Renaissance Fighters

Author: Springcomes

10K+ install


Renaissance Fighters – “I Leonardo Davinci had a dream!”

Davinci, who was dumped because of wimpiness, finally overcame the complex with his invention : the muscle machine.
BUT! The machine’s explosion opens the gates of hell…
Grow Davinci’s acquired muscles to defeat the demons!

> Idle Renaissance RPG!
Play easily with simple controls and advancement!

> Flashy skill action and hit effects!
Feel the heavy hitting blow of Davinci’s unique skills!

> High quality weapons and clothes with personality!
A variety of clothes and weapons! Set the character’s appearance to your taste!

> The Mona Lisa inside Davinci?!
Awaken the potential of Mona Lisa to speedily complete the stages!

> You’re never alone! With companions.
Collect and grow the historical Renaissance figures!
Clear the dungeons by using different skills of the companions!

> Play with other players!
Raid! Cooperate with the players and defeat the boss monster!
Arena! Whose muscle is the strongest of all!

Pre-registered users will get the limited skin : Mona Lisa!
Rewards that can help the early phase of the game will be provided according the the accumulative pre-registration numbers!

Endless foes! Endless rewards! Various events! Now you only have to enjoy!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 26, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Springcomes
Price: Free
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Customer review

Volks Panzerch

A good game ngl

Matthew Bell

Silly troll clicker worth a laugh or two. The file size is absurd for a game this simple, though. +1.3GB for a game that looks 10 years old.

Garrick Borrough

Absolute garbage. Been playing since release and even fairly high in the rankings, between 90 and 110. I've been watching the dev constantly change and increase IAP prices. Original full ad remove? 2.99 usd. Recently? 22.99. Title packs? .99 now at 4.99. Don't bother. Even if you're sad weeb trash, don't bother.

He Artz

THE GAME IS NOW FIXED, no more problem about LAG AND LOADING ISSUE, did not crash anymore🤭🤩🎂, Thanks devs for your hard work fixing it, the game is Jojo REF anime, enjoying currently I'm in top 10-20, the game is easy to understand please add server time and add more details to all specially for dungeon relics weapon costume ally raid duel and shop, details how to increase title exp stuck at 20

Quack ZY

Would be better with no freezes, manageable quests

Yuiko Yamazaki

Just another idle clicker you don't do anything

Ramy Samir


Black Eagle

The game cheats you out of your higher free rewards. The ads will auto select and go to download screen which causes the game to reset. Also, your ally will get stuck at random times, making it useless

Mohammed Beydoun

Buy ad pack, you have to manually touch a gold box. It doesnt automatically open. A lot of weapons, you will only get low trash. No this, no that, why won't they just add ease of life optoons.

Kai Thesamurai86

I'm gonna try it..but this game more like a gay be honest I don't like the way you create the main character..he more like some gay fighter instead of hero

Blazing Roy

Here's what I've noticed,you can choose to depend on ads for resources,cause ads or not,you're still gonna find yourself grinding. It's an idle game for pete's sake,not a race to finish first. There's already whales who've spent thousands to do the race for you and then some. It's a great game at it's core and hilariously good,and also good that everything such as glitches and bugs have been ironed out!

nameishere lastnameishere

Can't get past sumon mision buged Still buged


Goofy ahh game 💀

Zacharie Omina

The whole reason I wanted to try this was because it looked silly, especially with the knockoff JJBA art style. I couldn't get past the very first loading screen no matter how many times I restarted the game. Yeah, that's not a good thing if your game launches in a unplayable state. Don't think I'll be giving it a second try.

Digrono It not delivery


K1NG Gopnik

Very fun game

N3rvous Wrek

The auto battle doesn't always work so if you close the game there is a chance that it will haul your progress so you have to keep the game open.

Ruzz (リュゼン)

It gets better than before but still a little laggy. Sometimes the buttons doesn't working. Wish u can make the upgrade/enhance easier by adding the multi upgrade thingy. Hard to clear the game starting from the Chapter 7. The gacha rate is too small and the gacha lvl is hard to upgrade. Hope you can make it better




Bro everyone trippin this game Is s-tier like it's the best game to play when everything else is boring.


The game is good and funny but i don't get my pre-order mona Lisa's skin!

Walter Paladines

Game was patched and now it runs well. A hidden gem, give it a chance!

Tate Walker-Suoja

So, I find this game, most times, FUN. But, it is plagued with many bugs that are bound to cause frustration in the mobile audience, especially without an easy reporting option. Most of the bugs are very tied into the way the UI functions. I am still playing, and have missed out on about 100k gems, but got mails every few days to make up for it. Other than bug fixes, I hope they change raid formats as it is not fun as is, and it would be nice to have a character sheet.

Trent Lindsey

Blackscreens after 100%..


Poor optimization

Anton Ablomas


Mark Powers

Meh, the art is the only real good thing. The rest is a giant resource sink.


Two major critiques so far (aside from sorting out the bugs): 1. Gold scaling is pathetic, and you will quickly find yourself relying exclusively on gold ads to advance. 3. Crystal/diamond drops have gotta be increased somehow. In a game like this, you want your players drawing weapons and armor as often as possible. This dribble doesn't work. Also, having the battle and dungeon pass only last a month is a bad look next to other games like Moon Rabbit that make it a one off purchase.

Katy Ford

Best game ever! I love everything about it, thank you for making this.

Fondra ponton

🐈 😻

Aldrei Pingol

It's still laggy but it's a good game I like how it's Renaissance but mixed with today's generation

awalluddin razali

Stars for creativity and funny. Gameplay? Not so much. Could be better

saad nasrallah

Great potential lots of bugs however, i mever get my offline rewards, they just dont appear, when i use monalisa sometimes she deals no dmg

Michael Bickley

Starts off fun but too many pay walls and waiting till the next day to be able to progress.

Trisha & Chad Illingworth

This game looked so promising but crashes constantly. It seems like it probably wont ever get fixed too so I would personally skip this game and look elsewhere.

Gabriel Stewart

At the time of writing this review, I am still unable to play the game past the loading screen and remain stuck with the game attempting to receive player data. I ask for an explanation on how to fix this or unfortunately the rating will stay one star and I will have to uninstall the game.

Michael Lara

Completely broken it freezes and something it gets stuck on the loading screen

Justin Pleasant

Game constantly freezes and has deleted my money several times, it is broken. The most recent time of deleting my money I had 1.9C went to upgrade stats and game froze. Restart game and my money is 119A


Broke while redeeming milestone bonuses. Can't touch anything even after relogging. Annoying bot spam

hell doge

It won't even load

User “Nickname” name


ÈŇ Kagamine

One of the best games ever 😍


Stupid+ memes= good laugh

Alejandro M.

Borderline unplayable. Maybe try releasing a completed game next time.

Toby Prendergast

Cured my ligma.


Never got past the tutorial, nice idea, poor coding.

Mack Attack

When this game works its a fun thing to pour some time into. Since launch its had its fair share of bugs however, especially today. If I'm lucky enough to make it past the title screen without getting a confusing "wrong version" error (the game is up to date) then 50% of the time I might not be able to click on anything at all and have to force a restart. I want to play your game but you're making it really hard to, please get this fixed!


The game would work fine for about a minute, then when you have to click something, the game would freeze.

David Law

The worst game ever! Broken to the point that i have to restart the game every few clicks

George Calauad

Too many bugs

volnox official

After update touch will not work and many other problems if i get to upgrade the game crash and afk is not working No matter what phone people are using they all have same problem it was this last update.

Brandon Cruz

Really Nice Game, Had no troubles playing first few times but for some reason it just crashes randomly and doesnt register when i click buttons every once in a while

Casey Griffin

Initially this game was 1 star, because it would freeze constantly. Now with bug fixes rolling out, it′s getting better. I love the art style and how ridiculous it all is. Pretty addictive now that it's working better. -1 star because there's still some hiccups, but it's getting there.

carl vanan

Stuck on the loading screen. System error. I have already restarts the game 3 times. Still the same.

Gary Harrod

Hard to say whether this is a game or not as everything is automated and you just wait for gold to accrue so you can level up. Thats if you could accrue gold as this bug ridden horror show removes your gold leaving you owing millions and unable to progress. Been a while since ive seen something so broken. Avoid.

Vincent Buzukja

This game is awesome! Very nice graphics and very original idea. Very fun to play!

Anonymus Anonymus

Is this a Jojo's reference!? Jokes aside, it's a great game and absolutely worth a shot!


I pre registered, but yet I did not obtain the mona lisa skin as promise. I felt lied too and it is a quite unmotivated.

Patrick Munning

I'd give it a higher star rating but everytime I hit the monalisa button all the monsters appear and nothing happens no fighting no nothin hafta restart everytime

Bùi Cẩm Vi

this game is clearly made for the laughs.

R Percentage

Can't watch ads. It's always crashing!!


Games buggy but fun asf

Devon Rodriguez

It's goofy and I love the design of the game, but it's still pretty buggy as of now. Would recommend for more up to date hardware.

Anugrah Gusti

Always bugs !!!

Thanh Doan

The game is a lot of fun. There is a lot of content for a few days, then it becomes a pretty good idle game. The developers had a rocky start but have done a lot to improve the game since launch.


To be honest, this may the most historically accurate game of all time. I'm pretty sure Benjamin Franklin Was an MMA fighter, I mean he fought lightning(probably a fake name of a secret presidential fight club). This game couldn't be any better, I pre-registered for this cause I also knew about the secret fighting ability these men have.

Jason Weiss

The weapon/costume/etc are ridiculous. You need to add a merge all type button or at least hold and merge and an equip best button. The button for merging is so small and directly next to the level button that I pressed the level button almost as much as the merge button. The amount of scrolling needed to get around those menus just to get to the best item is crazy. The menu is way to big of a display. 3 across and all down would be better. Haven't been able to play in days. Crashes after start.

Eliseo Gonzalez

Game doesn't start and now doesn't want to download

unkown 078

this is a good game it sadly has bad reviews due to the glitches

Paulcristian Catayas

Now that they fixed the loading screen problem. The game is great I give it a 5 star review.

Colin Smith (xRegulator37x)

It's better now but enhancing your skills could be better rather than just holding the button down and waiting

Rommel Nacario

There's a bug on game it has auto stop

Jaime Rose

This could be a great game if they work out all the bugs. There's too many to mention, but it's things like how I lost the 300B+ gold from being offline because the ad to double it was bugged and rebooted the game. They really should have put effort into catching bugs before releasing it like this.


Optimization and Overheating. I got a ResMagic 6S Pro and it still overheats like crazy given the phone already have internal fan and cooling system. Other games like Genshin and Tower of Fantasy aren't causing my phone this much.

kenneth maco

This game is really great! Also does this game have some jojos bizarre adventure reference?

Bob Im

Summer Mona Lisa Now

Bernadius Wahyu

It's similar to idle game, only click upgrade and so on. Summon new equip and upgrade again, not really adventure game or fighting game.

James Robb

Good little clicker game problem is seems after this new patch the game is crashing after starting the game. Some times within minutes of getting into a game it will black screen then back to boot screen of phone. Please sort this out.


I'd kiss the devs and creators of this brilliant game of I could.... 10/10

Micheal angelo Estrelles



Most pathetic game I've ever tried

Joshua Brunet

Waste of space

Satria Tamanugraha

The game are very funny not gonna lie. It's very F2p game, some memes kinda love it! Keep it going.

William Jacobs

My game wont lode thats the only reason I leave a one star (im one of the pre-registered people)

Angel Gomez

What happened to our pre-registration gifts

Christopher Calderon Jr.

Amazing game, love all of the Jojo references but the game keeps crashing after 3 minutes. Otherwise it would be 5 stars

Bruce Russell

Can't even play the thing

Oram Trema

This game is so random/lame/pay to upgrade game with the worst exp on mobile, Also so boring

tomato sauce

The art and mechanics of the games are worth the little wait

Niccolo Machiavelli

After update can play

I will commit mass murder

Really not as bad of a game as people are making it seem, I'm personally having no problems at all with the game. Y'all phones and internet just garbage I guess, pretty decent game.

Arthur Furlan

I can't even insert my nick TunaTunado, because apparently it contains restricted words... So I cant play.


It say update but theres no update here!!!


really good game its alot of fun the fact that diamonds arent a "rare" currency is really neat most games you need to buy diamonds with real money but in this game you can get thounds of diamonds just doing the quests.also the jojo references are really cool id love if more animes got referenced in the future

Ahmed Alamrani


Thiago Souza

game is very good, addictive too, graphics very good looks, but when I'm playing, the touch on the screen stops out of nowhere it seems that the game doesn't recognize when I'm touching the screen, taking away is good

Shujiki Shujiki


Victor Westphal

Poorly optimized, choppy animations, glitches, janky menus, missing explanations, badly implemented quests, bad mechanics... There are already a lot of games like this, but much better. This feels like someone hit "publish" instead of "beta testing" by accident.

Mclester Niño

The game is pretty good but the quest needs to be fixed cause even if you have already done it,it will not complete the quest

Jeremy Burke

Charming in it's own bootleg-flea-market-weeb-meets-meme-nostalgia type of way. Not groundbreaking gameplay however funny enough for me to keep returning every now and then. Generous items given so far.