Rescue Alphabet: Draw To Save

Author: Turnip Game Studio

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⭐ Alphabet Lore is under threat! Let’s save the alphabet before it’s too late. What are you waiting for? Draw a line to create any shape to save the history of the alphabet from the attack of F.
🏆 Rescue Alphabet Lore: Draw to rescue is a new and improved puzzle that combines logical thinking and drawing skills with alphabets and numbers.
💯 Defend your A, B, C… against the wild swarm of F, but you’ll also face countless other exciting challenges like exploding bombs, lava, water, pickles and more. Discover different drawing solutions that are unexpected and even fun for brain puzzles
🎮 Played by:
✔️ Use your finger to draw a line to keep the alphabet, avoiding F.
✔️ Make sure that drawing does not interfere with learning the alphabet. to protect
✔️ The longer the line, the fewer letters you get.
✔️ Protect the Alphabet is safe for 5 seconds.
✔️ One level can have more than one answer.
✔️ If you get stuck, you can see hints or restart the level at any time.
Game Features:
✔️ Unlimited Level Answers.
✔️ Relax with beautiful graphics and funny sound effects
✔️ Cute, funny character.
✔️ Endlessly fun and brain-teasing puzzles.
️Think outside the box! Be imaginative and draw whatever you can think of to complete the puzzle. Can you protect lowercase letters from damage? It all depends on your creativity and ingenuity!
Play this alphabet game with family and friends. Try to draw fun shapes that break the rules and win this fun game! Stay tuned till the end! Download Rescue Alphabet: Draw to Save now to challenge your brain with unlimited fun puzzles!

Detailed info

File size: 44 MB
Update time: 2022-12-27T05:18:03.000Z
Current version: 0.0.6
Require Android: 5.1
Developer: Turnip Game Studio
Price: $Free
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