Robot Invasion – Survival Game

Author: IOPlus

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Robot Invasion – Survival Game
Welcome to the world of Robot Invasion. Imagine an army of Robots is attacking your town, it’s up to you to stop them.

Defend yourself with your powerful remote!

Each button can be used to control the robots: enlarge/minimize them, switch them off/on, and so on. Furthermore, upgrade your remote to use laser, black hole, and tornado functions and find new ways to disable the enemies.

You will not be stopped from becoming the world’s greatest hero by armed spacecraft or scary robots!

– Aim at the robots with your remote in hand.
– Disable the attacking robot with each button on the remote: zoom in/out, on/off
– Weapon upgrades: laser, black hole, or tornado to neutralize enemies more effectively
– Evolve fast, and fight all the enemies.
– Be brave and join the battle. Become the strongest conqueror the battlefield.

✔ Powerful upgrades for your jury-rigged weapons!
✔ Collectable technology for cool power boosts!
✔ Dozens of achievements and challenges for endless fun!
✔ Discover powerful equipment
✔ Challenging bosses

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 26, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: IOPlus
Price: Free
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Customer review

Septi Andanari


alijah john aloro

did you put wall-e

Rachelle Gerolao



You guys stole tv invasion

William W

the people who made this game and they literally give you an ad 5 seconds maybe even one this game is just an Add game at this point you don't even get to play do not install it it takes up so much storage so I do not recommend using this game out 0 out of 100

Taina Powell

6huc B gvgggv what the heck what the heck what the heck this is a good game for children and not grown-ups🙃

DylanMikaylaRaine Campos



This is a stupid game it just goes 1 round thare in no other round you should not get this

Arya Dubey

Very good game

Andzhelika Markovich

After 5 seconds of playing it shows me advert after advert after advert and they just never stop. There is no way to actually reach level 2.


🤖👾🤖 ITS 👌

Arnel Pabellar

Nice copying tv invasion trash cans

C M Boswell

I would of gave this a good review but the contorls is not good at all when i click on them i pints the remote down fir some reason

sarah v

Any time when I press the watch an add button for a new power it doesn't work🤬

Kai Rocci


Quỳnh Chi Hồ

Game chơi thú vị phết

Jone Zone

Good game