Romantic HOLIC!: dream walker | Visual Novel Otome

Author: Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)

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Romantic HOLIC!: dream walker | Visual Novel Otome – Decide your romantic destiny!

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File size: 74M
Update time: September 8, 2021
Current version: 1.1.14
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
Price: Free
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Kim Mallard

I love the game, the story, the price. Aaaaahhhhh I love all of them. Thank you for making this app~~~


This is perfect... i... im in love with every characters... so many questions! About Allen's 2nd ending... it feels so fake... I really want to know if the real Allen, who have passed away, is still waiting for Jaime while she was living in another dream of raising the other Allen? In Allen's 1st happy ending, are they still in the dream world? Is that really... Allen himself? Or is it just an imagination of Jaime since it's her lucid dream? Will she die living in a dream like that?

Airalyn Poliran

I love it. The characters, the story, the graphic and the music.

Vesh Rajbanshi

This is really interesting, challenging and romantic.i liked it very much...

Randol Saycon

It's good and I personally like it


It's one of the best story games I've played, i was expecting your average lovely-dovely scenarios but I was surprised with the amazing storyline, the characters have their own persona including the mc, which I'm glad. I also enjoyed that you could choose different routes depending on your answer and complete different scenarios. And lastly the game left me bawling my eyes out, although i cried for Allen i enjoyed Liam's personality the best! Hope you make more games like this in the future! 💓

Sarahí Cura

Me encantó ❤️

Cora Quintana Portilla

Overwhelming and sweet

Sai Shinri

The plotline is pretty great but the story pacing is too fast at the beginning. Additional character could be the plot holes. However, the story walktrough I experienced was incredible, touching and at times funny. Thank you so much for the experience :)

Diah RahmaWati

This is good, really. But ... Idk why i can't play the game anymore though my connection and my phone space is large enough. Sigh.

Citra Resmi

I just love the storyline so much OMG I shed tears on Allen's ending 😭 the graphic and interface is rlly good too. Please make more game like this


Ohhh why just 10 ticket why I need give money to a game like this?

Michaela Lindeque

amazing he is a truly kind guy please make more like this

Bella William

The game is so interesting,I like it that you can watch ads for tickets and it's offline

Suga Aira

can't describe because the story is too cute n beautiful...

Anis Hairul

I really love this game🤩


Amazing story. Just spent the past 10 mins bawling my eyes out because of it. Art and characters are fantastic, ands it's really easy to get tickets without having to spend money. 100% recommend playing!! ♡


Choosing at the last was heartbreaking and the endings are so pure, they have side stories at each ending too. Love how the decisions make such an impact 💜

emily davis

I love this app but one problem just a little problem so we need Allen to be a choice and not be dead ;-;


I love the story lines

Jerrica R.S

Awesome app I really loved it , it is sooooooo much better than other app .I loved the personality of all characters they fitted each person ♥️🙂👌

Sashiko Tsu

I officially have a soft spot for this game, down to the new love, past love and the unconditional love it's such a moving story I can't help but adore it beginning to the end, I would definitely recommend this for people who enjoys slow but steady romance, or just dreamscape stories. I really loved it and if i have time again i would play it again💛


This.. Was really great, I loved every ending, it was unique as well. It will make you laugh for a while then make you cry at the next--A literal emotional rollercoaster. The story was very well thought, the characters were great and the art is nice! I like these kind of games that you don't need to wait for a day to get tickets, sure we have to wait but atleast it's just for a few minutes. Overall, I had a great time playing it.

Sugar Rush

Please I beg to the app developers that to create Allen's happy ending with the female lead!!! This story is really great but for the lovers of allen, it's not fair. Plsssss for BTS armies Plssss for world peace plssss fir allen do this!! I love you guys!! Sarangheyo...


I enjoyed plot and was able to complete the game without struggling to get items

Maria Cardenas

It seems to be a normal dating sim, it's just using the texting form to show talking, I was a bit confused at first

Annalee Williamson

No to 5 stars this deserves 100 stars This is one of the best games I have ever played the story is amazing and beautiful some even made me cry 1000/1000


I just finished Allen's story. This is the best otome game I played. It is very simple and in the form of a chat. The mc is soo relatable (even more as I aim to be a translator). The story is very interesting and original. And, unlike most otome game, it is very easy to play since we can obtain tickets by watching adds. The only thing that saddened me is the fact that we don't have much illustrations. But it's only a detail. And tbh I feel that I did not have enough of Allen :')

Ashley Langridge

An amazing game with great characters, and a great story. Easy to watch ads for more tickets, or buy them for fairly cheap. I've replayed it many times, and would love to see more added to it!

Jessica Russo

Able to play without pay, I couldn't put the app down from start to finish. I played for hours into the night. Story line, art, fantastic. 10/10

Chancey Rose Lleno

this game really wants me to buy tickets!!!! it's not free game!!!

Yaya Sofea

This game is the best one I've ever played,the story lines is just amazing,the characters personas also great!I play over and over again because I want to know all the endings,especially the one with Allen.Also,the tickets is easy to get with adds.This game is just another level,I highly recommended to you guys.(the male leads always on my mind tho till these days,help) I hope developer can make another game just like this,it's attractive.


I like it

Dzit T

I came back to write a review, the developers deserve this. The lore, characters, everything's to my liking. It's real, to the point it hurts, and I love it so much. You can easily get access to various decisions for it's being f2p friendly. This was an experience. I'll keep the app to replay the stories thank you for your efforts.

Rovelyn sionomio

THIS GAME MADE ME BAWL MY EYES OUT. Gahd I loved it🤧😘 The plot, the Music, the characters (oh lalaa) and definitely the plot twist huhu🥲 I always had a hard time looking for an offline otome game like this one, and I'm glad that I came across This game! Yep you need tickets for some of the choices to be able to Achieve some parts of the story but you can watch ads and gain enough after a while that can last atleast a chapter or so..Great Game ✋🏼🤧

Dara Kim

Thank you so much for creating this lovely game... I cried so hard when I knew Allen was died...He stole my heart the whole times... I think I'll always remember Allen every night before sleeping😭♥️ Thank you so much!!!

Shenell Davis

This game is soo detailed and fun, it's soo hard to choose who I want to love Elliot's ending made me bawl my eyes out. it was soo cute but depressing.

Game Lover Eshwar Chaos



Its really good but i wish for there to be less of the chatting in messages though it just gets boring after a bit.

mona liza carriedo

Just started playing, it's interesting and very entertaining.

Chloe Dhliwayo

This was about the best story I had ever been through it was truly worth it

suzie chan 月見

THIS WAS SO GOOD, AND THE EMOTIONS WERE REAL. I couldn't stop myself from crying when it was an emotional scene, i was so into it. It's so interesting that I finished it within 8 hours haha. This story will have a place in my heart. The screenshot of the final scene(the happy ending with my lover) I took will make this story and the emotions memorable.


really love this game <3 I'm speechlesssss until then I can't describe abt this gamee , it's really good !! really a gentleman character, i love you allen , liam and elliot 😔 it's was sad story back then :< I'll miss this game so much !! thnkyou for created this masterpiece game , I'm crying during plying this :) love u <3

Mishael Doad 9th -A

It's very good game I'm loving it 💜

thanaporn N.

เล่นเพลินดีค่ะ คลายเครียดและสนุก

PPK Dream

So good!!!!

MEH_0723_ Anukrati_Pawar

Stroyline is intriguing and the MC is not dumb thankfully. In app purchases come at reasonable prices. Better than games with daily ticket system.

Divya Baranwal

Great game and I like this games because the ticket it is on you what you choose if you want to buy from money you can and not from money you can!! This... This is the game that every ...every romantic episode lover (if they can't buy tickets with money) the plot twists in every moment is just amazing I love this game so much please make more games like this I like it so much and if you love to play the romantic scenes without premium ahem.... It's for you but the heavy drainage of battery😐


Beautiful story, the art style, characters...everything is simply so magnificent. At some parts I was crying my eyes out, it truly drags you in so you can experience it fully. I'm gonna play this game again in the future for sure with different endings. I really recommend this game.

alyne batister

W game, artsyle, reactions, choices, storyline, designs literally everything is big W. But out of all of them I rlly liked the storyline rather than the characters LOL. They keep the story up and interesting that the player will b addicted. slight end of the story felt like solving a crime idk y. Unlike other characters in sum otome games, the characters here r so different. I rlly liked liam since he kinda reflects my personality I enjoyed it. wish more otome games like this existed.

naruto sasuke

this is the best otome I've ever is sad but i really like the story i will never forget this

precious obog

I love the game thinking this... might happen in real life though... it's not perfect but the story let's u imagine things that does is a dream true like the reality well.. in my opinion it's true a dream could be a reality it happen on me so... ya... I really like the mc and the other characters specially Allan he is a questionable person same as the mc hmm I really wish there is a season 2for this this is a masterpiece okay.. that's all I'm gonna say .... I really love the game and I hope had

Regina K.

Excellent story as always.

《ItzJustMeh XD》

Played their game once and this is the second time I'm going to play and it's really nice


I love it, it was romantic

I'm Chelsea

The storyline was great the characters were nice and the mc wasnt a stupid naive girl. I really enjoyed this game until it started asking for tickets for every single choice and you have to watch ads to get tickets .. That's not even my problem my problem is that the ads aren't even working. My internet is working fine but they keep writing couldnt load ad please fix this its so annoying


This was one of the most beautiful stories. It tugs at your heart strings and gives you a chance to see the depth of the characters. I cannot rate it higher. They give you very fair amounts of adds to make choices, have good graphics and an original story. Please make more like this!!


This was so beautiful the Allen ending really made me cry thanks for this beautiful game :) ❤

Priya Darshini

Super game 🥰🥰🥰

Nur Qamarina Kamarulzaman

When i first play this game, i choose allen ending and I'm crying 🥲the story is so good


I LOVE IT SM ㅠㅠ It's a really great game, I could play it online and offline as well. The characters, the plot, everything in general was really nice. I recommend it 100% ㅇㅈㅇ


elliot got me squealing. the plot is good, art is refreshing. i can just watch ads to get tickets, unlike other interactive story games where you have to wait or purchase it (although i wanted to but i'm currently broke) 👍🏼

Zeanchi Remingthon

I love this game and the love story, but the only one that i don't like is the ads but over all its all nice game

Tenzing Choten

Its was better at starting but later we have to watch ad for any choices and I aspect that it was a offline game 🙃

Adrianna mime

I love this game.. Very recommended to install. Its super easy to get ticket and all. I play all the ending. And love it! Keep the good work! The ticket is very cheap compare to other otome.. The amazing part is its not impossible to get all of the ending. The Fl very realistic and the choices is 10/10.

Otsu Panjaitan

I love it, include the story. But I think tag *offline* is not suiting. Afterall, many times I have to watch ads to gain tickets just to choose. Or the story won't be that lovable

kota lovakumari

I am love with this game ❤❤❤ Amazing game 🥰🥰🥰 But endings are difficult 😔😔😔 How to go to endings 😭😭😭 I want an Happy ending with Allan 💖💖💖 Make a easy way please 😔😭🙏 Album isn't also perfectly shown it miss some pics in album I am irritated by that 👿👿👿 That why I gave 4 🌟 so please see the mistakes and solve them please 🥺🥺🥺 I want this type of games more and more 😍😍😍 Thank you so very much 🤗🤗🤗 Please read my review 🙏 I really expect a reply 🥺 Thank you 🥰


I'm actually in love with this game. I recommend it, I am certainly not sure how to describe it other than it hit me right in my feelings (:

Siti Hanum Haris

This game gotta be one of my fav game. THIS GAME SHOULD BE A MOVIE! There's no way to describe how amazing and cool this game is! Allen backstory is so angst

You got no Jams

It was goood but i wished the tickets were free or had another to earn one without internet:<

Frenzee Gabule

THIS THING IS GREATT!!!! Spoiler: OMG LIAMM AND ALLEN IM SO SORRY I LITERALLY COULDNT DECIE WHAT ENDING I WANTED WTHH but anyways, i guess i' re-do alotta stuff when i feel like it. 😭😭😭😭 MC's final look fits so muchhhh i love the mature fashion she hasss

Marla Ramirez

This is a really good game

Nana Chan

It was nice story, as I finished all the endings, somewhat Elliot and Allan are the one I simp.. good job making otome games like this! I wish you would make another interesting otome game in the future! Thank u

Emi ri

Im only at the beginning but it seems pretty fun

Uniew Pocky Temp

I love this game, the option is kinda realistic, for me it's not that hard to choose, because i stand for Allen from the beginning.

Boo Witch Dreams

Is being awhile since I truly enjoyed an otome game, interesting plot, lovely love interests, beautiful art and the wait wasn't too long.


It's really interesting since the MC's boyfriend left her,I like the art and that it has no glitches or bugs

Miss Kazenami

I love this game so much! The interface, the plot, the protagonist, the male characters, the side characters, all of them are lovely. The ticket to play this are so cheap compare to other game yet people complain pfftt. It's not easy to create a game, story, music, translating so you can't expect to play it for free? Overall, I would totally recommend this.

The Curious Rosa


Jecolia Tiéléo

I really didn't like the end

Crystal Beauty

Please, I loved it.

shifa eldita

I really like this game! It's like I'm into the world itself. The ml character makes it hard for me to choose, but so far I've only got the normal ending and am in the process of moving on to another ending. I also like the ticket price. So far my ticket transaction has gone smoothly, and I'm impressed. I also like the artstyle and the storyline too.

Bigboi 14

This game is sooo cute i love it so far!

Kirby L

It'll be nice if there were more interactive options. The story and the characters are beautiful. Ads don't interfere with story. The tragedy at the end pulled on heartstrings since it's very relatable to real life. May need a tissue. :D

Anime Fan

Wonderful game 🤍✨ looking forward to the new games like this gem 💎

Jocelyn Darnielle

I just started and I ALREADY LOVE THE STORY

James San Agustin

its good

Tuvieron Jenny P.

It was a good game. The plot, the art, the music, the characters. I love them. I end up replaying this and still have the same enjoyable feeling. My only concerns about this is that the freeze screen occurred frequently. I end up re opening the game to play again lol

Natarajan V

It was an interesting story.

Tommy Boo

Hot men

Kovarddani Ilangovan

The storyline is so addicting. The characters are designed very well and pretty realistic. Like many others here, I love that the tickets are easy to obtain.

• Abby •

I really love it! This is the first time that i unlocked all endings in a "choose ur type" game. I hope u will make some of this!♡♡

Ncomi ndlovu

I love it I love i love it !!!!! This game is so good I really recommend you download this game it is so relatable like Im still new to it but I'm enjoying a lot so far buuuutttt, at first I kicked me out and I sobed a little because it looked like a very interesting game but then obviously went back to try again and it worked . I just wanna say Oteme did a veeeerrryy good job🌈🌈🌈😊


this is the most relaxing game i've ever played. the story, to me, was wonderful, as well as every dialogue and ofc, the characters. i am immensely attached to this game that if only i'm capable of erasing all my memories about the story and relive the same experience again, i would do it over and over without a second thought. that's just how much i love it. kudos to the writer and creator of this game. i'm really hoping that you will make a game similar to this in the future.

C.J mc blocks

The game is really amazing and I loved it so much I really enjoyed the storry line and I loved all the charecters it was a really good game.

Sonai Chakrabortty

I have truly no words to explain how happy I'm after playing this game. My ending was with Liam and I'm happy for that. I do feel sorry for Elliott and Allen especially for Allen. But I won't spoil anything. 1 thing I'll say that I've played many otome games before but this is the first time playing this good game. In other games u had to wait for the tickets or diamond for hours but here u can obtain good amount of tickets just by watching ads. So I definitely suggest u to download this game :)

Jericho Maribojo

Its good too

Yangki Yangki

I just download today and i just hope that it will better I am so excited

Nicole the wolf

can i changed the name?