Riverside: Farm Village

Author: Playkot LTD

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❤️ Riverside: farm & city building simulator is a mobile city simulation game for lovers of building city farms, farm villages, and city simulators. If you were looking for awesome, new building games, you found one! Welcome home! ❤️

⭐ A touching and upbeat casual family adventure game, among the best city building games, about a once prosperous town, now plunged into a hopeless economic depression. Most of the residents have left, only a few of the most loyal and persistent remain. But they have nothing to rely on and you, the new mayor, are their last hope.🏘️🏘️🏘️

⭐ Lead the management of the city, rebuild urban infrastructure and agriculture that has fallen into disrepair in this family adventure building game🏗️🏗️🏗️, plant crops in the fields of the pastoral farm across the river🌾🌾🌾🏞️, take care of Pets, harvest crops and provide the urban Renaissance with a variety of food, fodder and goods. Build a village worthy of its name.

⭐ Experience the best of farm town and build new homes to attract new residents and keep the old ones in town farm. Restore old mansions🏰, abandoned coffee shops, town city center and shops🛒, reconstruct the school and fire station 🔥🚒 and other buildings, decorate the streets and courtyards, give the city a boost to a new happy life farm.

⭐This town building simulator game gives you the opportunity to show your city farm management skills. Send your township goods from your harvest town river port🚢, build new factories and restore old ones, create city construction jobs for your citizens, and have a grand farm adventure while you’re at it🧓.

⭐You will be engaged in unhurried farming on a pastoral, idle family farm, free to build the island with wonderful animals and agricultural plants and happy farmers.
⭐ Enter a better future with energy-saving farm city technologies, garbage sorting, and clean energy sources.♻️
⭐A magnificent landscape, a whole green island village country surrounds the city, you’ll want to stay in it forever. Riverside is one of the rare, lost island games that leads to rest and relaxation and will provide you with many pleasant gaming moments, city harvest and building, and fun farm games experience. Although the town of Riverside is not a farm town village, it does not want to lose itself in endless construction and become a bustling and complex megapolis, and this only adds to its charm. 💞

⭐Hey, says the casual rpg building, farm quest, and village farming game Riverside: farm & city building simulator, leave all your worries behind and give yourself up to warm sunny days and a light breeze with the smell of hay. Think – is my village life and its awesomeness about to begin? The answer is yes!

A real pinnace of city building and fun building in general.


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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 8, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Playkot LTD
Price: Free
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Customer review

anamitra biswas

It's keeps crashing

deepak gowda

Nice game

Mercedita Ramis


Eli EM

This game is so beautiful and charming i love it 🤞🏻🥺✨🍃💓 so lovely & cute🤌🏻🥰

Stephen Phillips

Got to 81% loading in then just stayed there for 10 minutes so I deleted it

Nur Amira Nabila Binti Mohd Ab Rahman

Cannot even open the game.

Anita Ifueko

Best game I have played this year..... I mistakenly spent my money 💸 I wanted to go on a date with mayor 😭😭😭😭...... I had to reinstall so I can go on a date with mayor😂..... He's so cute 🥺🥺🥺🥺 love the storyline ❤️❤️

Aneesh Shanker

Great game Animation is great😍 but stop the Internet ☺️


I looooved it..everything is amazing 👏..but very hard to play after level 15 ..you have to pay💰 to play. ..unfortunately 😔 and the mini games inside the game are very hard can't win after a few levels I hope if u can change the pic of the app..It could be better

Stranger Dimension

It always become black screen and it takes so long to load

Sweet ijay


Christian Ådahl

This game is one of the best farm games.. Absolutely...

Himani Hegde

Pathetic game


Fantastic,this game was giving me many task and its very enjoyable game, keep it up admin

Thazin phyo

Like this app.

Catherine Venette

So far I like this game...great graphics

Gungun Kashyap

Its amazing

Latoyia Frasier

Game was very fun in the beginning. Now im starting to get bored. Things cost to much. Progression on buildings takes way to long. To build new buildings when move up in level cost to much. So basically once u get to a certain level the game drags and becomes boring

Karen Crooks

Wow awesome game so realistic. I just love it!!!!!

Yeshua Catherineka

It's amazing. I have a request, I can't make money as my market orders are based on factories, and spice island, I don't have them yet, cuz I don't have enough population and other conditions required. Please look into it, if I get market orders according to what I have, I will be able to make money, game is amazing but it's getting frustrating because of the market orders.

Nneamaka Okechukwu



Best Refreshing for mind

Kelly McCartney

This game used to be my favorite but now every single time thiers any event going on, the wifi shows up on the screen. And completely freezes up the game. I dont recommend anyone installing this game.

Dana Steffany Soriano


Shalu Rani Thakur

This game is amazing but please give one option to add friends and community and regata to win amazing rewords

same patel

Love it

Nora Storm

Nice game but can't capture my interest to stay in the game for so long. Therefore decided to quit n uninstall this game. Suggestion to creator n dev team game, please check n try manage some of the reviews comments here for future update to better the game on future. Can't give 5 stars as for me the game abit bored n some need to wait to do or manage the quest or event as I m free player I don't think I want to waste money spending in game.

Kathy Gossett

Update: I'm only on level 10 and I've hit a brick wall. Only way around it is to pay to play. Uninstalling. Too bad. I've only been playing a short time but so far, I love it! The graphics are very well done. I love the cars driving around. We'll see. These games usually start out great then quickly turn into pay to play. Yes you can play free but it's boring. That's the only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars.

Samantha Norris

Addictive love the graphics different layout to other games similar and offers different activities and missions

MaNNix //MariaN\\


Oktaria Keni


Judy Andersen

I like it Sunflowerjudy

Robyn Olshefski

Cool game so far

kayalvizhi kayalvizhi

nice game. I love this animation

Keya Baeyens

I have not been playing for long. But so far I love it 😀

Mohamed Ajar

They said we spend orginal money.. and show many ads.. it's very irritating 👎

G.RaviKumar - uPVC Windows

Every task rewards or level up, take infinite loop nothing working fine..! I need to restart game to see changes every time ! It's very boring! It's not responding quickly in game ..! I need reboot alltime..!

Darylle Perez


Joan Anderson

There's many things to do. The storyline is interesting.

Honey Vasquez

It a great game but pls fix the bugs!!!! Its very annoying when it suddenly it lags freeze in the middle of the game!

Nz Lia

Nice game but the type of farm is almost same like the rest of farming games...i enjoyed Supercity more but too bad the game was not updated till to date....

Kiesha Moore

Love it this game lol

Analia Anna


Cristien Haliim

keep crashhh crash and crash while playinnn

Tina Walters

I love it and it's very addictive

Jofanny Joy cabayao

The game is fun and relaxing. I don't have a problem playing the mini games as well as doing the quest. But I hope in the future (if it's possible) you can add an option were we can switch the mode from day to night( vise versa) to give a realistic experience. Overall it's 100% for me.

Tanya Jain


Tina Snider

Just a fun game relaxing fun for children also

Tori Allen

Fun farm building game. First day playing and so far I like it. Easy and seems good for advancing so far.

fayza Alkuwaiti

Nice game, I am playing since weeks, I reached the final level which is 41 and I built everything. it need to be more reliable for the requirements and the resources. plus I hope new release will come with more than 41 levels. goof graphics need some adjustments and the game will be perfect. Good luck

Mohadeseh Soleymany


Sylvia Green

Great game but I wish you didn't have to buy money ect all these games are the same.

Margret Walstow

Just started...good fun so far

Sharmala Shunmugam


Christina Goodin



The Game Could Be Brilliant But It Has A Lot Of Bugs In It And It Lags A Lot Which Isn't Good As It Freezes Your Device. If The Game Gets Fixed I May Download It Again As It Looks Like A Good Game. But It Gave Me A Download Error Twice And When It Eventually Let Me In The Game It Was Working Very Slow.

naveen kumarsk

Install download showing error as 3000

Nimai Roy


Jasmin Martinez

I love the game.. But now i can't update it.

cholette Singleton

I love this game but it takes way to long to harvest crops, this will be my reason for stop playing

Bindu Anderson


Murion Bullock

Very good game

Alishba Ashfaq

Just an amazing game....a good time killer

Say Sampana

for someone who is not good at designing, i like that all i have to do here is build and upgrade the town. 😂

Mphatso Kalembera

So far so good

Zie Dieylla

I'm glad I found this game. It doesn't bore me..

Danielle Boellner

Love the game so far

Shayvonne Ward

I like it

Suzanne Chalmers

Only just started playing but looking good so far

Karthi Kumar


raja pandian

It's very nice game⁹

Gung Istri

i'm in love for the first! awesome game, awesome visual, completed!

AZVA Family

I did buy gold pass, but I didn't receive any gift as mention. Really frustrated. already email but no reply... 👎👎 Really bad services

Krystel Repton

Love the game 🎮 the graphics is unbelievable 👏 👌 😍 such a beautiful game.

Deborah Beckles

Great so far

Dharsana Praveen


Debbi Grindle

Absolutely fantastic highly recommend

Piedade Dsouza

Too slow on this mobile, phone hangs ... Also too much tasks to complete in short time. Many stars required to complete task makes its boring ...and it requires network at all times, big disadvantage

scott beason

So far, pretty good. Let's keep playing

Jan Nichole Jusayan

This is a very nice game. Relaxing and yet addictive.

Albert Mannanov

Very beautiful nicely built realistic game . Well done . Bravo programmers !

Okean And Danielle Johnny

This game is fun and great graphics. I am really enjoying

Ma. Adelle Labayen

The game has a potential. The graphics and gameplay pretty good too, but I have a lot of problem: bugs, sometimes it freezes, and sometimes it glitches and lag. Idk why it's lag but yeah. Hope you fix it soon as possible. I'm loving it!

Bright Eyes

A lot of work and thought was put into this game, I really enjoy the art and gameplay.

Melati Putri

Took a lifetime to download even with good internet connection.. i wasn't even begin to play, because the wait is too long.

mark anthony

It's fun addictive and learning experience lovely game guys keep up the good work

Nithya Harish


sobia erum


Wayde Hampson


mady jaiz

I like this game

Amreen Bushra

Things take too much time to produce

Albert Mannanov

Nice beautiful interesting game, much better built than any other.

Melinda Latta

The mini games are too hard, if you came for them, I'm sorry they are TERRIBLE! PERIOD.

Ibrahim Rasheed

After a long time started a gam like this and it is amazing to discover the game.

Steven John Burridge

love the riverside

Shivani Shiva

It's amazing game But higher time required it

كلام يدور في رأسي

What a game!

Ngah Basar

OMG so awsome

Gta Gamer Sufiyan Ali

Nice to games

Assunta D'souza

It an awesome game loving it