Restaurant Tycoon – Idle Game

Author: Gulliver's Games

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Restaurant Tycoon – Idle Game – Are you a food lover? Become a Masterchef of your restaurant, build a restaurant empire in different countries, make money from your foods, and accelerate your development by investing in your business. In this idle tycoon simulator game, unlock your products, upgrade your recipes, decorate your restaurant, and recruit new chefs and waiters to run your profitable restaurant.

★Manage your restaurant
Join the adventure of running a restaurant from scratch.

★Meet the masters
Collaborate with various famous characters who quickly take your restaurant to world level.

★Get to know world cuisines
Serve food to your customers from all around to world.

★Decorate your restaurant
Renovate and customize! Make your own style in all restaurants.

★Finish the missions
Do not miss the special surprise at the end of the world with specially crafted missions.

★Keep earning offline
As you grow your restaurant, your income will increase when you are offline.

★Join the competition
Compare yourself to chefs from all around the world on the leaderboard.

★Welcome special guests
Provide good service to Gourmet and VIP customers to make more money from your restaurant empire.

Restaurant Tycoon – Idle Game is an exciting game that includes strategy, fun, and delicious foods from different countries. Become a billionaire by developing new strategies for new products, ingredients, chefs, cutters, waiters and tables.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 16, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Gulliver's Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Cara Hemery

Irs a good gamebut when you get to the second world they start pushing ads on you. You shouldn't have to pay to keep ads away, that's how you loose customers.

Max Fawell

great game

Mudassir Khan

Good game

aaa 11107

It never loads,waste of time

Zmeurica Bobonica

The screen in filled with ads and characters moving offering whatever for watching ads... I just cannot deal with this.

Lucilla Balbus

fun game

Nika Blyden

loving it so far

James Lonergan

It's very slow and not enough to upgrade. I like lots of things to upgrade in an idle game. Boring

Delores Smith

Really liked this game but it won't load anymore.

Cassandra Williams

I like playing this game my only problem is the manager isn't permanent it's only for 7 days and permanently having no ads isn't an option.

J. Salmonson (darkocean)

Ooh! ❤ I really like this game so far! Keep it up! Edit: Okay the bouncing pointing hand is really annoying please get rid of it and let us play our own way tks much.


The pop-up ad is really annoying. It's too bad that the game is good.

betty taylor

Might be a good game but didn't get a chance to play. Downloaded twice and both times would not open.

David Herring

Love the game, but it freezes way too much. Uninstalling and reinstalling helps, but I lost all past progress. I hope an update fixes this. Will try again later.

Tara Latham

This is one of the best foodie games I've played.

Manjari Singh

So many adds.

Jen-Jen Sunga

Can you plsss fix this I can't play the game since the loading was too long at first I can't play it because of the same problem and when I finally play it I got hooked up to it but now the problem was happening again

Diane Radniecki

Doesn't load tried several times

Heather Matile

Game keeps freezing so I have to exit out then load it again other then that it's a fun a game

Kayla McMann

The game wouldn't even open :/

Rose Nabella

Hebat!!. Restoran makan bunga rose.!!

Lauren Jones

Was really enjoying this game until it started freezing and won't load the game up at all. It's a shame, as I did enjoy playing it

Sito Berry

Stupid rate keep pop up ...

Matt Cline

I enjoy the game but it will not open anymore so I can't play it.

Kelon Basley

nice game keep up the good work

Frederick Bogucki

Game freeze up

Rosalind Gomez

it's 👍

ursula truter

Game don't load just say opening more for 1hour not opening the game just turning ?😢

Jon Bunce

The game doesn't feel safe to play or download i don't trust a game that has unusual behavior

Kate Turner

Awesome game! Watching a 45 second ad to get a 5 minute bonus is lame. It should be for at least 15 minutes.

Carrie Woody

Every time I try to open it, the game freezes. Please fix this because I really enjoy the game.

Hannah James

It's so fun but it keeps freezing and crashing

Tammy Mccaw

Awesome game 🎮

Aqua sky Blue

It's very laggy. I can't play for more than 5 minutes with exiting out and going back in.

Jp Florendo

Greatt game!🔥🔥🔥

Christina Roberson

It's fun and very addictive

Emly Kinney



Is not loading up

Alahe Zarchi

اصلا نمیاد برام خیلی بدهههه

Amanda Wolters

This is a fantastic game but the crashing and freezing makes it nearly impossible to play. I've tried uninstall/reinstall after the update and it's still terribly unstable. Hoping the technical issues can be worked out.

Seth Doan

I absolutely love the game. Great graphics. Good story line. My only complaint is that it would be cool to have to have an ad free option to purchase or the ability to spend diamonds or coins to skip some videos like the 2x reward for instance, other then that keep up the great work👍👍👍👍👍

Andrew Fleming

Great game if it didn't jam up each time you load it.

Sharon Dudley

I wouldn't give it a 5 but it keeps crashing other than that I do like this game and of course too much advertisement as usual

Frederique Harding


Timothy Corbett

Great idea,, graphics, and attention to SOME detail. In a day an age where we are today this could use some tweaking. And get rid of the ads. Who the hell wants to play a game and when your getting in to it a stupid useless ad pops up ruins your game. Such talent going to waste.

Sabrina Young

Love it

Julie Estrada

Loading is glitchy and now can't load the event at all just freezes on the clouds screen. And first restaurant is a complete mess no way to truly upgrade it completely due to glitches

Richard Kraft

Looked gooked good shame it nvr loads always stuck on loading screen

Tiffany Jefferson

Love it

Jade Doe-Smethurst

I have since deleted my review, if the players have lag or the game doesn't open I recommend saving to your FB account, uninstalling and reinstalling. The game works much better now :)

Angelisa Strand

Couldn't even get on the game. All it did was stay on the loading screen

emma smith

Worst game ever! I cant even have expierice of the game because once i go on the game its loading and it just stays there never play this game🙄🙄😟😟

Stephen Phillips

Not putting my data on to open the next restaurant when I am playing the game offline

strangerthan u

Really fun game but won't load when it does it glitches

Fiona Currie

An ok game thats completely ruined by the pointless decoration feature.

Wendy Ger

Why this game is loading to my phone all the time

Michael Taylor


Charnae Leigh


nicole mckenna

Doesn't load

Tj ferguson

I like this game

Zue Fy

byk sgt ikln

Bryan olase

Always lag

raquel antiga

Love this game 😍

Nicole Del Rosario

It was a good game but the game was very different from the ads 😕👽

Victor Ritonga


John Joseph Manuel P. Sagaran


Jackie Purea

Game is not loading at all!!!! Waited for over an hour and its still loading... Haven't even played the game yet

Dellon Wong

Game not starting

Angelo Vega

Good game👍

Lesly Michel

J'ai installé, désinstallé, puis réinstallé le jeu, rien n'y fait, il refuse tout simplement de démarrer, pourtant ma connexion internet est stable, puisque mes autres jeux fonctionnent très bien.

Jazz Moncal




Zison Plum

Super good game earning money is easy, the foods are goods, even though it's a little hard to earn gems but it doesn't matter really. This is worth 5 stars thank you for creating this game^^

Louie Glenn Nepomuceno

this good game

Sydnes Cura Dela Cruz

nice game

Rosalinda Calos

Nice game


will done

Flor Marie Gilza

Out of all the idle games I played, I think I liked this the most. Doesn't pressure you to watch ads for more earnings. I just wonder why I need an internet connection to access another restaurant when I already downloaded the resources. But anyways five stars 👍👍👍

Sheriasha Austin

It takes too long to start up

Rjuan Dela Cruz

I like it because make me happy

Arjay Pasamonte

I would like game and there is a connection in Food and Beverage Services

July L.

this is nice game

Jesus Nacario

Good 😊 game...

Boyet teano

Nothing to say fantastic game

Mary Jane J.Radius

I didn't get full money of the offline Earning I only get 100M dollars:(

Sera phine

I hate it in first my i playde its fun but... in final its laging and too many ads just turn off your data or wifi

Him Him


Saiful Absyar

good 👍

ইসলামী জীবন


Kenneth Lee

good game

Rigz Play


Syarfena Jonas

can't open second location

Najwa Amber

I love it

roa jose

this game is so fun i will put it a 5 stars

Allan Ares


Sab 0

Well is game the good new game

Iqmal Haikal

Make it offline!!!!!!

Bian Montana


jazenth aloc

The game is nice, how ever it sometimes lags which just irritates me...

Kentaro Domiya

Nice Game