Robot Colony 2

Author: 717 pixels

100K+ install


Robot Colony 2 is an RTS about managing a colony of robots and protecting it from giant insects. Strategic selection of the right type of robots to produce is needed for the colony’s success.

The robots are autonomous and behave like ants. They search for food and resources and bring them to the base.

The game is offline and has low system requirements.

Here are some improvements compared to the first part of the game:

– the ability to control robots manually

– 90 new levels to explore

– new types of insects with unique behavior

– ability to select the place for new turrets and robot factories

– dozens of new buildings and power-ups

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Mar 30, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: 717 pixels
Price: Free
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Customer review

Cheese McCheese

Neat little colony sim, good for a car ride or a break.

Emmett Lambe

THIS GAME IS AMAZING there's only ONE problem you get to much cash plz give you a little bit less cash.


Good potential but I agree and have experienced the same as Ron Wagner describes in his review

Rob Haworth

As others have said it has potential, but sadly in its current form it soon becomes repetitive and dull

Gershome parr Gregorio

Just 10/10

Doggie Gaming

Fun but waiting for thev next wave can be boring,it's a passive game where you don't need to focus on ut that much.

Mahender Kataria

Really amazing game . I'll give 5 star rating this game.

Ken Malone

Just put a couple of missile launchers near the base and win. Boring.

Ryan Perea

Boring. Pay-wall makes the game move at an incredibly slow speed

Blayke Rings

Good game

Ruby Ruth Delos Reyes

Relaxing Way To Waste Time Soon Add More Towers As A Suggestion

James Mathews

So happy that you made a swcond one.

John Smith

Excellent i loved the game very interesting

broden Ceaser


zdravko tahirov

Idle games have more stuff for you do do and are faster passed than this

Adam Szkutnik

getting bored quick

Rob Knock

Good game. But unplayable. Your robots die all the time for no reason

Jennie Chan

Amazing! No words

Roberto Rene Rodriguez

Best game in my honest opinion it's really good has everything I wanted in a game Recommend

Dino Paulo Ramos

It's cool but soo slow

Vladimir Pleshkov

Nice graphics, straightforward controls, no gameplay. There is no reason to build any robots and gather resources - on medium you can just wait for the first wave of bugs and put the turret; then 2nd turret on 2nd wave so on. Only thing you should do is wait 3min for the bugs to come and place a turret close to the station. Then wait for another 3min. Thrilling!

Lukman Kubah

Masuk pak eko

Bhuwan Arya Bhuwan Arya

This game is so good 👍 👍

Joshua Foreman

Nice, that was enjoyable.

Jhonatan Felipe

Great game


The game is good

Kamil Janelli

Personally can't justify playing this game to my attention span without speeding it up, which you have to pay for. Thus alas the game is pay2win for me personally.

Colt House

honestly it's a great game 👍👍

Peter Langland

Too slow

Finn McComas

Pretty short, but it was free.

Ruben Medina

Slow but entertaining

Matty BeaZt

Love it, I'm hooked

Radosław Podgórski

Meybe the idea of this game is good. But the tempo is way too slow. If you want to increase the speed like x2 or x3 you need to pay. I am not going to.

Abraham Benedict Siahaan

I win level one so I give it a 5⃣ star

chris pitch

I dont like the time limit on the robots

Donny Henderson

Zero skill or strategy needed, just keep making robots.

Sango Dragon

Intentionally bad.

Trip Vic

Needs a little balancing but it's great just like the first one!

bosozoku rx7

It's okay. It's mildly repetitive although I wish there was more to the game besides wait for your little robots to mine like I should be able to do that myself too or something.

Ron Wagner

Game has potential... a few problems: 1. once you get guns, you place them close as possible to the base. This does two things: you don't have to buy many defenders after the 2nd wave and your loaders have abundant resources (dead bugs). 2. There is only one type of bug per level. Once you get through wave 2 and see what bugs there are, your only decision is whether to explore the map or not (w some bugs it's better not to expose the map). 3. Due to above, game is tedious and repetitive

Tyler PWM

First game I've played in a longgg time

Nathanael Page

Beep boop kill bug bloop bleep

Ajay Kasani

Good for offline playing

Betty Hull


Lucas St Pierre

It takes so long just to do the first level and you have to pay to speed it up and I think they should make it so we can watch a ad instead of paying I think it's 7$ or 13$

czékmán csaba

Better than the previous one, good game

Kelly Long

It's fun

Nsomniacs Dream

First level was a lot of fun! And then it locked my phone to force me to watch an ad. Absolutely not, uninstall.

Stephen John

Game is good. I think units should be more of the focus rather than turrets especially since the units are the main characters which means more units than turrets, units are more reliable than turrets and turrets are there for support (cough look at logo). Overall, great game. Simple for me, and it is quite fun. Feels a bit too easy though.


Very high potential... LOVED IT <3

Vlad Grohovsky


ghostbug 3214

It's a fun game but my only problem with it is the fact you have the ability to speed up the game for $5

Dragonovy Jafar

Very enjoyable! (On launch) hopefully it doesn't turn into a MICRO transaction farm.. or pay to win! (I bought no ads)

Nikola Kovacevic

Tetka kaze ah ah



Ed K

I LIKE IT can you put a a update on your game a heavy defender?

Ethan R

Really stimulating and nicely developed 👍 👌


Like one ad every round or I think like 10 waves. Meaning it's great not many ads like other games and I can enjoy it and pause it whenever it's great for just time passing. I don't usually rate games but this one is great and worth it

Rat Wine

locked behind speedup paywall


Rating begging.

Nick Maes

I like the game but it still needs a lot of work to make ikt more user-friendly. Now it is hard to click on a building te make the robots. Scout factory would be nice to unlock earlier and it would be nice to have some change in the map

Rayna Christensen

I love it

Bloxy Crafter


Random Person

Decent.Should've not by build each round and use resources cause it really discouraged me using any other building other then turret or add more wave. Cause rn i have no reason to actually use any factory or any deposit outpost. And the tree is useless since bugs gave u more energy. The modules are cool but cant be used in all. Aoe turret are op. Not enough dmg on single target turret. So no reason to use it other then filler. There's a bug (pun intended)on if usave scum all patrol bug atk.

Jerome Co

Simple, enjoyable and looking foward for the next update. For the next update can u make can be played offline and online. Include multiplayer and pvp. Thanks for the good work.😍😍😍😍


I like make more

Yang Gao

Good concept, but levels very repetitive with only subtle differences. Fun to play for first few levels, then quickly becomes uninteresting.

Steph Lewis

Very enjoyable tower defense style game but with little robots and you're being attacked by big bugs! It's a little repetitive but increase the difficulty and smash through the easier levels.


Great upgrade from the first game

Kiro Legend

Slow paced, some poor design choices.

Jeffery A Layton

I found it! The legendary good game.

Multiclip Projects

Very addictive and very fun

Leonardo Lepore

It's ok.

The gaming rat

Very fun to play time killer

Jac Dormer

Good game love having to not use internet to play

Aziz Han XK

Its good whenbyou are bored

A Primal Kick Truck

Great mechanics, very simple and fun.

Jay Lawson

Painfully slow, advert driven.


Boring. Forced ads.

Lucas Medina



Played the first game and it was pretty fun, but I really like the new mechanic of waves in order to unlock certain things. Gives me Mindustry vibes, and I LOVE that game

Chris Stamp

Pretty sweet game. Love the mechanics. Simple but effective aswell. Worth the 2.99 just to support the company let alone the 3x speed I never even had a pop up ad before buying the version

Lupa 95

Solid game very fun

Boyan Dimitrov

Needs work and the many levels are well not that many (it's the same level with tiny enemy stats difference). Controls need a lot of work or complete overhaul. Some of the elements of the UI do not make any sense. The fog of war is all white but can't be all revealed. The level selection screen is a mess. I wanted to give more stars but I'll keep them for a better future version. I got so bored that I felt it could be 'funnier' to play the levels idling in easy and then on hard to check the upgr


Tediously slow

θ kev2koy θ

It is a robot colony, as it sounds. Though sometimes it looks like an ant colony simulator.

Jack Skudlarek

Great game, loving all the quality of life features. I mean WHO thinks of these? Auto set WHICH SIDE THE SCREEN TILTS TO. Seriously. I challenge anyone here to find another mainstream gane with that level of nuance. It's just all the tiny things culminating to make a wonderful experience. My one "complaint" is a spelling error in the menu stating "tap 22 times to control your robot manually"

carlos martinez

More progress content than in the first. Fun, simpe amd challenging!

derpy king12

It was funnier than I expected I would recommend it

James Kempf

Too slow

shadow dark


Mark Frost

Loved the first one and still loving this one.

Donni Dominick

Good simple strategy games. My only complaint only for the small text and color.

Putra Swastika

Neat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)👍★★★★★

Varun Githala


David Taub

Very fun, though repetitive after u beat the hard mode

Kamaldeep Kaur

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgghgghghhhhhhhhh



Domenic Burry

Everything is top-notch but the fact that you have to reach level 3 unlock sandbox that's just not ok

mess of a human being

Nice up to now.