the ads they are almost impossible to get without watching an ad. Over all TRASH

Alone King

Nice game

Danilo Bergamasco

Forced ads to upgrade, after level 2 the only option to upgrade is to watch ads, even with enough money


Forced ads to continue upgrading and just playing the game. If you want people to support you this isn't the way to do it.

Cabdi rashiid Xaaji muumin sh

cabdi rashiid xaaji

Salman Aslam

Totally wastage of time

Md Noman



thanks for payments


just horrible

ritesh tiwari

What is this non scene it,s not downloading

Vijay Kumar Pare

It forced to watch ads

Elavarasan Elava


Kaushalendra Kumar Singh



you HAVE to watch ads to progress. Like literally, there is no option to pay for the upgrades. Just the ads

Shyam Sharma


Jagdish Patel


R.Jchandran R.Jchandran


Yamraaj Gaming


santoshi lalit

super duper game no leg

C Balavijay


nisha rani