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Restart:Dawn is an apocalypse-themed building and management simulation game that values ​​plot progression. Our stories are full of unexpected events and adventurous elements.
Game Features:
1、Explore and rebuild this post-apocalyptic world! Be creative, build and control over 50 characters with unique abilities and characteristics. Build over 60 functional rooms and thousands of other decorations.
2. Cooperate and lift each other up. Explore mysterious places in the post-war wasteland and start a whole new adventure. More than 100 unique movie events and more coming in later updates.
3、Original world building with history both above and below ground. Build your sanctuary and enjoy a variety of games like farming, gathering, ordering supplies, crafting, raising animals, decorating and more! You can even explore underground storage facilities, wilderness scouting, refugee rescue, character development and other games that add realism to the game world.

、 Decorate your shrine with a variety of unique themes, including futuristic and steampunk.
★ Enjoy the immense freedom of construction!
The game world in brief:
1. Our heroine Mayo is a child prodigy who lived alone for more than 1
years of her life. With her endless curiosity and vitality, she is the flower of hope in this lifeless land.
2. Ryan, our protagonist, is an abnormally powerful middle-aged man who suffers from amnesia. A classic tough guy who doesn’t say much. He doesn’t remember anything, but claims he once had a daughter who fought stubbornly to find him.
3. As the story progresses, May and Ryan gradually open up to each other. On their journey to find Ryan’s non-existent daughter, many secrets and hidden history and technology are revealed. May and Ryan build a residence based on the abandoned research facility of a scientist named Sion to protect everyone and rebuild the global world. This apartment is called “Restart:Dawn”.

. Each chapter introduces an entirely new character, each with a unique background, who can be recruited into the sanctuary. They give you new skills. In fact, they are androids who live just like a real person. Super high artificial intelligence makes them live in this world.
This game is made of numbers. New chapters will be updated gradually. The gameplay is very unlimited. All resources, architectures and even animals can be moved at will. You can also collect resources such as trees, stones, ruins, springs.

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File size: 335 MB
Update time: 2023-02-27T14:01:10.000Z
Current version: 67.2
Require Android: 5.0
Developer: Restart dawn
Price: $Free
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