Rope And Balls

Author: SayGames Ltd

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Draw rope to collect all the balls!

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Update time: Jun 16, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: SayGames Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

Karthikeya Ramaswamy


Joseph Macharia

Too much ads...are we playing or watching ads?

Bail appa


David Scott

forced ads and no option to pay to remove the ads.

Shah zain

I dont like.that game becauce it was so boring too much boring

Chona Fant

good game

Lakesh Thummar


Sk Imran


Tammie H

It's fun but there's too many ads

Antonio Lucena

Too many ads


Ads completely spoil this game. About 2 ads every minute of play. Don't waste your time.

Sandeep Singh

sahe nice game

Shady Dream

I love playing with ropes and balls

Billie Pierce


Fredrik Hawes

Ads. Too many of them to be considered acceptable. I got 3 in the span of 10 seconds.

Paul Williams

Boring after 100 or so levels. They start repeating the games

Irfan Ali


Brenda Williams

Would be fun but the ads interfere with game play too much

Shane May

Only app I ever deleted because of ads.

Foysal Ahmed


Jannatul Ferdousi


Akansha Parmar


S Pel

Soooo many ads you can't play the game. Could be a good relaxing one but it's over the top ads

sherpa kunga what's the Wi-Fi password


Vinay Gowda

Way too many ads...

Naqsh Riyal

Sooo many ads dont install this

Lavinia Garcia

So far so good. However, I think the designs are repeating throughout.

Rajeev Sharma


Hrvoje Brajkovic

It's completely legit to bother with so many ads. I'm OK with it so I uninstalled the game.

Keith Dennis

No ads and pretty fun

Jacqueline Ristow

Love it.. Great fun!!!?

J Benz

Too many ads, theres one every freaking level! And worse, theres ads in the MIDDLE of each level. Horrible setup

Defenders of the Faith

Adds every other level.

Missie Shaw

too many ads during level but ok to play

AJ Demulling

So boring

Sree Vaishnavi Kommuri


Donna Stratton

very different game . i just started it . I do like it and I think that there is a challenge here also .

Damon Waters


Patsy A S

FAR TOO MANY ADS! Several every level. I lasted to level 14 before I'm giving up and will uninstall - spent far more time on ads than playing game and so many are repeats. BORING 😴 Suspect 5* & 4* reviews are fake to reel you in. I accept ads are needed to pay for game but too many make it ridiculous 🤬

Christopher Spencer

it's fun, obviously not a difficult concept to understand how it works, but it keeps the brain working and learning in a positive way. Just started playing so it could actually get a lot more intriguing and challenging. We will have to play some more and see if the levels become a maze of obstacles that need fast reactions to overcome and and prevail. So, it can be something relaxing by taking the lower levels slow, or it can get you motivated to see how far and how fast you can get through it.

Brennan Haslacker

Cool game, lots of adds but I understand why you need them,but can we all just take a moment to appreciate the name, rope and balls. It's probably only me that finds it funny though, anyway great game thanks for keeping me entertained.

Eddie Golden

I absolutely love the game, but I will barely play it due to the non skippable ads!!! I am sure most of us would pay for an ad free version!

Ann Korrell

Far too many adds, I can see one after each completed level, and if you need to repeat a section. An add after each and every section in each and every level is too disruptive and takes you out of the game, and makes you want to stop playing after just a couple levels ☹️

Shannon Bennett

I have never tryed playing a game that has so many ads. It cuts to one in the middle of a board plus your not allowed to figure out how to do the puzzle cuz a hand always tells you where to draw the rope

Shannon A

Ads every two seconds. Like, constantly. Unplayable

Dan Green

ads are longer than levels 🙄

Joe Pearson

Way to many ads. They will do you in the middle of a level for an ad. Terrible.

Vimal Parmar


Kelly Kavanagh


pavai thiru navukarasu

How to handle the enemies in our life

David Hernandez

Too many ads and glitches too much this game really a waste of time trust me when i say better off not trying this game. It needs to be pulled out of the play store right away.

cornors of the world

Too much add which decrease the excitement level ..I m uni stalling this within 5 min after play ...know the adds are ur business but it's dam nonsence things add are coming too fast

Pooja Lassi


Rajaee Fakhouri

Watching adds more than playing the game 0 stars

Elisa Idir

ads every 5 seconds

Robert Lemieux

too many ads, I do one thing and I get another ad right after

Tanaya Seth

Fun game! I liked the concept, although it got old pretty fast and the long ads every few levels just got frustrating.

joanne morris

The game is so fun, but OMG soooo many Ads!!!! You never get to play two plays in a row! Too frustrating for me.


Don't bother. WAY TOO MANY ADS!!! Reviews must be false to have the star rating it does. Pretty much have to watch an ad EVERY TIME a board is cleared. I get having to have some ads to make money but there are SO many It makes trying to play super frustrating. I feel like it's click bait with more ads than game. As far as I could tell there is no way to pay for them to go away. I think it was 2 or 3 $ to get rid of ads in Go Knots 3d. That's not an option here. You don't even have a home screen.

Pippa Doodledo

Too many adverts! And there isn't an option to purchase ad free.

K.C. Lim

soooooooo many ads>:(

John michael Fanion

it's ok

abegail delgado

This game is kind of good but also bad at the same time. I read a lot of reviews which stated that there were too many ads so you can only play on aeroplane mode which makes it glitchy. The game itself is pretty fun and creative but also is a bit boring once in a while after playing it a couple of times.

Mira Mohammed

حلاوة روح عند ساره

Theo Makgale

ads soo many

Jo Ann Kozz

You would have gotten 5 stars if it wasn't for all your ads!!!!!!!!! Good game but you start an adnright in the middle of playing. I know you get paid by the ad but you must be rich by now!

Md Jalal


Nidhi Dodia

Ads ads and ads.. u win or u loose any which ways ads will come and wont stop untill it eats ur 30 secs and there is no help in this game..

Divya Vellankki

Kranthi Divya Vellanki

Kevin Jones

By lol 5 I had to watch 5 30 second videos.i would give 0 star if I can

Siddappa Nayak




Jake Johnson

I don't mind the ads in between the rounds. But multiple ads in the middle of a round? Yeah hard pass from me.

Brittany Lowery

Too many ads

Moo Sun

I absolutely love this game but the ads are using my data,like you won't believe,so bad I want to delete game,please help

Antonia Castillo

Love it😅👍

Saadi Editz

dekhaya Kuch or hay kuch or don't download please worst game ever add ata rehta bech bech main ajeeb

Music For Your Mind

cook game

karrie gilbert

The game is fun, except for 2 things: too many ads and I realized by level 160 everything is basically repeating. With tutorials and all. So basically this is just a distraction to advertise to me. No thanks

Robyn Casey

Too many ads. Too bad, seemed like a fun game.

praveena bhagavathi

Uninstalling this because of too much of ads. I didn't ever see a game having tooooooo many ads like this.

Sharna Mridha


Ankit Goud

Aashish Goud

Danielle Alexander

Way too many ads. These games just aren't worth it anymore.

Sar Ang

too many ads

M Adnan Shabir

Good, fun, offline game


too many adds

Gabriel Pelayo

so many adds .. can't even play a round without adds.. fml..

Tara Ruff

It's a fun game but there's too many ads. I'll most likely delete this game

Violet Bilodeau

Fun game. Ads are bearable. Some levels seem to repeat around level 114.

Sorip Sk


Yash Modi

Boring gameplay and too many ads

Gaetan Vincent

I am ok with ads to play for free, until there is more ad time then play time. Even worst when your only option at the end of an ad is to click install with no other options. I have waited and searched for over a minute on the last one. No "X", no "close" button only an "install" button. Had to close the app and restart to keep playing.

Αναστασιος Τατογλου

Save da balls

noa chanoch

I really don't recommend this game I been playing like for 5 mins and like 10 ads already!

riley stevenson

I had to pay for it

Alan Berrelleza

Way too many ads. An ad between every level. NO FUN!!

Roberta Santoro

Way too may ads.

Tony Cox

Level 2 ad, level 4 ad ..... #####

James Streeter

Looks good. Plays fine. I'd keep playing it but can't be bothered with the length of ads. Levels have started repeating now so that's it for me.