Author: DH-Publisher

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The story starts from a somewhat old, rundown resort.
Udon is worrying about running it.

How will you, as the resort manager, help Udon renovate it?
You can let your imagination run wild!
DIY all sorts of rooms.
Mix and match different styles of furnishings.
Create a Japanese-style hot spring resort, or even a luxurious European-style baroque room!
Have a pink dessert feast anytime, anywhere!
Unleash your creativity to turn the resort into your guests’ home away from home!

But of course, things are never so simple!
Guests always have all sorts of strange requirements~
How will you deal with guests with different personalities?
Will you help guests when they need it?
When you talk with them, will you be in for a surprise, or a crisis?

Come earn Cookies with Udon, write your unique story, and build your very own 5-star resort!

Detailed info

File size: 124M
Update time: October 21, 2021
Current version: 1.0.6
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: DH-Publisher
Price: Free
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Customer review

maria grasya tacata


Angelina C

I like the design and art so far, so warm and comfortable play with, also i like the game function that are not so complicated for me....cause i hate so many button to click game but this really not bad and cute 🥺🤌🤌✨✨✨


It a cute game

LiaPlays Cookie Run Kingdom

Really cute

Maya Ayman

I personally love this app it's super cute and really fun to play and really it's the best :)

Grant Maria Harris

Its reallly cute

Amethyst Ta

Very cute and creative 😍 i like it :3

Yanshi ii

I LOVE IT !! I am so addicted to this game because of the layout, the artstyle, and alot more !!

Vinette Miguel

Good game.. hooked me when nothing else can.

Gray Ramos



Super cuteeeee

Chendani Budhi

So much fun. The sound, the characters, the challenges, and the rooms make me hooked

Minsuh Lee

Yes! Very fun game it does not heat up ur phone !!

Jayda Santos


hamsiya mahalail

I've still playing...i will rate again if the still good f web play more.

Angelica Cuenco

I super love it~ It so cute and so fun to play~ I enjoy playing it~ 💕💕

rica mae

i never thought i would enjoy this game honestly. I like it so muuuch

Euanna Malicdem

I thought it would be a really really easy game but oh my gah i only can buy the second isle i love it its so cute oh my gah

sophia baluyot

Amazing! I just got this yesterday and now im addicted

Saimah Ameril


Ferdinand Yeung

This is very fun to play when ur bored and it's very cool like it's a real resort! It's a nice game this deserves a editors choice. Love it! 5 stars

bangtan editor

I like this game👁️👄👁️👄👁️👄👁️👄👁️👄👁️👁️👁️👄👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️👄

Angela Gabrielle Lozada Facultad

Its so cute and no bugs

Yang Jungwon

xd lemaw gago ba kayo? Chariz lalake ibigay nio saken go

iecamay A morales



Its superrrr cuteeeeeeee

mee noy

สนุกมาก เล่นเพลินสุดๆเลย!( *´ސު`*)


This is super cute it's a bit overwhelming for me but still great

Myst JJ

This game is very entertaining!! I love it(♥ω♥ ) ~♪

Dale Castillo

Pls fx the login screen cause when i login the loading is taking forever its been an hour and still not login

Nadya Safeea Nisrina

Cute was


super enjoyable!!

Anne Danielle Malbog

very cuteeee highly recommended, my sister and i is playing this game ^v^

Alvea Koh

It's a good game but hoping can be play offline soon.

Sárinec T-T

fun and cute

sofia sealtiel gloria arena

Very good you should install it

Angel Acosta

It keeps on loading when I first downloaded it, I saw an ad on tiktok about this app, and I thought it would be amazing to download this because all the reviews are all 5 stars and very convincing, but when I downloaded it and I opened the app, it keeps on loading and doesn't start. I hope you fix it..


so cute and easy to play , I LOVEE THIS GAMEE ❤️❤️

Khe Bhin

Nice game

Kurt Russel M Gutierrez

Happily this game pop up in my fyp this is really fun and cute no complaints good great game:D